Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Spirit and politics

Christmas and Politics.

I am not good at either, so combining them is bound to be a disaster.
But I could not resist to combine a few nice topics found at Asda and on the Internet. Here goes.

Of course you have all already generously given to your favorite charity.

And by now (writing 24th Dec) you should have all items from your shopping lists done, wrapped and ready.

And you may have had your starting-tipple (or ten or twelve, most readers will be Brits, hence it takes a few liters pints of alcohol ...)

So here is my simple, but well meant message:

Just a  nice, neutral Xmas Card...
Merry Christmas everyone !

You are still reading.... ?

Good, then you might be sufficiently sober to take in the rest of my rant. With all this commotion about proposed new prostitution laws in the UK, the boards have been buzzing with indignation.

Trouncer wrote a good reply Here

Even our most civilized of liberals, our own Livvy of Yorkshire, has chipped into this political debate, and with some very sensible arguments to boot (proper Wellington Boots, thank you).

And with Livvy, I share the sentiment of "them today, us tomorrow".

In my personal opinion, the Gov has more important things on their hands then regulating a nicely contributing Companionship-industry. As for street-scenes and the dodgy-variety of parlours, I agree that trafficking and pimping, as well as drug-abuse, should be clamped down. But criminalizing customers will not work.

Combatting Evil (such as trafficking, exploitation and laundering) is fine and good, but not at the expense of disturbing a properly functioning market with consenting-participants who act out of free choice.

I would love to have a discreet chat with some of the politicians and decision makers (not always the same group) up there. I know some of them have had their fair taste of the services they pretend to decide on. but alas, due to either misguided information, selective blindness or plain laziness, they seem to opt for the simple blanket-solution of criminalizing all customers.

And to draw a comparison, seafood-addicts will not be criminalized, despite this grim incident involving trafficking and Exploitation

Now, We all know that writing letters to politicians doesn't help, they need more convincing arGBPuments... Sex, Money and even votes speak louder then emails.

So to stay true to the Xmas spirit, rather then writing an angry letter to Mrs Harman or to your local MP, why not send them a nice Christmas Present?

How about This Happy and Entertaining Item (notice the suitably red colors)..

Also for sale at your local Asda (slightly different packaging, but same festive color).

And who knows what goes on in the mind of a politician or decision maker when they contemplate this fine, classic Work of Art while they are stuffed with 10-months-old pudding and under the influence of some proper English "spirits"....

Merry Christmas everyone !

(and please don't send me texts on my mobile - use Email instead, thx.)

Friday, 21 December 2007

Just Smarter

Nia, Part time Escort, and a blogger who is ever on the pulse of the news, pointed to an article about one very Cunning Lady.

Go see and determine for yourself how smart the girl in the article really was.

This article raises some questions, at least in my mind:

will men ever learn ?

Is it typical that she choose "heirs" rather then self-made Men ?
Is this a very good tip for other GDs ?

And is it not befitting that men who just follow their addendum are treated this way ?

My bonus question : So What? Did she do anything wrong ?

Did these guys not simply got what was coming to them, victims of the darwanian process that has formed mankind ? These men were clearly in charge of something that they could not manage, hence Kuddos to the girl for "taking care of that".

Check out lawyer jokes here...I have some respect for those divorce lawyers, they know how to seize an opportunity. But no more then respect. They must be one set of nasty vultures.

Needless to say, I silently admire the Girl. She must have a hell of a charisma, and must deliver a very convincing GFE. I hope this "Working Lady" is clever enough to hold on to some pocket money after her legal bills.

Cheers Mrs Crossley!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Her Pictures do Not do her Justice

There are numerous cliche-phrases that re-surface time and again in reviews or field reports, both on Punternet and on other review-sites.

The most used one is probably HPDNDHJ: "Her Pictures Do Not Do Her Justice."

By stating this, the reporting client wants to express his sentiment that the Lady he visited is much more pretty then her pictures lead you to believe. This remark may seem a gratuitous compliment towards the Lady, or a bout of criticism towards the over-greedy agent who makes do with cheap pics, or even a sign of infatuation or after-glow enthusiasm for the Lady.

But it is often true: I have met many Ladies who are much nicer in real life then their pictures convey. I have written that phrase many times, and I always meant it.

So why can the pictures not correctly convey that lovely impression of "The Real Lady" (TRL)?
The reason for this goes further then simple penny-foolishness of the agent.

If you have ever tried to take proper pictures of friends and family, you will appreciate the difficulty of "catching" a person "just-right" in a picture. Many good amateur-shots are just a matter of someone who "got lucky". A coincidental "really nice" image is often caught at an unsuspecting moment. And often with some "imperfection" mixed in, such as an un-fitting background, a few dark corners or some part missing.

For pictures destined for an Escort-site, it is even more difficult to catch just-that-pose or exactly-her, especially if the face can not be visible (a different discussion, later). A good set of pictures takes hours of work, hundreds of shots. And ruthless selection.

And there is an additional complication: the unassuming charm of an almost-innocent Girl-Next-Door, is much more difficult to catch then it is to get some glam-pics from a trained, sophisticated, and plastically enhanced uber-babe who studied the latest magazine-trends and poses.

Hence, I have learned to be weary of too-posed and too-glamorous pictures. The routinely posing model-turned-escort and the overly-experienced
cool-beautiful babes we see on many escort sites are good. And I'm sure they float many boats.

But for me, the un-assuming, slightly awkward girl-next-door is often the better date. Paired with other items of research (profile, part-time-availability, Field-reports), I found that selecting Ladies with slightly-imperfect pictures can lead to dates where the personal connect, the communication, and the "action" are all of superior quality.

Most, if not all, of my repeat dates are with Ladies who do not have over-glamorous pictures.

This doesn't mean that amateur-shots are better then studio-work. Most (nearly all) of my Favorites have "professional" pictures taken in a studio, by an experienced photographer. And "professional pictures" also show that the Agent or the Lady, or both, are willing to "go the distance". But pictures of Genuine Persons often have a natural air of hesitation over them. Their pictures are not advert-quality or magazine-like studied-poses. You can see that the girl in the pictures is not quite used to "posing". And that makes them all the more Real People. Persons I can relate to.

The actual "action" on meeting such a not-too-perfect, but very Real Lady is often much more satisfying. These not-quite-professional Ladies often have much more to give, and are more ready to take enjoyment from the meeting themselves.

Whereas a lot of the ex- or wannabee-models are just plainly out for your wallet and will keep a trained eye on the clock, those Escorts whose pictures "don't quite do them justice", are the Real Persons. And once you have made a connection to that person, when she is put at ease, she will often be thrilled to meet you. She will enjoy the meeting, and thus offers a much better service.

