Thursday, 21 December 2006

Intro to the ptr_leeds Blogspot

This blog will be used occasionally to dump some of the thoughts, stories,and opinions of the person who calls himself Ptr_leeds (go on, google him).

Why this Blog?
- for FUN - as all of my activities are for Fun
- to Brag - to impress my favorite WL !
- to Experiment - I do run other blogs too (work + fun).
- for Therapy - my future-ex has a shrink. I dont.
- to fill up my travel-time (combine travel & therapy)

Some of my feedback-mails after dates were recieved positively, especially by one particular WL, who encouraged me repeatedly to keep on writing.
Thank you: you are a True Muse - and More.

Rules I'd like to set for myself (and for any commenters):
- Respect for the Ladies !
- Respect the privacy of the Lady
- Respect the demands of the Lady (some dont want reviews, some dont want their location named/changed, some dont want certain services described, ....)
- my own Anonymity (I still have a regular day-job to hold on to, need bacon to pay for hobby)

More to come...

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ptr_leeds said...

c'mon then, gimme feedback....

blueslady said...

I always thought blogs were a waste of time..that is, until I started reading them! I have to say I find some to be better than others. The "others" being frothy and an extension of people's websites. Getting into someone's mind and working out what makes them tick can be as much a turn on as the sex, and it took to too long to discover this because I closed my mind off.

Looking forward to reading more of your stuff Ptr.

Jo x