Friday, 6 April 2007

Indies and Agents

Careful: This will always remain a tricky subject.
And remember: I only do this as a hobby. I'm not telling anyone how to go about their business (wouldn't dare).

Update: as the Lovable Livvy picked up this discussion so nicely, I have since added some more ramblings on this topic in a Further Post. Maybe we should do a roundtable on this sometime.

The Indy-theme: This is the perfect occasion to display one of my all-time-favorite secret-crush actresses. Karen Allen in the role of Marion Raven, she was the only character that was ever worthy to be Indy's counterpart.

More to the punting-point : Joanne had a distinct opinion on Pimps, and who am I to disagree with Her Eminence. I also recall some strong pro-indie opinions on X-North, but I was not able to locate the topic anymore. It may be in the restricted area.

Well, I did disagree with some of the reasoning, and had a load of arguments ready to turn into this blog-entry some day.

Then someone asked this question on HERE and I felt the need to bite the bait. Given some earlier discussions, I suspect he did it on purpose. So here I go, hook, line, sinker... (gulp). Some more Interesting opinions popped up here as well.

When I started using the services of this Industry, I also had a preference for Indies. My reasoning was similar to Jo's: no middle-man, more benefit for the Lady, and possibly a better service. I was also hoping Indies would maybe have more Personality, more "Punch". Over time, I discovered that the quality, the enjoyment, could be equally good with both Indies and Agency-Ladies.

After a number of repeat-dates with both Indie and agency-ladies, I have met girls who are comfortable in either situation. Some are born-independents, some are more comfortable with an agent. Some girls use both. All are happy.

There are many arguments either way.

Feel free to point out more interesting background material. As I'm sure, this topic has been treated better elsewhere, but as I'm now writing offline, and I have to go by seat-of-the-pants (wating-area seats, bloody hard plastic too ...).

I welcome some contradictionary views, as long as they are sensibly (or entertaingly) argumented.

And whatever you read into it: Take it all with a grain of Salt. Rocksalt. Thx.

Now I've found the fedora hat, but where did I put that whip ?

Anyway, Happy Holidays All, and go easy on the Easter Bunny!


Joanne said...

Stop sitting on the fence man and say what you really think !

Ptr_leeds said...

On the Fence... Well, not being a provider, I guess that is where I am.

Some of my opinion can be found following the "HERE" link in the blogpost, and there is some on the x-north and on the CT board as well (will try to include in top-post).
And I do care a bit, I would like to choose my providers with a certain care.

I would not want to be part of any exploitation. Hence my worry: how to choose a _green_ provider ?

(A green label would be nice, I'd frequent only those Ladies/Agents who use green energy, use made-in-dignity-lingerie, provide fair-trade coffee, serve green tea and wine from politically correct countries... Something for a separate posting?)

But frankly, I think there is room for both Agents and Indies. And as in most similar industries, those who go "Indie" generally have bad experiences to recount from their previous "agents". That is not an escort-exclusive tale.
But it could be worse in the less-open industry that this is.

In my opinion, some Persons were always destined to go Indie as part of their nature, and some may have had bad experiences with one or more agents. There may also be those who will always prefer to stay in the shelter of an Agent (and I hope such an agent can exists - in only for the benefit of debutates).

I'm still neutral on the subject, but I'll pop in two items:

1) What would consitute a "good" agent, e.g. one that Ladies would want to work and be able to part with on good terms ?

2) Many of the Agents are ex-agency-girls, who sometimes have also done a spell as "Indie-Lady". So there may be a natural career path there ?

Anonymous said...

I think there's no real debate - just a case of experience. I have used Agencies because I trust the booker to follow my tastes and for the girls to have a certain standard - and like any other service, I have someone to moan at if I'm not happy. On the other hand, 'indies' can offer a more personal experience that's tailored to the john.
Peter B

Nymph said...

My .02

1) A good agent is one that can get you work consistently AND who has clients that follow all the appropriate rules of the "game" like in the book Mayflower Madam. There are reputable agencies out there with such a reputation.

2) A natural career path...perhaps. Like a promotion of sort. You have someone else do all the naughty work.

Ptr_leeds said...


In my experience, the level of "standards" and (un)Reliability is not specifically linked to agent or indie but rather depends on the individual Lady. Allthough a good Agent will select and instruct with these aspects in mind.
The more "personal" aspect can also kick in if you see an agency-Lady repeatedly, (and some agents will allow you to go over time with regulars, but not too much...).

The fact that the agent knows your taste can be helpfull if you have to choose from available Ladies, but that is a position I try to avoid.
Recommendations are tricky. I've commented on "recommendations" before, and will probably do a posting on it sometime.


Good point: An agent also "selects" the customer, the so called screening process. The agent acts as a buffer, the customer generally doesnt get
your mobile or contact data, and that is an additional precaution.
This can be specifically important when "regulars" turn into "Stalkers".

Joanne said...

You have to remember that the agent, no matter how nice they are, are there to take your money. They are always going to find a nice lady for you even if they do know your tastes.

The truth is, you men don't really know what you want until you open the door, and then you are ga ga !

Ptr_leeds said...

LOL @ Joanne, Again.

Agents Indeed.
I'll have to come up with a post on "recommendations" sometime. Got some good anecdotes on how an Agent Never wants to leave the customer stranded...

Anonymous said...

Joane, I think you're being a touch harsh; whilst it is true that generally men will think with their dicks, it doesn't follow that that any port-in-a-storm will do. When I return to an agency I have used I would reasonably expect them to know if I liked big/small tall/short etc. Clearly returning to an indie is a confirmation of consistent habits. I wonder if it's also an age thing that men of more mature taste have less inclination to experiment?

Anonymous said...

Joanne's point is double sided. She has a point.
But how annoying would it be if you ordered a nice thin crust pizza for delivery and instead you are delivered mexican or chinese food.

Not nice!