Monday, 4 June 2007

Quicky for Advice

This is a quicky, as I'm swamped with "normal work" this week.

The reasons for this entry: I Had discussions with several Ladies recently on "advice" and "career choices". Please not however, that I am totally unqualified to give any Lady advice on her career options in this industry.

I suggest you go look at these sites (also on my banner page):

IUSW supporter

And keep an eye on this thread on NEE (thanks Debs!).

And this popped up on x-north, covering tax-laws and consequences if you consider doing incalls.

And then Search, Read, Search and Read.

For more reading, check the links on the righ of this blog, notably those from Sue, Compartments and Mandy. But do give the others a read too.

I would also recommend you try to talk to a few experienced Ladies, but not necessarily from your own area.

When asking for advice: be very careful. Stay out of local politics (= sometimes difficult). Underneath a thin layer of jolly well-wishing-advert-posts and babe-calling-politeness there is a lot of Bitching and Jealousy out there. When you meet some women in person, they sometimes tell you a completely different story. Both sides of the story are probably not true and most (mis)infomation (and gossip) is given out for a reason.
Remember: there is good money at stake, a lot of emotion involved, and some persons are desperate enough to do foolish things. And you hardly ever know who is truthfull and you never know who is loyal to whom.

Fox Mulder: Trust No One (and definitely not me).
Trust is someting that must be earned, and that takes Time. And even then, circumstances and persons may change over time.
And then remember: it is the ones you trust(ed) that can do most harm as they tend to know more about you. I realize I'm being paranoid here, but I've seen girls get hurt and I've been bitten myself as well.

As for the choice: Agenty or Indie: I tend to say a girl should start with a "good" agent to learn the ropes. For some personalities, it will be a natural devlopment to go Indie, others may choose to stay forever "agency". Some ladies will start their own agency. A lot depends on the person and on the quality of the agent.

Legally, an agent can not claim exclusivity, although they may threaten you with sanctions if you go multiple agencies or if you go Indie. If you plan to go indie, discuss it up-front with your agent, and if you sense the agent is not comfortable with it: find another agent.
The agent is the first person you need to put some trust in, so you must be very Selective. Any doubt = Out.

Nymph qualified a "good" agent as one who gets you the business from good and safe customers. I would add to that: An agent should provide a minimum of security and some form of coaching, or at least an experienced Lady to Talk to when needed.

For further discussion on Agy/Indie, check these:

My humble take on it, with various spointers and links.

And Discussionsions on the boards of NE-escorts and at CT-escorts (an agency-run board). both threads are rather long but worth a read.

Mind you: my linking or mentioning of certain Agencies or Ladies does
not imply a recommendation. There are a few Ladies I've met that I would consider good coaches, but I'm not ready to name-n-shame them in post. And again: you cannot trust me either.

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