Wednesday, 17 January 2007


There is this thing Ladies have with chocolate.

Well, here (nice picture!) and here are some (scientific?) explanations for it.

On the lighter side, there is this chocolate-joke, although I'm still figuring out if it is written by a guy or a Lady.

And This entry, that links Chocolate to Sex (Phenylethylamine and dopamine), but also explains why Women (what about men??) will have sex abroad, and it even seems to have a religious angle.

For those into Foreign movies, I can recommend Chocolat(2000) which even featurs Johnny Depp. Watch it in French, it is just better that way.

And some of the Ladies may like this Movie: Better then Chocolate.

Think about this next time you consume a truffe.


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The English Courtesan said...

Might I offer Sir a virtual truffle? :-)

Livvy xxx