Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Knock. Panic! - Calm Down...

She made it.

First you did all the preparation,
then you sat through the looong wait,
and you may have tolerated the minute by minute updates form the Lady/Agent while she paid for exactly 60 min of parking (Just Have to get back to my car, traffic wardens are very strict here...).

And then She Knocked.

First there is mild panic. You close all irrelevant browsers on your laptop to hide any indecent images, especially from competing Ladies/agents. But keep Her Best Page prominently visible. Take one last good look around the room, and (try to) calmly and slowly walk to the door (heartrate in throat at 160, hands thrembling, Jitters ... !). Slowly.

Dont stumble, dont knock over chairs. Breathe Deeeeply.

You get the picture:
Even after a whole string of similar dates and after careful study of the profile of this Lady, you are still dead curious who is wating on the other side. Will it be the Lady from the Pictures, will she have changed hair-color, what will her eyes look like... And even if she is a "regular", you are still curious to see what mood she is in Today, or which new (un)dress-gizmo she has recently discovered. Some Ladies love to show off new items - maybe they would like me to come shopping with them some day ... ?

One particular regular Always wants to show off some new item altough I keep telling her that I invite Her, She, the Lady herself, and not the boots, the teddy, or the wardrobe - I could hardly care less.
But awth, It makes her Happy, and She is the Dearest, the Sweetest, the Loveliest....

Luv U 4 it Dear - xXx!

Oops. Got carried away. back to "the knock".

Be Careful. It may not be what you expect. It could be the plumming-maintenance-guy investigating the water that runs down the ceiling next door. He may want to dissasemble part of your bathroom to inspect "last weeks rush job by those cowboys...". Sure, but I'm expecting a Visitor.

Hence, always use the spyhole.

The spyhole in the door can also be good for a laugh. Most Ladies know about it, and some will mockingly pose as Marilyn after the knock. Other will put their face in closeup to the viewer, trying to surprise you. And Joanne had a nice anecdote on the spyhole here. Let me re-assure you: I dont do use the spyhole in that way.

Some Playful lady tends to jokingly put a finger over the spyhole: Please dont. Even as a "known" date, You might have your "could-be-ex-SAS" driver around the corner. Or half your neighborhood pub, ready to say: "Cheers Mate - Nice to meet you".

And it has happened:
The Maitre-d'Hotel who politely offers his Sincere Apologies, sir, on behalf of the staff. For the late delivery of my order. Because "Roomservice is very busy today."The Most Polite Manager - If I would like to fill in the feedback for for Employee of the Month...
"Is Everything OK with the order?" And of course he is genuinly sorry, but unfortunately they were out of my favorite Nachos.

Yes, I had noticed. No, it is not a poblem, I'll gladly accept the crisps instead.
And yes, I am grateful for their policy to wave the charge, as the delivery was outside the promised 45 minute window. I only had to call 4 times but the staff are very polite. Thank You.

I'm sure he was pulling my leg there! But I hope they all had a good look at the
discreetly dressed but oh-so stunning Lady that walked in 2 minutes later.
All good sports, and I can smile now...


Anonymous said...

The problem here is if the hotel has that extra bit of security that means waiting in the public areas downstairs...somehow the smaller the hotel, the more tense the wait! Even more so when I know exactly what I'll be doing (or be being done to..) in 20 minutes from when she walks in!
Peter B

Ptr_leeds said...

Understand your jitters. But you have to assume that the hotel staff is probably more clued-in then you are. To them is it more or less business as usual. If you invite reasonable Ladies, they will not have a problem with that.

And you have to see the benefits: the extra tension just adds to the Excitement. You can make all that adrenaline work for you, and have a Great Time with your Lady.

Have Fun!