Saturday, 17 March 2007

Waiting for a Date

In an earlier entry I described the "Preparation phase". After such frantic activity, and only if you complete it all well and timely, there is the wait, that psychologically loooong WAIT.

Once you have completed the preparatory checklist, the art is to not disturb the peace of the venue anymore. Peace-of-room is achieved by simply "stopping" the preparation once every item is "ticked". Stop Fidging, and stop re-arranging the items.
Peace of mind is achieved (with difficulty) by not doing anything anymore. Trying to achieve complete calm (yeah, when you know this hot-babe is going to knock in 20 min... try sitting still... ).

It may be (if you have it well planned), a 20 minute wait in which you can get thoroughly relaxed. You could try yoga breathing.) The Wait may also only be a miserable 2 min (you were late!), just enough to bring your heartbeat down to, say 120. Or it may turn into an interminable 29 min if She is 9 minutes late (my heartbeat used to go up to an unhealthy 160 or so, but I'm more experienced now - I think).

Drivers pay attention: If the Lady is late, it is always your fault, or so the Ladies tell me. Maybe some drivers should be told the appointment is at 21:30, so
the can make it in time for the actual agreed time of 22:00...

There was one occasion where I was not ready myself due to a slow taxi ride to the hotel (see, always the driver!). And in all fairness, she was 3 min early. A discreet but persistent "Knock" sounded while I was still busy shaving with only a towel around my waist. The Lady took it very well. She turned out to be an old friend on a surprise-revisit, having done an agency-hop and a name change after a long stay abroad. A nice surprise Indeed. I turned all Scarlet with embarrassment.
We had a Right Good Giggle and she discreetly set herself in a very sexy meditation-pose on the bed, immovably, calmly letting me get ready.
Bless her - Some Very Good Memories there.

NB: Another Lady suggested I take up meditation, practice that 3 weeks out of 4, save up the budget, and on every 4th week, invite her for an Overnighter. As she is a True Quality Lady, I still have it under consideration. LOL.

Back on Topic: "the Wait".
Because normally it is me who needs to do the waiting, and I'm not good at meditation yet, I am more of a fidget.
So ... I wait....

I sometimes play cheeky games on the laptop. But I find it impolite to show indecent screen-images to Her. Or worse: the embarrassment to be aroused when the Lady arrives. Experienced Ladies will see the humor, and jump right on (a particular, notoriously energetic northern Lady Shparingz to mind), but some girls might be intimidated, turned-off, or even offended.

Just in case: Be prepared to close the laptop rapidly if "the Knock" sounds. For the curious, here is one of those games I tend to play during the wait. The original mammary.swf (by is also in circulation still, but I couldn't find a link anymore.
And I also love to practice on this fairly innocent game here. My score is mostly between 16 and 19. I don't practice enough and have never attained 20. Might be easier for Ladies.

Another nice way to pass the time: Iron the shirts for the next days. It shows your homely, caring side and has worked well on a few occasions - LOL. But it does mess up the room a bit,and a Hot Iron is a health and safety risk once you start rolling about the room.

Health + Safety Intermezzo

Contrary to some rumours, I do not twirl Ladies around the hotel-bedroom. But for those with more athletic ambitions, I can recommend a physical warm-up and a few stretch-exercises before the "action". It gets the blood going and releases endorphins, that helps the excitement (as if the prospect of a "date" is not exciting enough already). Certain dates have indeed been hard work(out).

The twirling-rumour was "invented" by a most MissChievous Lady (?) on a Forum. But if I deny that rumour too strongly, it will only re-enforce itself. Those who have met me know I'm just a wee little fellow, and not all that physically fit either.

Back to the topic of "the Wait", the looong wait.
Another way to pass the wait is to read boards, read blogs, or even read the PNRs of the Lady you are about to receive.

Oops, I hear a knock on the door
[ptr closes files, switches of laptop and ... is off to something more important]

Note from the editor: enough ramblings for today. "The Knock" is something for another topic.


Peter Bench said...

Your observations are interesting. In a previous life when I had ladies vsiting my apartment, I had started out all anxious until I realised that the time was mine to play with and once niceties were observed, I could control the pace. That settled me down. I am also partial to a cool shower as that makes me feel available to any ministrations that the lady might offer.
I'm a new reader - and regular john - so I appreciate your writing and views.

Ptr_leeds said...

Thanks for the comment PeterB.

I agree with the shower, I tend to turn mine down to end it cool. More Alert.

Anonymous said...

Pleasure. However a question: when arranging for a lady to join me in a hotel room, what advice would you give where the hotel is small and/or has lift security meaning I have to be in the lobby?
Peter B

Ptr_leeds said...


Small hotels can be embarrassing, as the staff will inevitably find you out. Not to worry: most hotel-personnel is very much clued in, and it is their job to be discreet.
Althoug I have had the occasional young receptioniste go a bit shy and dry once she found out what I was up to with some visitors, most do not let on at all.

Secure lifts need not be a problem. Two people can enter a lift by coincidence, cant they ?
And most experienced escorts will have little trouble meeting you in the lobby. Some even prefer it, especially if they dont know the hotel, or are afraid to get lost in the maze of corridors. Just greet warmly, as you can easily be co-workers or old friends.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the lobby my case standing outside the entrance having a last minute ciggy!
Thanks for the tips Ptr.
Peter B