Friday, 30 November 2007

Sexcapades of Kimberley

Lame excuse: Little time to write, so just point to other interesting stuff...

Here is a recommeded Blog by Kimberley. She conveniently "hosts" this blog on an industry-related board. At least, Kimberley doesnt try to exploit the clicks on her blog by throwing pop-ups at the casual reader.

Allow me a playful dig at another Lovely Lady. Do keep writing dear, you are doing Great, but I hope you dont mind I block the popups.

On publications by Escorts in general...

I must admit that I have not read any of the currently in-vogue books by (supposedly) Escorts.

I have occasionally read Belle from 2004 onwards, but didnt really get hooked on reading that. Too much out of my league I suppose.

But the Belle-UK blog did help to re-create awareness of this particular Industry. Belle and other writers show the public out there that this industry is not just about parlours, pimps and exploited foreign girls (most of those girls are cunning gold-diggers, Survivors. I'd be the last to deny them a chance at happyness via the wallet of some rich bloke).

If you like your cinema-classics, the original Belle-movie was a good watch too. The featured picture is taken from it, in true Livvy-style.

Most of the other blogs and books who followed Belle-UK now seem like me-too attempts. Including my very own blog, as some will argue (mental note: re-clarify the purpose of this blog).But let me point out that this genre was already invented way back by Henriette Wilson (19th century!) and refined by another, more discreet and distinctly Happy Hooker some 30 years ago.
L'Histoire se répète.

As for reading and discussing the books, click over to Nia, who is an avid reader. She has a long list of links to books and some good discussions on them.

For me, a complicationg factor is: I dont want to carry a compromising book around. Hence I'm limited to internet-browsing so only the telco's and the guys (and gals) at Djee See Aitsh Kjuu can see what I read.

My readings of the SAS-series would qualify as naughty. If you like the covers, go read the contents. Steamier then most Field Reports. I have occasionally read and (deliberately) forgot one of those on a UK train to see what people would do. Never got a reaction. I suppose some pervert took it as soon as nobody was looking.

Business-wise, I have a reluctance for seeing escorts with too much of a writing ambtion: you never know what kind of publicity stunt they might pull later in their career. Or some "investigative" NotW journo might tap her phonelines. Or worse, the fake-sheik might book a fake-appoinment with hidden microphones and all. I would like my own Sexcapades to stay discreet for a long long time. Probably forever.

Kimberley doesn't seem to be one of those wannabee-glamour-babes trying to get into an ITV show. That show is mainly good for generating a lot of cleavage pictures in certain UK newspapers, I guess those D/E/F-listers do get their effort's worth of publicity - Personally, I would consider it an argument to flee the country, and, no, I will not link to it... Rant over.

As I've stated earlier, coutesanship is also a form of art and the Ladies are Artists. That may explain why Kimberley is another Escort with a desire to pen down (eh: post up) her experiences. She is a witty writer and I found her postings quite un-pretentious. A Very Good read.

So click over and have a Read of Kimberley.

Recommended to Ladies and Customers alike.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

All I can do

It is getting dark, cold and "the holidays" are coming up.
And lots of circumstances prevent me from posting much at the moment (stupid excuse, I know).

However, there is someone out there who can really do with a boost right now.

So Here (you know who you are):

I'm truly sorry, but this, with a big Cyberhug (((to You))) is all I can do for you at the moment.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Trains and Pulling. How often does it happen?

Regulars (readers, that is) know I travel by train a lot. And it must be my devious mind, or my deodorant (LOL), but I seem to be meeting more and more desireable creatures on the rails all the time.

I have only-just resisted one temptress recently (now some weeks ago).

To my surprise, I got to chat with this Beauty on a near emtpy train to the airport on a Sunday-afternoon. She sat down opposite me, asked some question about the
timetable (train was 15 min delayed, and not going full-speed for unclear reasons), and then started chatting away nervously. I closed down my laptop, and replied the favour.

She was on her way to a blind (internet) date, and said she had not seen a man in over a year.

She was Lovely. Lots of character, Engergizing, really good mental connect. A slim, fit and very sexy size-10, Lovely hips in tight jeans, 34DD bust and a top with ample view. (If it was a Boobjob, it was very well done, and she was ProuDD of it, she did like the attention).
She was a natural flirt with her active, energized eyes, subtly head and hair movements, leg movements, sometimes rubbing hands close to her lap, slow but heavy breathing, opening her lips slightly when not speaking....

Whether natural or intended, her whole being was in pull-mode. She was Tempting, Seducing. Near the end of the journey, in which she kept talking to me, I asked her if she was acting as a "honey trap" for my wife and we had a great giggle (she denied the honeypot, btw, but didnt seem surprised, she seemed rather flattered ??).

nb: in the paranoid punter department, This is what can happen to you. Or this other incident which actually happened in Newcastle (why am I not surprised?).

Take Care All!

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Halloween with Olivia


Will you Behave!

And no, I dont want to be licked there either, not in public at least.

*ptr runs to hide inside the shirts-dept of Harvey Nichols (Leeds) while Livvy returns to the toys-dept to dress up*

Image borrowed from Brianna @ xnorth - with Thanks!

*after adjusting clothes back to normal*

Livvy wanted me to prepare for Halloween as she could be one of the surprise-trick-treats knocking on the door (bell, actually) of my Leeds-pad.

Well, I thought I'd dress up the front-porch (eh, the hallway of the building) with a proper traditional Pumpkin:

Go on then! you know you are curious..

And in true Livvy-style, the pumpkin is (c)lick-able.

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Stop Press

Breaking News Indeed.

Olivia, our multi-lingual, multi-talented English Courtesan (from Yorkshire) got Interviewed. And Printed!

Go and have a look a the results Here in Good Magazine.

Also note the Context, the type of magazine...

The Actual Lady can be found via Her own blog where she gives "her version" of the interview.

I can see her dancing around the table, whoooooping and EEEE-ing right now.

Go and pay your respects, and join in the discussion at her Blog.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Virgin Working Girl

Don't Count on it.

This topic is not what you think.

Virgin refers to the Train.

Train time is "meditation time". Any work done is a bonus, but should not ever be counted on. Over time, I have collected a nice set of anecdotes from train-journeys, some of which are documented on here, and some are told elsewhere [link to NEE or X-N].

This time, I was lucky - in a twisted way. My presentation and story for the oncoming day was done. I just tried to view it once more. 23 slides, should be OK for a short hour introduction.

I had half-n-half planned to write a report (yep, if you'r reading...) but this train was a bit too busy for that. Too much "viewers". So I decided to write this instead.

It was going to be one of those journeys.

