Sunday, 31 December 2006

you are as Old as...

The age-discussion on x-north is Priceless, go see HERE

And make sure to read the whole thread...

I tend to think I'm rather relaxed on limitations.
In my opinion, the acitivties in this industry are too personal to force anyone to do anything that they are not completely comfortable with.
Hence I will easily accept any reasonable, politely set, limit from the Lady.
It has to be Mutual Consent, after all.

But do go and check out the banter on this topic.

Saturday, 30 December 2006


One of the most used abbreviations in the Escort and Parlour world:
GFE, or GirlFriend Experience.

I was planning to do a "researched" item on it sometime soon (as I'm sure it has been discusses Many, Many times already), but then Jay stole my bacon on X-north...

So, cheers to the ppl on X-north, and all join in HERE to find out about the "Experience".

Thursday, 28 December 2006

Banners, links, the lot

First, for Ladies:

SAAFE: Support And Advice For Escorts:

IUSW : International Union of Sex Workers:
IUSW supporter

$pread Magazine: Illuminating the Sex Industry:

Illuminating the Sex Industry

Second, for the Punters:

Have you been offered an underage girl?
Do you suspect that a girl you have seen is being forced to work against her will?
Report child prostitution and sex slavery - ring Crimestoppers
on 0800 555 111
You, the punters, CAN make a difference - Click here
for a short film from Crimestoppers about trafficking
Right-click the link and choose "Save as.." or "Save link as.."

Newbie Advice: Here
I'll collate a few others in due time.

And the usual linkfest...

After pointing out my bloggie-spot on several fora, I got told off:
You can only post a link to your blog if you place Our Banner...

Now, I couldnt just place the banners of the teller-offers. So, in no particular, more or less alphabetical order, here are some banners of places I've visited (for web or for real).

Also note: as I dont want to charge, or pay, for links ... not all of them are clickable links yet. So here is the rest of the roll:

Manchester Escorts Angels4You Cheshire Lancashire North West NW Preston Liverpool

Yorkshire Escorts, Escorts In Leeds, Angels or Devils

Extraordinary Companion Indeed - and some good writingsw to boot!

They guys are on a mission too!

Dollies !

DollyMopp - speaking of Art...

Ellie and Peter - Design of websites and other Techie- and Artsy stuff...(now look at you guys, comfortably in between Dollymopp and Eleanor)

Delicious, Foreign delicatessen. Very Good GFE!

Elixabeth, the Very Special Experience

Tells it all - and member get the extra juicy details!

Helloooo Dollymopp - a very nice themed site by Het Dollymopp-ness

a bloke and his camera


Lovely Leigh

Nia of London, we comment on eachothers blogs.

North East independent escorts and agencies

Northern Belles, run by Nicole!

Platinum Playmates Leeds Escorts 07934 00 69 69

Find Permier banner to insert here....

Some Good Writing by a self declared Slut - but I can highly recommend both the Lady and her Writings.

Toni of Newcastle - The True Angel of the North. Check out her Profile

Xpassion, the latest addition to Passionate Newcastle (where did your banner go?)

Some more links to notable Ladies:

- Sadie - Hottest Chick in the the whole UK.

- Katya

- Amy - Beautiful Blonde

Just my pedantic words to Mods/Admins/Ladies:
I know some of you dont get along too well, but please keep this little spot a haven of peace. Thanks.

Boy, was that hard work, getting the pics/links just right (I'm a consultant and sometimes a writer, but a web-wizard I am not).

Note : All banners have width of 400px.

Tadaaa: my banner

Note : On Guidance of a trusted Adult-Site-Operator, I am creating my own Banner... Not quite happy with the results yet, but it will do. To make life Really Easy, you can copy-paste the following for inclusion of my banner...

Here is the 400x50 version (I like it humble)
It should come out looking like this :
Ptrleeds: ramblings of a punter.

Then of course, someone wanted a different size, and as she asked it nicely and repeatedly, I had to... So here is 480 x 60 :
It should come out looking like this :
Ptrleeds: ramblings of a punter.

And just in case, here is 461x60 (you wanted 468: I couldnt get it at exactly that, I'm not that good at paint..):
Comes out looking like:
Ptrleeds: ramblings of a punter.

And, it never stops: here is 280x35:
Should look like this:
Ptrleeds: ramblings of a punter.
(And if you insist, you will find that 270_34 also exists...)