Friday, 16 February 2007

There is something about Nikki

Or maybe it is the letter N.

Two of my very Top Dates were with Ladies called Nikki. Both were immediate Clicks and both became regulars. One has, by now, left the Industry with some feasty fireworks.
The other is still around (asked for link), but went into quiet mode, as she concentrates on Studies.

But there is more:
My favoritet boards on the Industry all start with N. See here, here and here (ok, this is partly because they are in the North
and I happen to be there often). Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the information on those boards, and there is the odd double-poster so some discussions tend to run in parallel.

A WTF, an even more Weird Things Found:
There is this notoriously kNown couple who run an agency. The Agency, the Lady and the Gentleman all have names that start with N.
Coincidence ?

Do you know of any other WTF ? Don't hesitate to post it.

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