First leg of the journey. 3 of the four seats on our table were taken and my seat was window. To my Right was one of these Heffalumps... She was Massive. So massive as I thought only Americans could be.

It was a miracle I could still fit in between her and the window. and every time she moved, I got gently squeezed further up against the window.

I had the benefit of watching the movie on her (equally fat) laptop (no sound though, as I didnt have the balls to ask her for an earplug). She has now just left the train. Two more hours to go, and we are delayed by about 20 min.

But Why put this rant on Ptr in WL ?

Oh Irnoy: She was watching the movie "Working Girl".

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

The Basics on a Date

After listing the 5 factors, and the fluffy words to describe the most important (and hardest to define) "attitude factors", I will now bother you with my opinion on the remaining factors: PSE, Background and "Looks",

3 - Bedroom mechanics, techniques, initiative.

Some will (correctly) call this the PSE aspect of the date.

Timing: Generally established during first meeting.

To put it bluntly: Ladies with a high "score" on this item are generally Excellent Shags. They know how to heat up the atmosphere and how to keep the meeting going. It is here that the practical experience, technique and fitness of the girl come into play.

Note: I've had a few ladies (all "experienced professionals") who scored Top-Marks in this dept, but because items 1 and 2 were only average, they didn't make it into the return-visit-list (not yet anyway). Personally, I am not looking solely for what some dub as the "PSE", the Porn Star Experience. However, the bedroom action is an important part of the date, to me as well as to others. And I imagine there is a huge punter-community out there that is looking for exactly this and only this.

4 - Background: Job, Education and Manners.

Timing: Generally established on first meeting, but the impression can develop over time. Depends on how much time we can devote to "Chat". Some of the Really Good ones do not devote too much time to talk on the first meeting, eager to get down to business. But Manners and general behavior generally show.

ProfessionalThis aspect is less Important than I first thought it would be, but there are a few remarks I want to make. And please note that I don't want to be disrespectful, just stating my impressions.

Behavior, Respect and manners are more important then GPA, degree or accent.

My top-dates all have a regular job (or believably claim to). They are a mixture of (supposedly) Uni-graduates and slightly less educated Ladies but they all have a regular job. The distinguishing factor is not Education or Grades, but rather having experience in a regular (non-escorting) occupation seems to be an important factor.

Full-time professional escorts, especially those who climbed up via the greasy parlour-scene and those who "'aave seen it all luv - that's 13 years I'm shaggin fellas for a livin" can be a bit over-confident. That routine reflects on the manners and gives a "conveyor belt" image. (But I've seen some good exceptions too).

The actual "level" of any job she holds is less important than the fact that the Lady is holding on to one. She keeps a grounding in real life.

Admittedly, a Truly Hot meeting with someone of whom you suspect that she really is (or could be) in charge of a large department can be a bit of a turn-on. Convincing signs of international experience are also exciting. In one case, The Lady and myself had worked in the same US city for a period. Nice memories.

If anything, Ladies with a background in a "caring profession" (nurses!) tend to be really good Dates. "Office ladettes" can be surprisingly horny, but some are also professional cheery-mannerism-actors. Ladies with either a Sales/Marketing or a (fashion?) Retail background generally score high as well, but those are most prone to "professional acting".
Since salespersons tend to employ Every Trick in the Book (and sometimes every ounce in the Bra) they generally provide Very Good, enjoyable Acting.

I also cannot resist to chop in this link to Nia about Marketing and Prostitution.

Admittedly, my day-job does give me a certain negative view of suppliers, vendors and salespeople. If you think agency-sites contain distorted truths and tweaked pictures, wait until you have to deal with real-world suppliers who market themselves as "partners".

The one "profession" I hesitate about is "full time student". The younger, well educated and well-mannered students tend to be a bit awkward on the job. Possibly because the age-difference with me, a 42 year old geezer, is too
large to bridge, possibly because they lack the raw-life experience that office-ladettes and other girls have gone through.

5 - looks and physique.

Timing: Established from pictures (unreliable!) and during first meeting.

This is the least important factor.

However, basic, essential personal care and hygiene are high on the list.
Too-messy, unkempt hairdos are a turnoff, at least to me.
Badly applied or over-done makeup is a nono (lipstick!).
Big Hair and earrings are not practical. And earrings get lost (...)

If I smell Body Odor it can take a real effort of will to approach the Lady, but funny enough, some of the less penetrating odors are a turn-on.... Biology?

Too much PERFUME is a BIG NO. It leaves a smell afterwards, and most of these fragrances have a horrible taste (so Please Don't apply on Cleavage or other areas where a guy is likely to put his tongue).

As for shapes and sizes, I'm fairly liberal. I like a certain comfortable curvyness, but I've successfully seen Ladies varied from 4'6" to about 6'2", and dress-sizes ranging from a small 8 to a listed 16 (possibly even a bit bigger LOL - but Great Attitude). A certain physical fitness is appreciated, and can actually help the Lady (and me) to enjoy the date better.

Well, There you have it. My "Factors that Make a Date".

Sometimes you meet someone who has Top-Marks in each category, and with some of my regulars, I think I have come close to "The Ultimate Experience" (hm, later...).

Lovemaking (apologies for the word) with someone who Matches well can becomes something of a Spiritual, Religious Experience. And the resulting Afterglow is first unbelievable, and then, when it ebbs away, creates this Craving, this renewed Desire... (where is my Calendar, where is my mobile)

Next I want to examine why "Regulars" are Brilliant (I am trending toward seeing fewer Ladies, more repeat bookings) but why there is also the need for "Fresh Dates" from time to time. (this is where the male in me shows his bad, unfaithful character...)

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Attitude is Everything.

Right. So last week I listed my 5-factors:

1. Mental connect. Spark.
2. Mutual enjoyment (Quality acting or Real Enjoyment)
3. Bedroom Mechanics, the PSE
4. Personality, Education, General background
5. Looks and physique.

The Key factors are 1 and 2. Together they determine "attitude".

My background kicks in.

I must refrain from turning this into an engineering or semi-mathematical modelling lecture. A meeting is after all just "A moment in time shared by two Humans, each with different backgrounds and mental states at that particular point".
And we understand far too little of bio-chemicals and psychology to be able to analyze as if it were lockpicking (hm...).

Enough digression, here are some of my thoughts and reasoning behind the first two.

1 - Mental, Personal Connect.

This is also the hardest to define.

Timing: Immediate.
With all Top-Quality dates, I knew I had a Winner in the first 60 seconds or less.

