Monday, 16 April 2007

Scripted Dates with Escorts

There was a mild criticism on the "scriptedness" of dates on an x-north topic.
nb: It became quite a topic indeed, covering many aspects of the industry but I'll focus on "scripts" here.

There is a bit of a negative connotation to "scripts" for a date, as it can turn into a quite mechanical set of phases to go through. But if well prepared and done well, some scripted moments are not necesarily negative.

Personally, I have a rigourous script for myself to help me in the run-up to a date.

My preparation and waiting-routine is relatively well documented on earlier blog-entries. The checklist (I dont see it as a script) has helped me to improve the quality of my dates.

On the actual date, the flow should be as natural as possible and should be the responsebility of both persons involved. The main key for both parties is to look and listen to the other person. What suits him/her best ?

However, especially on the first meeting with a Lady, or in the case of Escorting-virgins, there may be some stages you have to go through. It is here that both Ladies and Clients might benefit from some preparation. A few icebreakers can really help a date. Call it scripted if you want, but usefull it is.

So here are a few of my script-items:

There is the look-and-sniff phase:

what does he/she look like ? Is the other Giddy ? Confident? icy-beauty? Girl-Next-Door? Hot ?
Guys: dont start groping in this phase, it wouldnt be polite, and might "crisp" the Lady.
Ladies: some guys like a brief touch, a light embrace at the start of the meeting, show him your tender, caring but physically-hot side. And wet his appetite.

In this phase, the Lady will generally strike up some smalltalk like: The driver got lost. He is now sooo embarrased. He nearly got angry with me. It is not my fault is it ? This could signal: he is in an even worse mood then normal. It wil extract some pity (tip) from the client, and install the fear for the mean and heavy driver who, incidentally, needs payment too and will certainly come bouncing in when you overrun.
Note: This is not a pop-at-the-driver, I know most drivers are very professional. But the Ladies often use the driver-item to strike up conversation. And it can serve various purposes, notably to show the john that she is not alone.

In the same initial phase, there is one Important item for the client: Have the Enve£ope ready, visible, and hand it over early. If she has to ask for it, you have lost an important opportunity to smoothen the Date. To some Ladies, the "revenue" part is Very Vital. She may need that money badly, and having it in pocket can be a major reassurance.

Also important: show her the bathroom where she can have some privacy. She may want to recompose after the horrible experience of organizing/fending-off the driver, Rushing out on the previous john, making it on time, bluffing her way into the hotel and finding the room (some hotels are niche mazes where you can get right lost).

While you, the client, were sitting in you comfy hotel-room, doing your petty-perparations, this Lady may have already gone through quite a hassle before being able to knock on your door. Give ther time to relax.
If possible, sit her down and offer a drink or snack (attention girls: safety!).

The client can further break the ice here by offering compliments or gentle remarks:
Wow, I love your sparkling eyes / dimple-in-chin / hairdo / boobjob / sexy boots/shoes.
Or the more cheesy one:
Ooh, You are so gorgeous (impressed, sad, lonely sigh), you must have guys staring at you all the time. Mind if I just look for a minute... ? Of course you do NOT stare at her boobs for a full minute, that would be awkward for both. Look coyly into her eyes, and see if she starts smiling too...

In the next stage you establish the rules-of-engagement.

Tell eachother that, hey, she should Not do anything that she is not Completely Comfortable with. Her No = No. Show her where she can put her bag and clothes if she chooses to undress, and warn her not to loose those exquisite earrings in the carpet (yep...) and not to misplace any items she cannot afford to forget (had a lovely but panicked Lady return at 02:30 to pick up very personal necklace once. And for another Lovely Doddle, I carried a certain trinket with me for 6 months - Airport security found it three times, and I kept joking to please not tell my wife, as it is for my girlfriend, and it was).

Generally I will tell the Lady that she is just as much in control of the meeting as I am, probably more, as she is generally more experienced ;-). And I want her to be completely at ease: Do not hesitate to tell me what you like and what you do not like, so I can avoid mistakes. And try me by saying "no" at some point. I'll do likewise when you start biting me in sensitive places.

The rest of the session really should be between "consenting adults". And from this point on, any script should be abandoned in favour of spontaneous flow, until the timer (or driver) sounds to signify the end of the date.

If the "consenting adults" part runs a bit "scripted", well, there are two people involved. And you should both be capable of directing the flow towards what you think the other enjoys. In case of doubt: look sweetly at the eyes.

One gimmick I sometimes use to get closer is to take the Lady in my arms and "twirl" her around the room: She may scream, but it will break the ice (this trick of mine is now so well known that Ladies are actually joke about it on boards, I guess the surprise-effect is now over...)

Note: Anyone done research on "meeting new people" yet ? Any good links ?
Do any of the recent books cover this "icebreaking" topic ?


Joanne said...

What about the "slam me up against the door and do me now" type of punt? They can be darn good fun too !

Anonymous said...

Ptr, I think your points are fair and sensible. There may be a place for the 'lustatfirstsight' but there's no harm in having a glass of wine and a chat. My experience suggests that the extra little anticipation goes a long way.

ps my date this week went well and the hotel issue went away as we met outside as 'old friends'.

Ptr_leeds said...

Indeed, but I only ask that from regulars. Although it would be nice to have an "unknown" Lady do lust-at-first-sight, to come in and have her Insist on SEX in the first 2 minutes. Now who could I ask that of...

Indeed, get the lady comfortable, even for experienced Ladies, it is so much more relaxed.
And glad your date went well.