Thursday, 3 May 2007

Phone Etiquette

As the first real contact is often by phone, I find it important to establish a good connect on the voice-call. As a customer, it is a positive sign if the person on the other side of the phone sounds like they know what they are doing.

No matter how witty the mails, PMs or Text-messages are, these can all be pre-cooked, or done with the aid of the marketing-consultant. The moment of truth, especially with Indies, is when you get the Lady on the phone.

If I have trouble understanding what she is saying...

If she has too-heavy an accent...

If like, she cannot compose complete, whole like, meaningfull phrases if u no wot i meen... like.

If she sounds disinterested...

If she just gets out of bed... like yawn, like, ...

If she wants the call to be as brief as possible...

... All of those ring Loud Alarm bells.

And I somtimes find myself Scrambling for an excuse (will confirm later, train coming ...)

So my main message to Ladies and Agents: Use a quality phone, and only answer if you can actually have a sensible conversation. In case of doubt: don't answer. You should have a reasonable voice-mail message to cover for "when you cannot answer the phone".

Call centres know how important it is to have clear, consise conversations. Even if they just want to tell you nothing, brush you off, they will try to do that with clearly understandable voices and with an option of "to evaluating the experience and have the chance to win even more junk".

But a lot of the Escorts and Agencies, even the good ones, do not seem to realize yet how important this first impression is.

Or is it just me being foreign and having my ears full ?

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