Description: Difficult.
Too difficult to describe. But this is not about immediate full-on snogging, not about acting (or even being) a desperately-hot-slut-in-need-of-C*. Those are nice, but no guarantee for top-notch dates. Nor is it about wittyness or knowing Shakespeare, citing Mark Twain or Monty Python. And not about display of profound knowledge about French cheese or Italian wine. It is much more subtle.

Probably both mental and biochemical factors come into play.

Suffice to say that this crazy thing called "Love" and its impact has inspired, engergized, and often destroyed many Artists and countless normal human beings.
I cannot begin to understand it. Should stop trying. NOW.

2 - Mutual enjoyment - quality of acting or even real enjoyment.

Timing: Within 10-20 minutes.
Although this tends to show up more clearly over time, it can mostly be established on the first date, but sometimes it only becomes clear on subsequent meetings.

Some Ladies seem to genuinly enjoy meeting a customer. Those tend to unfreeze and open up in the first 20 minutes, allthough Some need more time to grow confident and to relax. From that point on, the meeting can just flow naturally.

Generally, this item goes well with the more life-experienced, confident Ladies. Those who know what to expect, know what to do, and know how to benefit from the encounter themselves. Part-time Ladies, who escort just for kicks, for fun, are the best in this department.
This is why Yummi-mummies and MILF type Ladies are my favorites. They tend to come in cautious but they are curious and rapidly at ease, confident that they can handle you. Some are beaming with anticipation and all enjoy the power of pleasure that they yield. They might feel flattered by the attention they get, and they definitely intend to Enjoy themselves while providing a "service".

Factors 1 and 2 together determine the "attitude" both participants will display during the meeting. These factors are by far the most important when meeting a date.

It also leads to the conclusion that the success of a meeting is largely determined in the first 20 minutes (I just realized that now, and it make me think... 30 min bookings were never my thing but... It wouldnt work: too much pressure. And it wouldnt be fair on the Lady).

I think this "attitude" thing is very hard to fake, but I can of course never be sure (consider link to mind-game, or seduction). When she is "genuine", or a Very Good actress, there will be no trace of acting, no forcedness, no betraying gestures or remarks.

If she is a good actress, there may be small signs, so insignificant that I can completely ignore the signs and still Truly Enjoy.

With the average or below-average actresses, I am now (bragging to be) experienced enough to make the most of just about any female company, as long as she comes to see me with good, friendly and positive intentions.

On a few occasions (I recall three), I spotted the Nervousness of the girl, but also noticed her potential. In those very rare cases I've been known, early on in the date, to spontaneously extend the time with 30 or 60 minutes to show her my appreciation and my confidence in her (slightly unfair om my part because depending on my budget for that month!). In all three cases, this has worked wonders, and two of those are still Solid Regulars.
Scam-artists be ware: I only do this if item-1 (mental) is a 100% match.

Of course, I would be lying if I said that the other items such as "Bedroom Mechanics", "Background" and "Looks" were totally irrelevant. However, for me, they first two Really Count. And over-emphasis on the factors 3, 4 or 5 easily leads to a turn-off for one of the participants.

To Be continued... (only if somebody is actually interested).

Friday, 5 October 2007

Trains and Flirts

Trains. Just my Luck.

There were some memorable train journeys on both GNER [link dead?], Virgin and on several Eurostar and TGV lines (not published yet). And last week, doing way too much train-time, I was lucky again (no, not what you perverts think).

This train was slightly delayed due to weather, and the carriage was rather full. But I still had a 4 person table for myself (I can look really Nasty, Foreign and garlic-Smelly). [image of SDF?]

Then, at a particular small university town, at approx 17:00, a large crowd was waiting. Funny enough, half or more of the crowd were Real Beauties. Hence my hope for some eye-candy, maybe a chance to put my accent to some good conversational use, pick up a bit of youth-slang ....

But no ... all the beauty passed me by, none even deigning to look. Until, that is, a rolling 20+, size-16-38c with unkept hair and bad-fitting garments slowed her effortful paces even more, looked at me in utter contempt, breathed heavily once more, and used her equally large handbag to take possession of the seats opposite me.

And while the big but not-very-bb young woman huffed and squeezed herself into the seat opposite me, I saw the mocking, sparkling blue eyes of the Perfect GND[link to abbrev] diagonally opposite me where She gracefully sat herself down. Two unsurmountable seats too early.

The image of perfection fixed my gaze for a brief moment before I looked away and tried to say something polite to the girl (trying not to talk to her handbag) who had just taken possession of the both seats opposite me.

Luckily, the owner of the handbag was able to hold a reasonable conversation, and we got to chat a little before she occupied herself with her mobile. She was able to play/text/tweak her phone for the full two hours of the trip.

Now for the good part:
Throughout the journey, the lovely blue-eyed blonde made eye-contact many times. She never read the book she elegantly held in her lap, she did not thumb her her phone,
nor did she play with her long, naturally (or very well done) curly hair. She never inspected her nails and if she had used any makeup, it was done very skillful and discrete.
She just sat there, staring dreamily ahead. She just moved her head slightly every now and then. Looking up, looking sideways, looking ... At ME ????
I desperately tried to do something sensible on my laptop (ended up making these notes), but every time I looked Her way, she immediately sensed it and looked back. No expression, just looking.

We kept locked-eyes longer on each occasion. I tried very hard not to smile, and she had admirable control over her own facial expression. Apart from her eyes, she hardly moved, but I'm sure she was making silent fun of me. She could out-stare me at each occasion. At one point, I counted to 49 (seconds?) before she blinked, and I looked away. The people around us must have sensed the tension, but everybody
kept perfect innocent postures. Were they blind ? embarrassed ? or just british-reserved-polite ?

This Blonde was not "blonde" at all, and she really was a Natural Beauty. Very very lovely. With a Sweet innocent face, beautiful chin, tender, vulnerable neckline, but no visible cleavage. Approximately a size-8-32b, with perfect posture and attitude.
Her gestures were minimal, distinguished and controlled (rubbing a lotion on her hands?) and she had a neutral (or just slightly mocking) expression on her face.
With stares that soft and long, She probably knew her own powers all too well.
She must have had a great time teasing that raunchy foreigner with the laptop.

Punline: No Pun Really. She had to get out one stop before me.

Whoever you were: Thanks You! You made my Day.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

How to find QUALITY dates

After the patronizing post on "The Right Lady - for the job" (almost a month ago, but it sparked some Lovely reactions, notably from Alexa who described The Ultimate Man.), it is now time for a different interpretation of TRL: how to find "The Right Lady - for a date."

There are several boards, public and closed, where clients (punters) publish their top-lists of Ladies. I have given in to the temptation to list (and brag) twice, and the list of reviews to the right of my blog is my third-time-sin moment, although it is not quite in order-of-preference.

