Saturday, 5 May 2007

Escorts are Personalities

Escorting is not an easy job. The Ladies who work in the Escorting Industry, the ones who survive and who Enjoy it, are Quite Something. To succeed, the Lady has to have a solid Personality, a good acting capability and above all a sharp, Intelligent mind.

Most of the Ladies seem to be Very Nice persons (or very good actors? does it matter?) and some are very intelligent and quite balanced personalities. Possibly the kind of people I would recruit to work with in different circumstances. Many Ladies I've met could teach me a few things, and I dont mean just bedroom-mechanics. With some regulars, I know a little about their studies or their (non-Escort related) work/business-interests. A very few Regulars actually know my real name and birthday (=Risk!, but most agents do a hotel-check, so they have my name anyway).
Somtimes, I have encouraged Ladies to take exams or develop ideas that I thought would help them in future. I would not mind to stay in touch with them, even after they leave the Industry. Although I realize there is risk in that for both parties.

There is probably good material for a psychology-paper on Escort-personalities and I would be surprised if that has not been done yet. The topic is sure to attract a lot of publicity and good grant-money.

When I mentioned this, one Very Special Escort immediately jumped to the occastion: "Please send some Scholar or Dean to Interview me and let me do some serious Myth-Busting..."
Well, if you are still reading: you can do your own Myth-busting by starting a Blog I know you have the experience and personality to turn up interesting stuff. But you'll have to sacrifice the time and apply the discipline.

For the interested reader: Take a good look around on the existing Escort-blogs in my linklist on the right. All are recommended. And Google is your friend...

Joanne and Nia are "identifiable Ladies", their blogs contain links to their escort-sites. Hence, you could even go and see them.

Myriad is a special case. Go check. And give her a Friendly Nod.

Compartments has deliberately not connected her blog to her Escort-site, and that allows her to discuss specific encounters and to take a very Real and Raw angle on topics. Her blog is Especially insightful for "johns", as this Lady explains what really can go on in the head of your lovely, adorable Companion.

Give them a read, and follow their links, you will find some interesting stuff out there.

With Kudos to various ladies who set me on the trail of all those numerous Blogging Escorts...

stuff to investigate:
it is about the mind...

(dead link is now removed, Thanks Jo - I will investigate this subject furter, so expect some posts later on.)


Gillette said...

Hey...thanks for the links. I've read about her before. Veronica Monet is quite the woman!!!

I found just what she did...that if you have a genuine interest in the man, then it's fun for me and the man gets way more out of it. I always used to say "it's all about the sex and has nothing to do with the sex."

Ptr_leeds said...


Thanks for your comment. And the link.
You have quite some interesting pointers in your linklist.

As for personalities: I do think a good mental connect is just as important as the Sex. Good Sex alone is nice. A Good mental connect is nice. But only the combination makes for the Best Meetings.

Joanne said...

Ptr, the link does not work for me... :(

Ptr_leeds said...

Jo, Link removed, it had gone dead.
Will revisit the topic though.

Joanne said...

I agree with what you are saying, but I have to add honesty to that list and integrity. The working girls I choose to associate with have all of these attributes and more, but an awful lot of the rest are sadly lacking in such qualities.

There are liars, and cheats, and no-marks in every industry, unfortunately they are attracted by the potential high earnings... there are only a few high earners around. This is because they are good at what they do but honest and reliable also.