Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Interesting Discussion

The next post was supposed to be about the Hilarious things that can happen when the Lady enters your room (I'll put in the link as soon as the post goes out).

But it will have to wait a bit.

And later on, I wanted to do some research on "Reviews". I know Nia (link here) and Joanne (link here) have written on the subject. I mildly disagree with some of their views. And there is much more out there. But I needed more (search) time to form a balanced opinion (indeed, I do).

That too will have to wait.

As you know, postings, blogs or any public statement have the potential to stir some controversy.

Not to say, a good discussion or worse.

Well, A loose remark from me caused a bit of a stir on the NEE board.

After This "incident"I'm not so sure if I should still even mention the topic of posts/reviews/blogs anymore. It can be a sticky subject.

Maybe we should all just stick to discussing lobster, the qualities of chocolate and post the odd Joke from time to time.


James B. Logwriter said...

No, this is a very interesting topic but the discussion you linked to seemed repetitive.

Personally I would think that it would not be a good idea to tell a prostitute whom you visited that you had a prostitution blog or that you even knew that review boards existed, because this would mark you down as a professional 'hobbyist', an anorak of sexual engineering.

If you knew that you were being reviewed on your performance, how would you feel? It might spur you on to better things, but it would surely squeeze all spontaneity out of the encounter.

Anonymous said...

James. b: I always try and put a review of a lady on the relevant agency website (if agency contact) as there's nothing wrong with honesty. The fact is that all such 'opinion' sites (see: tripadvisor for example) can be corrupted but generally the weight of opinion will come through. I can see it being an issue for independents as they have no-one to 'appeal' to but like an hotel or restaurant they will have to take it on the chin. Everyone deservs at least one chance!

Peter B

Ptr_leeds said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

My opinions on reviews can be found at NEE an X-north in earlier posts (in favour of transparancy). But I'm considering a slight change. Will come back later when more thinking time.

Greetz, from a windy-beachy-touristy-place with limited internet connectivity.