Saturday, 19 May 2007

Escorting is a Mind Game.

And it is all about Focus on the Other and Giving to the other.

In previous posts, on boards, and in comments on other blogs, I have often stated I prefer a meeting of minds, a GFE, as much as a meeting with good bedroom mechanics.

And PeterB recently remarked in a comment that a 3some, whereby he meant two girls and one john, excites him possibly even more then a regular 1-on-1 date. I can see his point, but it is not my thingy yet. possibly never will.

Both items lead me to enforce my opinion that the connection of minds is just as important as the body-thing. Formulated by Joanne as: the Sex is the easy part [where did my link go].

I prefer a LoveBirdExperienceOne of my favorite paradigms is: Humans seem designed to live in pairs. And making love is a Fusion thing, a surrender to the other.
With more then one other person present, I would not feel the Total Connection between two persons. Each participant would always be focused on more then one other. There would always be an element of comparison, of non-exclusiveness, and possibly of jealousy.
And that, in my opinion, would reduce the quality of the "Contact".

In my own personal (and punting) life, the meetings I look for are those between two people. When I am with the Lady, during the limited time we have together, I want to give her Everything I can. Totally. And if she genuinely (or good-actingly) responds to that, then the meeting is an even Greater Success.

I found this "focus and give" attitude to be the best way to conduct a Date, and with truly good companions, it works like a charm.

During a good meeting, I am literally IN LOVE with my partner. No Kidding.
I am totally focused on the lady. I will try to give her everything. I WANT to please Her. The deliberate Focus on Her seems to increase the excitement, and I conscientiously try to remember every aspect of her, every curve, every reaction, every move.
I will re-live the meeting several times over in my mind, remembering Her. And I am more interested in Her reactions than anything else. To the point where I sometimes hardly notice what she does to me and have to be careful not to explode too early.

Hence I find it important that the Lady is confident enough to indicate what she likes and dislikes. And that she is relaxed enough to enjoy some of it herself.

Intermezzo on mechanics:
When you ask the visiting girl if she has any preferences, anything she enjoys, one of the most deadly answers a girls can give is: "...nothing in particular, I just want you to enjoy the meeting".
It generally means she is just there to make you cum in the most convenient way (for her). It also indicates that she would prefer not to kiss, and not to be touched too much by you. These women will try to make you come orally, while siting as far away as they can between your legs, with no eye-contact and with minimal body-to-body touching and maximum finger-only-contact (some are quite good at that, but the way, like the girl who pulled this fast-one (scroll to items 2 and 3 and have a laugh)).
Instead of just using (reverse-)O as foreplay, these girls want to make it the just-only-please-cum-now act. I have found this notably with ex-parlour girls and with overly-experienced women, who use these techniques at the end of the day when they have already "done" several others.
end of intermezzo.

All this leads to my preference for "intelligent" partners, GFE's if you like, who will take the time to "connect" (or pretend, I will not kid myself). Some "regulars" I've met are part-timers, who, for pretend or for real, do escorting partly for the kick. Natural Cuddle-and-Please Ladies, who provide a truly Good GFE.
These Ladies aim to connect, not just to please. The pleasing part comes naturally.

And as much like PeterB would not want a second john present at a meeting, I would not want to have a second Lady present. With the possible exception of a tantra-mistress-guide sometime. Maybe. One can dream.

Note: would I silently be "just practicing" in case I meet a true partner again ?
It would be a great boost to have, just once, a meeting where my partner appreciates me for what I am, not just for my envelope.

Question : How many johns consider seeing Working Ladies as part-entertainment and part Practice ?