Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Prepare for that Knock on the door.

As outlined in the previous blog, I prefer outcalls . And to maximize my pleasure, I tend to prepare as much as I can for "the visit" to become a relaxed and enjoyable experience for both of us.

It is important (to me) to have a pre-date checklist because I sometimes only have 30 min or less to prepare (bored-co-worker-dinner-obligations). The Limited time, and my desire for "The Perfect Date" have grown my obsession with the checklist. And despite all that, I still tend to forget one or two items in the heat-of-the-moment.
It can be slightly embarrassing if you have forgotten, say, to fill up the envelope.

My obsession with preparation has grown into the following list:

- Not too much food.
But rather a Really Good coffee, preferably 2 or 3 hours before the date. Coffee is an excellent stimulus and strong brew can make you feel super alert. Even if the effect is 95% placebo, it is still good preparation.

- Brush teeth (after the coffee - smell!).
Brush softly and do it well in advance. Any wounds in your mouth must be able to heal before the actual date (need link to good info here). If you have less then two hours to prepare; chew gum or suck a mint.

- Try to have some mild exercise in the hours before.
I prefer to swim if possible, but even just walking (uphill) will help. If all else fails, find an excuse to climb the stairs of the hotel, multiple times, with full laptop-backpack. It removes the cobwebs and gets your blood flowing.
Note: Not always possible on a busy schedule, and possibly just psychological, but it is part of a good prep.

- Order/verify the drinks and nibbles
Roomservice can be sloooow, so do this early. And once the plate is delivered: Do Not Disturb it.

- Try not to touch a well-made bed.
It looks so much nicer if it is totally untouched, and Ladies tend to notice these things.

- Room and Items.
Make sure room is on temperature and all items are in the right place (drinks, towels, bathrobe for her - she likes to cover herself afterward).

- Prepare the Enve$ope.
I tend to hand the envelope over myself, but some Ladies prefer to "find" it in the bathroom. I'm not offended if she verifies the amount. But please don't try any tricks like "I thought it was a two hour booking, this in only for one hour..." or "There is twenty quid missing".

- Set a phone alarm to the end-time.
That way you know it if you run over time. If the Lady is not a clockwatcher, you must make sure the driver will not come knocking...

- Take a thorough shower - and clean up.
This combines nicely with the swim or the exercise. And don't forget to clean up the bathroom afterward. Allow a few traces to indicate you did use the shower, but make it look Pristine. Ladies will notice.

- Shave. And rinse.
Remove the shaving-ash from the wash-basin (I still use a philipshave). Ladies hate a messy sink.

- Give her some space.
Prepare an intuitive place for the lady to deposit her items and clothes. I've had Ladies forget shoes, pendants, a bracelet, and once even "the envelope". All very embarrassing. On more then one occasion, the Lady and myself have searched the room for lingerie or other items. Can be good fun if the Lady has time and humour, but it can be rather disturbing if time is at a pinch (looming Driver!).

- Know your items.
Determine where you will put your clothes, and notably your wallet and your mobile phones. Try not loose sight of those items during the meeting (paranoid, but then...).

- Non-trivial: determine where you will put your spectacles. It can be very embarrassing if you can not find them afterward.

Now who is the control-freak here ?
Well, from this post by Avatar, I deduce that I'm not the only one who likes to prepare thoroughly.

Go figure. But If you do it right, you should be ready some 20 minutes before "the knock".

And then you wait ...


Joanne said...

I think you answered your own question Ptr ! LOL. That was fun reading, it made me smile. If only all punters put as much effort in, but then maybe we would be the ones who paid !

Ptr_leeds said...

Thank You for the nice compliment.
Glad I made you smile. As always, I'm half kidding and half serious.

The Lady and I will have a brief moment together, and I want to make the most of that and make it enjoyable for both. On an outcall, where the Lady is on "foreign territory", it is especially important to put both of us quickly at ease. It all improves the Pleasure.

And it's kinda fun to prepare a date (jitters!). I find I get much more Buzz out of a well prepared meeting.

But no worries: the moment she walks in, you should allow the whole plan to go down the drain.
Forget it all, Focus on the Guest, and just enjoy the company.

And eehm..., did you just give me a suggestion for a change in career ?

Joanne said...

Well, ask yourself this one and if the answer is yes then maybe..

Can you get it up on the hour every hour no matter how old, wizened, unattractive, and unwholesome she looks???


Ptr_leeds said...

LOL @ Joanne.

Point well taken Jo, I've always carefully chosen (or tried to carefully choose) my Ladies.

In an alternative career, I would of course aim only for "discerning Ladies of a certain Class, who can appreciate... "

And in the end, there is always the disclaimer:

"Any money paid to Ptr is for his time and companionship ONLY. Anything else that occurs is a matter of choice between consenting adults. Anything implied or inferred by any of the pictures or details within these pages is NOT to be taken as inducement for payment for anything other than time and companionship."

Ultimately, I can hide behind that ?

Joanne said...

You could try, but I doubt you would get any repeat clients!