Thursday, 19 April 2007

Discretion - Think about it.

Joanne had these very good points on keeping records.

On Discretion, I have gotten fairly paranoid. Especially after a few near-incidents and after seeing snippets of information (true or false?) about others appear on a public-readable board followed by at least one case of mis-interpretation and mis-ASS-umption.

Via various incidents and accidents I have noticed that some Agents and Ladies do keep a lot of data on clients, including on me - [grin].

Advice to both the Lady and the John: Think it over once more, right now!

Any information that should remain confidential: Do not Mention It. Don't even hint at it, and Never mail it down. Even with a Lady whom you (currently) trust, and who has no bad intentions at all. She can store or divulge information that may compromise you in a far distant future. Think about it: The people you trust who can do most damage: they know more.

Notes can get mislaid (no pun) and Laptops get stolen or recycled - often to schoolkids.

Warning Note on keeping files:
You will hardly believe what my techie-savvy-nerdy colleagues have sometimes left on the laptops that I get to use (They would probably deny it, or accuse me of a setup).
Anyway, after a quick look (I am curious ;-) ) instead of keeping it for future blackmail, I always wipe the lot. Mainly for my own security. I'm definitely too chicken to carry it across any border (Actually, someone may well have tried to set me up - is that a twisted thought or what...).
And these same IT-itchers tell me to always start secure network-stuff when connecting, and to store all work-files on the encrypted drive for seventy-seven certifiable and ninety-nine BlSht-compliance reasons.

Back to topic: Trust No One. That motto applies very much to the world of pre-arranged dating. Many things are not what they appear. And someone's truth is out there.

People get drunk - even brits,
people have jealous partners/punters/stalkers,
people get passionate over snippets of (false) information.
People come under pressure, or people simply fall out.
People can get manipulated and (ab)used in other games,
people are just collateral or bargain-chip.
People get desparate and do funny things.

And most important: people change and so does their opinion over time.

Nuf Said. Everyone can think for themselves now.

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