Monday, 29 January 2007


Journeys from and to "home" can be rather boring. I generally make some work-social phone calls. Read some files, doodle, doze, dream...
Some of my best ideas started on a train.

Never count on getting any real work done on a train, as the journey may turn out to be a non-workable train or you might happen to sit down with some interesting people.

And I remember this Lady who was an ad-space sales-manager for a mainstream-celeb-stories magazine, She was a lovely looker and a great chat...

I also started using the trainrides to write my Punternet-reports. It is non-mission-critical activity (sort of) and it is a relaxing and entertaining way to pass the time (go ahead, call me a pervert). And by writing them at least 24 hrs after the date, you can be slightly more objective compared to the Absolute Bliss some Ladies leave you in.

At one time, this writing activity got me into a funny situation, on a Virgin train, which is described HERE. Nobody ever came forward to say: "it was us", or even: it was my company-do.

Goes to show that all is not lost for public transport, and you can meet some
real-interesting people on trains.

Note: I am not sponsored (yet) by GNER or Virgin-Trains.
Actually, I'm not sponsored by anyone - Which leaves me open to say what I think.

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