Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Recommended Escorts and Companions

This item was triggered by a blog at Nia's with the title "recommendations".

I have had good and less-good recommendations. And I think I know how to distinguish them now.

Recommendations by Agents: Ooops.

Recommendations by agents and receptionists are tricky. But you cannot blame the agent for that.

Let us assume that you, the client, have done your research and you have made a shortlist of Ladies before placing the call.

NB: You should also have verified the "availability calendar" if there is one, and you should refrain from asking for Ladies who are not available on that day. You don't want the agent to pressure them into working on their planned day off.

So what will occur if none of the Ladies on your list are available?

An agent, even (especially?) a good agent, will always try to drum up business for whoever is available. We must respect that: it is his natural behavior. It is in the interest of his business to retain your custom. He doesn't want to loose you
to another provider. And he needs to keep all his Ladies busy. Hence, the Agent will always recommend someone. This is why, when calling an agent, the client should have a shortlist, and should not deviate from the list. You may even find that one of the Ladies you asked for suddenly becomes available.

It has happened, in the "sperm-of-the-moment" *), that an agent convinced me to deviate from my shortlist. In almost all of those cases, I have been slightly disappointed. The resulting dates were not "bad", but they were possibly not as good as they could have been.
The main key is to have your list, and stick with it. Do not despair, you can always come back at a later date. In some cases it has taken me 6 months or more before I could land a date with a Lady I was aiming for.

Recommendations by Ladies: YES !

The Vargas Poster-Girl - I'd buy Anything She would recommend...When you know a Lady well and she is confident enough to recommend an other Lady, that tends to result in Extremely Satisfying dates.

When meeting the recommended Lady, it helps the "trust" from both parties to know that there is a common link (the referring Lady). Hence, I'm in favor of recommendations, but only from "known" and "trustworthy" Ladies.
On occasions where the recommended Lady suited my profile, I have followed recommendations from both Indies and Agency-Ladies. And all of those have resulted in above-average dates.
The next date with the original, recommending Lady will also be good; I'm grateful for a good tip, and the girls will likely have exchanged their experiences as well. They probably had a good giggle in the health-spa or while walking their puppies together. These "good" recommendations tend to strengthen the bond, and increase the quality of the dates.

A big Thanks to all you Ladies!

*) the term "sperm-of-the-moment" comes from either Nia, or a blog I found via her list. It just sounded too good not to use it. Thx!


Anonymous said...

Ptr-I would absolutely agree with both comments you are making but in particular I would say that recommendations from independent ladies who look out for each other carry that much more weight than individual to individual.
Peter B

Joanne said...

To anonymous, I would say that if the client was a valued one, I would make recommendations. Those recommendations are not made lightly. If the client was one of those who instantly starts asking too many questions, then I would nt want to inflict him upon my friends. :)

Ptr_leeds said...

Fully understand. One cannot be careful enough and sometimes you come across the weirdest gossip too.

But I had some Really Good recommendations. Bless Them!