Tuesday, 24 July 2007

parlours and clubs - will it ever improve ?

Note: Post under construction; published for disucssion with regulars

So far, I have avoided visiting "parlours".

I have actually done only 1 proper incall during my whole punting career and that was out of curiosity. I wanted to know what it was like, and I wanted to meet the particular lady that I had spotted from her profile and reviews. The date was OK, but I have not revisited incalls since. It is well documented why I prefer outalls

One girl who had briefly tried parlour work told me it was "often close to paid rape". She did leave the industry shortly after that remark. That, plus the exterior aspects of many parlours and their general reputation has put me off for good.

I mean no disrespect to the girls and the customers in that business. I know some parlours and clubs are reasonably well-managed. And many girls and punters are thriving in that environment. Some successful girls even make a good living doing 30-min jobs, but that whole environment is not my cup of tea.

But to credit the parlour-business, I will admit that one of my "regulars" in a previous city had started off as a parlour Lady. And she much was more positive about those establishments. This Lady must have been quite skillful at the job. I Fondly remember her talents and I am sure her elegant-curvy looks and her Formidable, flirty GFE Attitude, with never a hint of forced-acting, must have helped.
She apparently collected a huge following of regular visitors whom she could rely on. I suspect she actually enjoyed the power she yielded over those lonely sods, victims, punters, customers, wallets men. And as success grows success, the Money came in HHandsomely and she had found the perfect part-time occupation.

But let us note that she did rapidly move on to agency-Lady and now is operating as a Respectable Indie.

In Germany and the Netherlands, I have occasionally visited "Clubs". There are various types, and a lot of the smaller ones are just as seedy (but more expensive) then UK parlours. But some are relatively lare establishments, often converted mid-size hotels.

The number of girls present in such a place can be up to 100 (one hundred), and there are large areas for socializing. Customers can get acquainted with one or more Ladies, and can then choose to retreat to a private room.
Here is one very nice example. And this is probably the best known establishment on this side of the Rhine.

Food and drink are provided, often free of charge but still of reasonable quality, -covered by an entrance-fee of, typically, 50 euros for a whole day. The customer can stay as long as he pleases and closing will be around midnight.

The Ladies working there vary. There is often a mix of part-time students and moms and full-time professionals of various nationalities and backgrounds.

There are the odd Lesbian couples who only want to book duos and have all their fun together. The uber-professional (I have teased you to rapid climax, my, you were horny wernt you? You have had your moment, now let me have my ciggy - Ooops, time is up). And the foreign Lady whose language skills will decrease during the date, ready to hide behind a misunderstanding to bail out with minimal effort. She is in it for the Money, and could not care less. She needs to go chase the next victim to meet her target.

Tip: aim for the 30-something local part-timing mum. She is often into it for Fun, and will be more receptive to kind and considerate attention.

On the whole, those clubs offer a clean and safe environment for both customers and Ladies.

My Opinion: Legalizing businesses like this in the UK would increase the saftey and might "curb" some of the street-walking and stop the more seedy parlours from abusing Ladies and punters.

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Anonymous said...

Peter, I have visited one or two 'clubs' in Germany and found they offer a sensible compromise for all concerned. It's not my perfect ideal but I think UK punters would find it very comfortable and relaxed. Like most things, sone form of legalisation has considerable benefits for all parties - punters, workers and others in and around the industry who would then have to maitain higher standards.
Peter B