Friday, 23 March 2007

Before the Knock on the door

After a good preparation and a loooong wait, there is that magical Knock on the door.

Most Ladies are surprisingly punctual and arrive within 5 minutes of the agreed time. I really appreciate reliability and puctuality. Too early can be embarassing (see the shaving-incident from previous post). Too late can be a bit ennerving. But after a few of those extra-long waits, I'm now rather more relaxed on that.

Most agents and Indies will let you know if they are late. They seem to have some experience in reading the state-of-mind of an anxious client. I do appreciate these phonecalls, but there is no need for a minute by minute series of update-calls or texts:

22:04 "getting in the car before my eyes"
(I'm sure you are having one more good look then),

22:06 "crossing the bridge now"
(on the phone while driving, I hope she gets here in once piece ... ?)

22:08 "just searching for a parking"
(a woman can multitask, but to park & phone ... ) and finally

22:12 "She is walking into reception Right Now"
(ah, so you are the guy with the phone sitting at the window in the club across from the hotel? c'mon, look up and wave back at me ...)

A simple new ETA will generally suffice. I'm not about to hedge my bets with a double date you know. And as long as she doesnt run away before the agreed timeslot is over, I'm fairly relaxed, even if she is a bit late. The Lady and I are about to have a Date, an intimate moment together, a brief period of dedication, tenderness, relaxation, sheer Bliss. So like, get off me phone - you can always call/txt when the time is up - thx.

And then, finally ... the Magic Knock.