These days, I rarely have "bad" dates, but I keep my top-list confidential. The re-invites (and their agents, sigh) know who they are. And I have a long list of must-see-again Ladies waiting. Not enough Budget and not enough Time!

But to stay on the topic of "The Right Lady", and rather then to name/shame/embarrass various Lovely Ladies I will list the Criteria that I found to be important.

This is not an "Invitation to Tender". A well known NE lady will now accuse me of publishing my "specifications". I will take that with the usual grain of salt. I adore the girl for her honesty and I respect her for her experience. She must be a very special experience but we have this agreement to never-ever meet one another (if you change your mind, drop me a message ;-...)

Here are the factors that, IMHO, determine the Quality of a date.

In order of importance, they are:
1. Mental connect. Spark.
2. Mutual enjoyment (Quality acting or real enjoyment)
3. Bedroom Mechanics, the PSE
4. Personality, Education, General background
5. Looks and physique.

Out of these factors, the first two are the most important. The 5th item, "looks", is only marginally important. To put it bluntly: I've seen several Ladies who would qualify as only marginally beautiful, but who were Top Quality Dates because they scored highly on 1, 2 and 3.

Items 2 and 3 reflect the fact that it is "only" a business transaction. I am after all first and foremost looking for a no-strings-attached moment of Fun.

I hesitated to put 4 (background, personality) before 5 (model-looks?), but decided that a "personality" is probably more of a turn-on then looks-alone. A Lady with a lot of personality is always automatically beautiful, whether she is an agile size 8 or a comfortable size 16.
Item 4 is also the most risky. I got dangerously close to some of the regulars, and despite the risk, I would not mind to stay in touch with them. They are quite interesting Personalities to talk/chat to.

Of course, I could not resist to elaborate, but after re-reading my "10-thousand words" on the topic, I decided to follow the advice of this NE Lady, and to cut back a bit.
Maybe Later.

Comments anyone ? Agreement ? Disagreement ?

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The Right Lady

Well, Are You ?

Between myself and a few other Bloggers (Olivia, Chevalier, Nia) we seemed to have coined a new TLA (Three Letter Acronym): TRL - The Right Lady.

Originally, I thought I'd use the term "The Righ Lady" to describe my ideal Companion, my preferred type of P4P Provider, my DreamDate.
My selfish intention was to describe The Right Lady - for me. I wanted to advertise my own preferences, and hope some future date would play along and provide exactly that illusion.
NB: I'm no saint, I will publish my specification for TRL - but later.
However, Before embarking on my trip of self-indulgence, I want to give some thought to the Ladies...

The Right Lady - for the job

This was sparked mainly by snippets and posts from Nia (here) who got an inquiry from a hestitating would-be Escort, Chevalier (here) who seems to share my preferences, Joanne (here) who pointedly listed what a proper Working Girl should be capable of, and Livvy (here).
The topic was furter helped by discussions with Sue (diary here), and two other Very Special Ladies, whom I suspect have indeed all the hands-on experience they claim to have (including some proper experience in normal, civilian, life as well). The final push to write this all down then came from this blog by CollegeCallGirl.

Whether the account of CCG is true or fiction, it is good reading and contains some interesting clues. Please Go read it.

So to open the discussion, my statement would be:

Yes, Escorting is the new Temp job

But not for everybody!

Many girls and women seem to want to "give it a try" or "go on the game". Some agencies advertize for students: "Leave Uni Debt Free".

I will immediately state that I am quite reluctant myself to see Student-Escorts. Some of them that I met were too "cold" and too "tense". Possibly from lack of experience, possibly impressed by someone 20 years older. So my first instinct is to disadvise this job for Students. My very best Escort Dates were mostly with slightly more experienced (mature) women who were fully confident and grounded in life and in a regular job. But that is based on my own experience.

I do not feel qualified to tell anyone if it is a good idea Yes or No.

I can only point out some things I see, and hope everyone will then make their own choice and then gain happiness through that.

Please note that I dont want to be seen to glamourize the job in any way. I know many women come to it in despair, some thrive, and some suffer (hey, almost like office life).
It is the suffering I want to prevent.

Also, I do not want to even comment on "the street scene" or on the sleezier side of the parlour-trade or even on the fact that some agencies are "controlled" or simply are bullies. Too much nastiness there, and I would just tell everyone to avoid it if they come across it. Try not to waste your talent and try not to spend your good money on bad providers. Don't encourage bad-business.

Some Good Pointers HereNow for those who still consider a career as an Escort, I would suggest to go and do research.

In earlier posts I've mentioned and Go read those, follow their links, and digest the information. You can use the logos on the right to find them.

IUSW supporterI recommend you read This post by CollegeCallGirl, and ask yourself:
Would you run the same risks ?
Would you do it differently ?
Can you do it differently ?

I also want to share the thoughts of two relatively mature working Ladies whom I have seen multiple times. The are approximately my age and both have teenage kids. In response to my question: "Would you condone your kids to do it?", they both hestitated and their final replies tended to be "No", or at least not out of necessity and preferably not at a Uni-age.
Main reasons were the risk to health, both physically ("Not all customers are nice") but especially mentally. As one said: "This job can really do your head in."

This activity is not for the faint-hearted, but you already knew that. If you think you are one of those suitable Personalities and you are determined to give it a go, I would advise you to seek a few more things:

Find a confidante who can act as a coach and a shoulder. Preferably a Lady who has been there and done that. Someone you can run to after a bad date. Someone who will not judge you, or lecture you.

Note: one now-experienced Lady started in the job by calling a few local "indies" just to sound them out, talk to them. She was very grateful for their advice (Ladies who get flooded with calls: please dont blame me).
If, when making those calls, you get bitched at for wasting the womans time, or for adding more competition in a full field: Welcome to the world of Escorting. Don't worry and don't give up. There are other, more confident Ladies out there who are willing and able to help you.

Note: Good agents will provide someone like this. Often the owner-operator is an ex WL, sometimes they have a few experienced ladies whom you can call on. There are disadvantages of having your confidante too closely linked to (dependent on?) your agent, but it is a good start.

Get acquainted with the legal side and the Tax implications. Both IUSW and SAAFE provide useful links, and it is actually more simple then you think. To stay within the (UK) law (and taxes...) you must become self-employed for this part of your earnings. It may well be your first "venture", and can be an interesting (business-) learning experience as well. It may seem like a bit of a hassle, but you are much safer when you operate above-board. If only because you cannot get "busted" by the taxman. One less thing to worry about.
Note: some agents will request you explicitly to go "above board". They will request you sign a statement whereby you acknowledge your self-employed status. If an agent has his own paperwork in order, that might just be a sign they are Serious.

