Tuesday, 27 February 2007

He fell for Her

It will always happen. We are human after all.

Many Punters/customers are, knowingly or unknowingly, looking for a little more then just "the act" or "to satisfy the urge". Some of us punters are just lonely bastards, who don't know how to develop real relationships anymore. Many of us crave for the Genuine GFE (I think I do...).

And if the Lady is a good Service Provider (ASP = Adult Service Provider?) She will give the customer the impression that she Really Likes him, She Adores him, She Enjoys being with him, She has melted for him, She wants to stay Close to him, She Desires to be ALL his - for as long as the meter runs, possibly for 5 minutes more.
This constitutes the Art of Courtesanship.

Experienced Ladies realize the risks in this play: Their service is a drug to the punter. And the fellow can develop a feeling (or: he thinks he develops a feeling). Sometimes the Lady sees it coming, sometimes it is a complete surprise. Some Ladies are experts at exploiting these situations commercially, others are uncomfortable with it and will not allow close-contact to develop. And sometimes it can turn into an awkward stalker-situation for one or even for both of the participants.

- goes into pedeantic advice mode -

This "emotional risk" is why I would recommend newbies in the industry, both Ladies and Punters, to start of in this world by using an agency. The agent can acts as a buffer to protect the anonymity of both parties, and the agent can provide some guidance, notably to the Lady, but also to the punter, as to how to avoid awkward situations.

- end of pedantic advice -

NB: If someone out there is compiling a newbie-advice-list, please add the above to it, and also check this item on NEE - it was endorsed by a Very Experienced Lady.

Several Ladies have mentioned stories where they had to break off a "business" relationship because it became too personal. There are some interesting Posts out on this topic.

Joanne of Leeds had to get This of her chest.
Several agencies actually use the "buffer" as a selling point, for both emotional an practical reasons (need link to warning@noto, but topic has disappeared).
In my own punting-career, I have developed genuine sympathy for several Ladies, but I've managed to stay clear of messy involvements (ptr knocks on wooden desk).
And I have both received and given the occasional too-close-danger warning myself. And there was this discussion on relationships.

To a point, I have crossed the boundary myself:
I have let dates overrun on time when both participants seemed to be OK with that (the agent never is OK, but Good Indies are Great for overruns). Some interesting discussions have developed during "after-play" (some resulting in topics or posts), and I have listened to many non-escort related stories from Interesting Ladies.

If both Lady and punter choose carefully, and when they mutually understand where the boundaries are, the result should be a Memorable Moment for Both.
And in the end, when I make that phone-call, that is what I am looking for.

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