Saturday, 10 March 2007

Why I prefer Outcalls

Joanne recently had a rambling on incall versus outcall. As a Working Lady (and one with a recently discovered Control-Fetish - go read it, LOL), she prefers to receive the gentle men in her own apartment. The so-called incall date.
I fully understand and respect her reasons for that. It makes good sense form her point of view.

From my punter-perspective, I'll outline my arguments to prefer outcalls and I'll briefly touch on the downsides of outcall as well.

First of all, Control and privacy.
Like Joanne, I like to have control of the venue. In my hotelroom, there is no partner, bodyguard or chaperone in the room next door. No unshaven-tattooed bloke saying "Hello mate, c'mon in, its one-twenty up-front excluding tips, and she'll be ready for ye in 4 (-tyfive) minutes". Nor is there a smoking lady with bad make-up saying: "Hi lurv - Ready for yer Shag...". No matter how well-meant the served-while-you-wait "cuppa" is (did I just see you rinse that mug?), the presence of a third person in the next room is a little off-setting.
A date should be about two people getting on together. And to me, the privacy and the good mental connect are just as much part of the experience as the technical act of "getting my gun off".

Jo's remark about "production-line" is partly correct: on an incall you can not go over time, as there might be the next punter knocking (pun intended ?).

I can see how this would be an advantage for the Lady/agent who is interested in maximizing the number of meetings. I've heard (not from Jo, and I can not imagine her working this way) that a well managed in-call apartment can run one 60-minute "punt" every 1.25 hrs or two 30-minute punts every 1.5 hrs. Per lady. Multiply this by nr of bedrooms for larger apartments, and Note that this can be a Top-Notch-profitable enterprise. Not my thingy though.
It is probably on the verge of legality too.

Secondly, Perfect Preparations.
Like Joanne, I tend to prepare extensively for a date. In a hotelroom, I can order the drink chosen by the Lady (unopened bottle if possible) and some nibbles, all nicely prepared (mostly better then I can do it myself. I've once spent a fortune on Cheese, Wine and Juices, just to offer a reasonable choice to a Lady visiting me in my furnished apartment, only to find that I was not apt enough to prepare it as nicely as a good hotel can).
I can also prepare the room-environment "exactly-so" as to have minimal
distractions and maximum comfort: Lights, discreet towels/wipes to clean up,
bathrobe to make her feel comfy afterward. Make sure bathroom is equipped with sufficient soap, shampoo etc. And when in doubt: ask for more towels or toiletries.
Preparation-wise, A good hotel room or decent apartment just offers me the most relaxed experience.

Sidetrack: I have once invited a (regular and very nice) Indie Lady for a swim in the slightly posh hotel "pool and spa". After the date, on Her own time - Unprofessional for the both of us maybe, but Great Fun. And a great ego-boost for me: this Gorgeous GlamourBabe accepted my invite! No funny business, just two guests enjoying the facilities.

Thirdly, the After-glow-experience.
I prefer evening dates and after a Really Good meeting I want to clean up and blissfully doze asleep to let the memory of Heaven sink in. An incall always means I have to walk or even travel back to my hotel or apartment, and that sort-of disturbs the after-math of a good Date.
Note: if the Lady is driving, I will gladly offer to walk her to the car, and if possible, I will try to stay at a distance so as not to ID her car. As I tend to do late-dates, some Ladies have shown real appreciation for this.

To balance the advantages, there are some downsides to outcalls as well:
1) Identity. A conscientious Lady/agent will ask for your booking and will want your last name. You can try to circumvent this by letting her call the roomnr to confirm you are well and truly in exactly that hotel and that room.
2) Neighbors. You must ensure that you do not have acquaintances, clients, vendors, or co-workers next door. They could overhear your activities or otherwise spot you (in the hotel-bar or even in the pool - LOL). Music or a loud-ish Telly will generally help.
NB: I once got really horny from the noises next door and decided to make a quick call myself: return the noises so to speak...
3) Limited choice. Not all Ladies will accept to do outcalls. You may miss out on some awesome experiences.
4) You must be able to trust the hotel staff to some extent (never a problem).
5) Price. Outcalls are generally more expensive due to the extra hassle to the Lady.
This is More then Fair, given she needs more time and must possibly book a driver/taxi.

I do realize that I'm lucky in that I mostly stay in a hotel during the week. That makes it easier for me to receive outcalls. The hotels are generally acceptable, and are certainly able to rival with some incall venues.

So for me: Outcalls.


Joanne said...

Hold on Ptr, you are assuming certain things here and making me look like a right bossy

Firstly on in call and being independent it means the lady can choose to let her bookings run over if she pleases. She has no-one to answer to but herself. Secondly depending upon who you see, there is no need for anyone else to be there except for the two of you, and certainly no bruiser hanging around to chuck you out !

The problem here is you like out call and you are kind of wearing blinkers. I can see the advantages and the disadvantages here, but you make in call sound like a punishment instead of something really special.

You bad boy !

Ptr_leeds said...

I am Holding Jo - holding on for deer life to the railing of the balcony.
Please dont kick me again - not There, not with those booOOOOts.

But seriously: Thanks for your comment - Always Appreciated !
It helps to set the balance.

The comic situations described (doorman, chaperone, production-line) most certainly will not apply to you. None of your FR mention any of that stuff, and from your writings I suspect that you have a great personality and that you are cabable enough to offer Real Quality incall Dates.

My examples merely point out the uneasiness of the newbie-client I once was (probably still am).

You are correct, that I put on blinkers towards Outcall. And I full well realize there is also a market for Incalls.
Some clients will not have the luxury of a free hotel, or will want to "visit" anyway. And certain Ladies will simply prefer their own environment, for many good and valid reasons.

I have only done a few incalls, and most of them were Very Good. Some possibly resulted in better, more Intense Contact then an outcall with the same Lady would have done. To me, visiting a Lady at her appartment also reveals some of her personality: She is more at ease, possibly showing more of her true self. How does she decorate, what food/drinks does she serve. It can all contribute to a Great Meeting.

But for reasons outlined in the OP, I'll stick mainly with outcalls.