Right. Time to stop my paternalizing.
If you still consider this line of work, re-read from the start, follow the links, and think one more time.

If you decide to take the step: Good Luck!
And we might meet on a date sometime.

Addition on 17 Oct 2007:

The "Belle-de-Jour and Billy Piper" show did generate quite some interest in this very topic.

Could you go Escorting?

Some interesting discussions popped up Here on Punternet and here on the Sheffield Scene.

If you think you are "The Right Lady" and considering a career in this business: Go check them.

Footnote: My main motivation for writing this post (actually: for the entire blog) is rather selfish: I prefer to meet Ladies who are happy with their choices, comfortable in their job, and who are capable of providing a few hours of Truly Nice company, including possibly something very beautiful that may happen,
and which only can happen between truly Consenting, Confident and Comfortable adults.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Food for the Bedroom

Some good drinks and light nibbles can really start a date off Properly.

"the load"
I'll honestly admit it:
This item has been lurking in the corridor for a while. It was originally prompted on a board somewhere (lost the link), and I'm posting it now because I'm too busy to research and hone my other topics such as:

"Regulars" and "TRL" (Chevalier has some nice angles on those),

"The Ideal Date" (done by Joanne, who refers to MG - no I don't write scripts).

Or that pervy Singapore-thingy that Livvy mentioned.

Given my real-world workload, expect a low-ish frequency in the next 6 weeks or so.

Cheese, Wine, preparations....My favorite hotels all offer a cheese platter, and I generally order that (with Extra Crackers) when I invite a Lady. Also, I ask the Lady what drinks she prefers.
Some hotels are good enough to deliver a bottle of whine without opening it for you. This allows you to demonstrate that the drink is untampered.

If the Lady appreciates it: I also get Olives (green for me), as those are great to play with on skin, or to practice snowballing. Although snowballing is not at all my thing (and never will be), swapping tasty olives can be nice. And it brings your faces, lips, together. Exciting!

Recently, while shopping for a "present", I found a nice item in this chocolate-boutique: chocolate-aspargus (have not yet found good link or image). With The Right Lady, that can be very Kinky food.

And sometimes we play with the wine (red for me, but white if the Lady prefers), possibly drink it from each others mouth.
Why ? just Because it brings your faces and lips together, it feels kinky. And it is more appropriate (and erotic!) then the original snowballing. The other snowballing would just spoil all my appetites.

If the hotel or appartment has an ice-machine: crushed-ice with the OWO can be Great. The cold water runs (and tickles) everywhere, so make sure you have towels nearby. And altough I know of the tricks with bubbly, champagne was never quite my thing. I think it is overrated and I much more enjoy the real taste of a good wine.

Anyway, I'm sure you Ladies clients can come up with plenty more foody-ideas. Lets hear them.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Agencies and Indies revisited.

Today's first image is borrowed from a recommended UK newspaper and serves as intro to the topic. Online Edition: HomeMany thanks to Livvy for a Brilliant post on the topic of Indie versus Agency.

May I invite you all to pop over to Her for a good read and possibly offer your contributions to the discussion ?

Of course, with me being lazy, I've given my opinion on this topic earlier on Here (blog) with an elaborate list of pros/cons from my perspective posted on NEE.

Where I tended to look at the question from a business/market perspective, Livvy did a good job of elaborating on the question of "custumer choice", and suitability. E.g. when would a customer choose an Indie or an Agency. I agree with most of her arguments but am pondering a few semi-critical comments.

On here, I would add just a few personal items and the inevitable pedantic advice.

I would say (admit) that recently I have booked both Indies and Agency-Ladies at 50-50, and that is purely by coincidence.
My main criteria is to find "The Right Lady", the right personality, for me. And I found several TRLs both in the Indie group and with agencies. I feel a post coming on "TRL".

With my current preference developing towards "part timers", Ladies who remain solidly rooted in "civilian life", I may actually lean towards a preference for Agency-Ladies in the future. I find the full-time, professional, for-a-living Escorts are Good, but the part-time for-fun Ladies are generally a even better. At least for the type of dates I prefer to book. My current regulars are all Part-Time Escorts (hm, more material for a post..).

Now if I may add some pedantic advice for Ladies who want to embark into this Industry. Escorting is the new Temp-Job after all.

Disclaimer: I am by no means a legal expert, so don't take this just from me. Go Verify!

Note: In the UK, Escorting can be done "above board" (e.g. your income is taxable) and when done correctly, it is a perfectly legal way of earning money. It is just a form of self-employment. There are certain restrictions around advertising and offering of services (Please Do Research!), but basically you are just another business. [add good link to legal stuff]

- Start with research on the Internet, notably at (see my banners-page).

- Before going furhter, check the blogs of Compartments and CollegeCallgirl, notably this post, to get an idea of what Can happen to you. Don't tell me I didn't warn you! (I am notably interested in opinions from Ladies on this one - is CC correct? Is Thais correct? Do you recognize anything? And what can I, the customer do to prevent the "rat" to creep in?).

- Always start as an Agency-Lady.

- Interview with a few agents, find one that feels comfortable, one that is able and willing to "coach" you a bit. Possibly talk to some other Ladies, and start as an Agy Lady.

- You are a free person. And in any business, including this one, it is
simply illegal for an agent to claim exclusivity or to try and bully you.

- Be up front with your agent about your goals (temporarily? Money-fix?
Adventure-Seeking? Long-term Career? Considering to go indie later on?).
A good Agent will (should) listen and offer some guidance. A good agent will understand and accept your goals, even if it means going indie or considering your own agency later on (this happens a lot, it is part of the nature of the business).

- It is similar to any job application or hiring/fireing of staff: Any Doubt = Out.

- Try not to deal with dodgy, over-demanding or othewise shady agents.
You have free choice. You are not bound to your agent, and your agent cannot bind you.

Good Luck - We might meet on a Date...

Oh, and for today's last image: When I put "Agency" into google-images, This Surprise came up...

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Broke my Heart

She was Lovely.

It was our third meeting and she was one of my almost-regulars.

She broke my heart. Unintentionally, I'm sure.

On the third meeting, she came in with her laptop-bag and a bit of a worried frown on her face. She asked me for help with her laptop (everybody seems to assume I know these things, because I use a laptop for email and writing).
And my reply was along the lines: I dont really know that stuff, but it is rather complex. I suggest you outsource that to someone who knows what he is doing and who can afford to spend some time on it. Can you not ask some boyfriend to do that for you?

Background: I'm still scarred by many experiences where I got myself foolishly in trouble for helping out nice (looking) Girls with math / physics-lab / car / wordprocessing / spreadsheets / powerpoints.
I remember each and every name, the beautiful eyes, the lovely smiles...

