Saturday, 20 January 2007


Here is an Excellent Comment by a well known Lady on what is probably the most-discussed-act between an Artist and a maecenas.

To blow your brains out, This Lady doesn't need a weapon. It is quite clear who is the Artist here.
Many Ladies do a good Lobster, but it takes Talent to do it Exceptionally.

Personally, I think a Lobster should be foreplay, not main course, and it should Not be done to completion. Humans were designed to be together and to make love, not just to lick, suck and swallow.

There is also the joke about the similarity between a Lobster and a BlowJob, (No? Google it...) and I often wondered if that resemblance doesn't add to the pleasure taken by both the performing Artist and the maecenas.
A good "Lobster" is a thing of magic, Witchcraft if you like. It will give the Artist additional power, additional "spell" over the victim. Most victims don't mind though.

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