Friday, 22 December 2006

On getting Laid (and the business around it)

To put the frank stuff first.

Remark from (busy? edgy?) agent:
You just want to get laid, dont you?

My response:
Quite frankly, Yes. Why do you think I'm calling.
Do you blame me for that?

Now let me elaborate:
By writing PN reports (or not writing them - hint!) after meetings, I try to contribute to a better experience for myself, for other punters, and not in the last place: for the Ladies.

I understand the need to respect the privacy of the Ladies and the punters. Hell, I value that greatly myself. But by helping to create a system of "consumer reports", in sufficient confidentiality, we can hopefully help to improve the overall quality of life for both Ladies and Punters.

By using the internet for research, I have rarely had a really "bad" date. And that, I think, is the result of the "transparancy" offered by the web. Hence, I encourage use of sites like punternet and Bulletin-boards. Hence also this blog.

The boards are the better place for discussion.
I dont want this blog to turn into a "board" (I'm not a mod), but please feel free to contribute to earlier discussions on various Fora:

On "topics" running on multiple fora (re-hi Izzy)

Why do punters do it.

This hilarious one on punter-etiquette. Copied to the new forum HERE.
(I hope Sara who made me discover "the guide", kicks in somewhere, she had the best of intentions. But given the general reactions, I do not blame her for staying out).

Or this topic on your relationships with escorts. Copied HERE.

And these guys, who have a mission in the Industry.
With some of the discussion that followed.

Check this lighthearted view of the NE scene.

As you can see, Lots of banter and arguing going on.
As most of my documented experience is in the North of the UK, most of my references are to NE boards. That may change over time (Or I may start under another name in another region, I do need to stay careful).
nb: Google is your Friend.

I will not repeat my request to please keep it Fun and F* and F*, but please:

Y'all behave now - dammit!
And Y'all stay F*ck*ng polite now - Dj'ear.

Or, as a UK icon would put it: RESPECT!

So, to conclude the item of my personal interest in "getting laid": Yes! Please.
That is evident, isn't it.

However, just to set and keep this straight: with a Working Lady, I will always pay the advertised (and up-front-agreed) fee for the date. If I compromise on "honesty", I will somehow get exposed, burned, or worse, receive a visit from a competing Lady's "Driver" or "Boyfriend". Hence honesty is my best defence, even in this shadowy world. As with everything, I must put my trust in the Ladies/Agents and if I want them to be honest, I have to be honest myself.

I hope the "transparancy" of the internetwill be able to set (and keep) things "straight" (no pun intended).

oh, and : re-hi ad/ll/bb - how are you these days ?

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