The girls, of course, never let me near them, and always dropped me the moment their problem was fixed. And I kept making that mistake until I was well over 25yo. I still make it...

Anyway, there was me suggesting she should get it fixed by some innocent sucker, preferably a fellow student who could afford the time to get lost in the crypts of her harddisk.

Her timid reply was:
I cannot really have a boyfriend anymore you know.

Me, carefully threading:
well, you are a very nice, clever, likeable person, and you know how to deal with men.

Boyfriends want to have sex all the time. And when I'm not studying or escorting, I just want to chill.

Brief Awkward silence followed, which she broke by quickly turning on her bubbly alter-ego. I'd have sworn she gave me that genuine, hot kiss to get us both back into play. Somewhat to my surprise, she could rapidly switch back to her usual relaxed but Intense Personality that I so admired. And she took me with her: We had the same Mind-BlOwing Sex as ever. I still am 99% sure she enjoyed it. Her body certainly seemed to respond well. She left as usual, partly exhausted, partly bouncy-cheery, (pretending ??) she too had drawn engergy from the encounter. I can only hope she really enjoyed it ...

But I never forgot those remarks. I still feel heartbroken. I doubled her Tip (and gave her all the choccies), and I sincerely hope she got sorted quickly - it seemed she really needed that laptop to work properly.

It is almost a year ago now.
I did not have the courage to see her again. And she is now off the scene as far as I know.
I hope she is Okay.

Is this another example of the loneliness of a Working Lady ?
Did I make a mistake by asking about the BF ?

Or was I just nearly or wholely duped again ?

Saturday, 4 August 2007


Today's picture came up by entering "quickie" in Google (as I do for most of my images), and I could not resist this one.

Google always seems to "know" what I'm looking for, as it can again confirm at the bottom of this post.

So, Just a quicky this week. With various lame excuses.

I've been too busy workwise, had too many trains and hotels without Internet Connections (let alone time for a good Connect to a local Lady...). And when I did have Net-connectivity I was too busy reading all the impressively good stuff out there.

For those of you in search of a good read, follow my blog-links, and Enjoy.

Chevalier: go see him. We seem to think alike - despite our differences in Age and Nationality. Dont let the fact that he is from Texas stop you. Over the years I have spent many weeks working in Texas and the folks down there are OK, and Very Friendly. Yes, Everything is Big in Texas, and so are their hearts.
Just don't mention that other state with regards to size ;-).

English Courtesan Livvy (from Yorkshire!), who is developing into a true writer, Misstery and all.

Joanne (from Leeds, the Posh city in Yorkshire) and Nia (from London) who both recently had very good Provocative-Thinking topics.

And I suspect Sue (the opinionated Angel from Manchester) will produce a few sparkling mind-bullets on her diary in the next days as well. Never can stay quiet, can you Darling? Keep Going Girl!

And if you search, there is much more of interesting "waffle" out there on the Net.

Mental Note: for Diversity, I need to find some writers from Asia/Pacific, and some from Old- and Eastern Europe.

For future topics, I'm in doubt, but have ideas for the following items:

1. Escorting-careers: a bit pedantic, as I have no hands-on experience. It seems Escorting is replacing call-centre-operator as the new temp-job for girls. Do we really want relatively innocent girls to just jump into this industry as casual as taking a job at the local burger-joint ?
Is this the Future ?
And at the same time I seem to develop a preference for part-time-fun-loving-yummi-mummies myself. To me, those late-entrants seem to be the most suitable personalities to enter the industry. Their combination of Experience, Confidence and Positive Attitude is second to none. As one regular put it to me: "This may come as a shock to you, but some of us positively enjoy going on an Escort Date, you know." Well, I had noticed...
Update on this item: Nia has a good discussion related to this Here. Escorting seems to become quite a regular, accepted job.

2. The Singapore-trick and other bedroom mechanics: a bit explicit?

3. Why we have sex at all; and the Economics that come into play. Too "Deep"?

4. Virgins, newbies and introductions into the "industry": must be loads of newbie-advice out there already.

5. The Bliss of Regulars: Wanted to do this a long time...
By retracting to a small number of regulars, I got to know them even better. And the resulting Quality-Dates have been mind blowing. But also Dangerously Addicitive, and possibly at risk of crossing boundaries. Some are just so ... Nice, so good at providing warmth, comfort, Companionship. All the "Human Contact" that I so sadly miss is right there, delivered to my hotelroom.
Desperate Divorcees or very just Cunning Businesswomen ?

If anyone has a preference, let me know which of the topics above would have your interest.

Oh, and google, well, It just Knows...

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Nature is your best guide to Pleasure

Chevalier had a topic on enhancements, and that prompted me to look for my notes on a related topic: Natural Enjoyment.

Note for Livvy: you might consider this to be one of my pervy or edible items that you seem to take pleasure in reading. So I suggest you make some tea, have some pastries or truffles ready, maybe get some cucumber sandwiches? And comfortably snug up for the read ;-).

If some paragraphs are of a rather explicit nature, I apologies up front. Tender eyes should be averted here or here.

When I meet a Lady for mutual pleasure, I want it to be exactly that:
Mutual and Pleasure.
Therefore, I will go to a certain length to make things comfortable, enjoyable for the Lady. I know it sounds arrogant and hypocritical, but I mean it: A Truly Good Meeting is Enjoyed by Both.

Note: Yes, I know. It is possible that the paid-for-GFE-provider is such a good actress that the paying customer doesn't notice the difference. In that case it is still a Good Meeting, with the client in blissful ignorance. But even then, I suspect the provider (the Artist!) will have the pleasure of seeing her ploy work to perfection. I presume that, as a good Artist, she will get her satisfaction from the fact that her Art is appreciated. I think Sue refers to this in her diary-entry of 26-Jul. In all my meetings with Suzie, I've never noticed any sign of "acting". That woman will always be a delightful and tantalizing misstery.

Back to Topic: Nature is your best guide.

To obtain maximum enjoyment, satisfaction if you like, I prefer a meeting to go naturally. We should follow Nature's lead.

I am not in favor of using excessive alcohol or other stimulants. I'm lucky enough not to need any pills, blue or otherwise, and I like to think I will never use them.
Some nibbles and drinks are called for to break the ice, to facilitate a chat, and to create a cosy-comfy atmosphere, but excesses should be avoided. For drinks, I consider one tasty glass of wine ideal, although I've seen a girl down a bottle in no-time once.

You never bothered with the fine cheeses or the delicious olives, but you spotted the two Large glasses immediately - Cheers lurve - Gulp, Oh my, that IS a very tasty red innit... The rest of the bottle was quickly shared, and a wild and Exciting date followed. You came onto me like a warm tsunami and I nearly suffocated under your sheer energy and our mutual delight. (I think you know who you are lurve - You are delicious. Take well care!).

