Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Art Revisited.

In a different life, a cynical journo stated: Statistics are a great way to combat Writers-Block. You can always twist the nubmers into a story, and readers love weird statistical facts (thanks, Vsb).

The cynic was right.

Ninety-Five percent of "referrals" or visitors to this blog come in via NG, NEE, x-N, SSH, AorD, A4you (and soon: A4u).

Notable Exception: Recently, there were clicks incoming via a really "Posh" looking, Art related site. Apparently run by someone based in NE. I did not find a link to the blog there though. I guess the url was entered directly.

And Though I would not go in those well heeled circles myself, I enjoyed browsing that Site. Some Very good Pictures, lots of good ideas, and some truly Beautiful Art on there. (No, you perverts! nothing explicit, nothing to do with "the funny business").

If you recognize yourself from the puzzle above, I Salute You with Respect!

I am honoured that you also visit my little corner, allthough I full well realize you can not openly be linked in any way to the Industrxxx.

But the few visitors coming in via this Artsy site do confirm my opinion that the business of "Companionship" is not seedy, but rather related to Beauty and to Art.

Actually, I was only writing this to re-assert my vision on what I consider an Art. And on those who practice it as True Artists.

Finally, Remember this Quote, picked up from a well respected Agency-boss:
"You are only as good as who you are with"
How right She was.

My journey will be long - and seems to be getting longer.

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