So what would I consider Natural ? And do others out there have any opinion on this ?

Mainly, I look for guidance to biology. Humans were designed to relate, to fuse, to be together, in specific way. And I think we differ from animals in that humans need a mental connect as well as good physical chemistry.

Following nature's clues here I have decided I will not chase up the Total PSE, but rather I will look for a certain intense form of GFE. For the same reasons, I've decided to not practice CIM or A or WS or other things I consider Extreme or unnatural.

The mental connect is Very Important to me, and I can recommend anyone to go and explore this. I think it is a sine-qua-non for a Good Date.

Humans seem designed to come together and to communicate. The build-up of a "connect", a relation, is essential. This is where a good chat, kissing, cuddling and caressing come into play. I Greatly appreciate and enjoy those foreplay activities.

For the same reason, I avoid parlours and parlour-style short-dates. Parlour work was described by one girl who had tried it as "often close to paid rape".

Acting will sometimes replace the "mental connect". Really good acting can even imitate it, creating a true work of performing art [find link to good topic on Courtesane = Artist], and an eternal mystery for the customer.

I can have Exhausting days, sometimes jetlagged, often plain tired, stressed from another day of avoiding/defusing office-politics by scruffy-suited middle-zombies afraid to loose their perks, their powerbase and most of all their retirement-benefits.

On dates where my meticulous preparations get run-through in a hurry, and when my more-primitive-member does not stand to immediate attention, I am quite happy to just "be with" my chosen companion.

But I do my Research, check this How to Choose post on NEE. And in most cases my chosen partner is understanding and communicative. I find that if I focus on my partner, I will always fall into the mood of: She-is-adorable-and-I-want-to-please-her. (a matter of good research and careful selection - I am bragging here ...). The effect is generally a surprising revival of my primary urge.

This is why a Small number of known regulars are a great source of comfort in times of work-stress or after jetlag. The boost of a good Date is such a Blast
Mental note: re-vist post on "the Bliss of Regulars"

Gentle cuddling, eyecontact, and overall tenderness will cure just about anything. And everything flows automatically from there onwards. If both parties are Hot for Harder action, that will ensue quite naturally.

I do think Kissing should be practiced full-on, but with a new partner that should be approached carefully, gently. Explore how far both of you want to go, and don't insist on immediate tongue-action. Everything should develop gradually, and in total mutual consent.

Normally I am an Ardent and Passionate Kisser, but gentle avoidance on her part, or too much ciggy-smelly will gently redirect my focus to other part of my companion to find mutual pleasure. There are plenty of ways to cuddle and enjoy someone's company, and many ways can lead to mutual bliss.

Cunnilingus, should ideally be practiced by both but only at total discretion of both participants. It has, in my opinion, a function in the build-up and the bonding. Some companions do get genuinely excited from gently receiving, and so do I. But I will not consider doing it "to completion". I tried that just once, with a delicious, cuddly and very skillful Lady, but I found I got a better buzz from a regular, conventional climax. And I suspect most female companions who enjoy spit-or-swallow "in their personal lives" provide this "service" only with a certain reluctance.
And most of all, the digestive system is not the natural environment to dispose a healthy dose of the liquid-of-life.

I prefer to focus on the pleasure of my female partner and to have the satisfaction to see her relax and react, rather then force her to perform an unnatural act on herself or on me just for my own pervy pleasure.

My companion is more then welcome to tell me what she likes, or how she likes things. And I will gladly believe that relaxed Ladies can enjoy multiple climaxes. If I am allowed to help my partner achieve pleasure, that gives me a Great Buzz.

If she wants to bring a Rabbit she is more then welcome. As long as I'm allowed to come close, to cuddle up, to participate, to share in some gentle way.
To see a beautiful companion go to Heaven and gently come down again can be very rewarding.

Bondage stuff, or T+T, can undoubtedly be exciting, although would take a lot of confidence for me to be tied to a bed. I have not done that yet.
But Gentle Teasing can be another great part of the foreplay. Both give and take.
And I love to try and bring a relaxed partner to the edge and then keep her waiting, asking for relief, just a little longer, a little closer, another gentle little lick..

Likewise, I enjoy tantric-style postponement myself. However, I've been known to loose control many times. Some of my companions were Very Skilled and loved to show it by gently but irreversibly taking control of my excitement. That is probably the Natural way of things.
Our genes have the urge to multiply, after all. And each individual would search to gain some control over that process. Her power over me is complete when she has me at her mercy and she can make me loose control at her command.
I will try and postpone my own climax for as long as I possibly can. But I also know that I will give in at some point.

Ideally, the Final Fusion happens together, in a relaxed, natural position that both parties can enjoy. I have no specific preference for Mish, Cowgirl, Doggy, or more exotic and acrobatic positions although I like to see her face. Many positions can lead to hugely satisfactory climaxes.

The best Finales are enjoyed together, and with intimacy in the most natural way (Always Protected!). Sometimes, I'm just clinging on to her for deer life. I can have my face buried deep in her neck or in her bosom, hugging her as close as I can, craving a much physical contact as I can possibly get in this lonely existence. But on most occasions, I will try to Surrender to Absolute Bliss while looking at her beautiful face, straight into her eyes if she will let me, trying to establish the closes possible mental contact while the uncontrollable physical excitement overwhelms us.

As one Lady who calls a spade a space once stated:
gosh, you didn't just want to fuck my body, you wanted to fuck my brain as well.
Crude, but very well put.

In my quest for physical, mental and spiritual experiences, my leading theme will remain: follow Nature's call. Do the natural things. So far, it has worked very well for me, and I find it does lead to some very satisfying moments.

Opinions or suggestions anyone ?

Footnote for Livvy: was it pervy enough ? was it Edible ?

Friday, 27 July 2007

The Smell of Experience

Experience is important.

Sory; pulled for the moment. Possibly more Later.

Thursday, 26 July 2007


This post is in reply to Livvy who challenged me after a careless comment of mine Down Here at the ceremony. I was actually referring to my idea-in-progress for a post on how I like to Follow the Natural Flow of Things. And I have an a-priory DDislike for un-natural EEnhancements like fake FFrontal attributes.

Her ad-rem reply to my boobie remark was:
Ptr Leeds - show us your boobies at once and stop being so mysterious! That's Livvy's job

In the Headlight department, I am working hard to keep mine under control.

But on the more Artsy Department, how about these apples for substitute ?

It is a change from the Chocolate and the cucumber sandwiches.

Have a Healthy Bite Livvy.