Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Seven Things and a radio interview

Right. More "work".

Just when I'm rather busy, and one of my Favorite Regulars [link-to-post-on-regulars] goes on BBC Breakfast radio, I also get prompted to name seven random facts about myself, and to find 7 new victims tag-targets.

More on the breakfast radio later, but the audio is here (.ram), and disucssions are here on NE Escort and here on X-N (if the moderators will let these topics live....)

Alors, ces "Sept Choses" ...

This chain-tag came in via Nia-black-and-blogging, who got it from Gilette, who got it from .....

And now I got "tagged". Nia requested me to prompt 7 random facts about myself followed by 7 new tag-targets. And I have to be quick otherwise the whole Escorting Blogosphere will be tagged before I can designate 7 fresh victims (do the math: 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 ....)

I'll start on-topic, this blog is about my "hobby" after all. And the tag-source is very much escort-related. So I did some quick soul searching in my favorite passtime.

My quest is for the ultimate GFE. I just love good Girl Friend Experiences. See here for more details on GFE...

Outcalls do it for me. In this, I politely differ from Joanne, who perfers incalls. Never the two shall meet, and I love to think of Joanne as an eternal Enigma.

Meticulous preparation. Something I have in common with Avatar.

I value discretion, and I have learned something about compartimentalization from Compartments.

And I am gradually moving towards a small group of Regulars. The comfort of knowing one-another really intensifies the meetings.

The amount of "tricks" I've learned from professional companions has really improved my sexlife. I'm pondering how to post on this without descending into too much intimate details.

Les sept Suivants ....
It took me some (late night) thinking and surfing to find them, and I hope they have not been tagged by someone else in the meantime..

La Liste ....

Avatar - I try to avoid explicit stuff, but this Girl made it into an artform.

Compartments - a revealing read.

Edwin - Here is one fun loving John

Sue in Manchester - A Swinger, Escort and Entrepreneur with a mission.

The English Courtesan - Great Read. Way out of my league (I'm only a foreigner working in the UK after all) but if my career ever succeeds I'd love to meet her.

Beau - A different kind of blog.

The last entry has to wait a bit. She is a fairly recent blogger, and I have to ask this very discreet Lady if I am allowed to "out her blog". She may just choose to remain a mystery for now.

NB: I will try to inform all of them, but now have to go zzzs.

NB2: This is a bit of a rough post, but I wanted to get both Sue's interview and the list out ASAP. Its been a long day. Will hopefully Edit and beautify this on Friday-night.


niadarkandlovely said...


Merci beaucoup!

Ptr_leeds said...


De rien.
C'est du travail, mais ca ne tue pas. Ca fait juste perdre un peu (beaucoup) de temps.

The English Courtesan said...

Merci mon chou - je suis ravie! Est-ce qu'il faut écrire en français ici? :-)

Livvy xxx

Ptr_leeds said...

Chere Courtesan,

Feel free to answer in english, french, german, or whatever your keyboard is comfortable with. In my case, it often depends on where I am or whom I've spoken to. My spelling is miserable in any language as they are all foreign to me. And I find azerties and accents rather a nuisance, but sometimes I have no choice.

You Keep Writing though. I enjoy your blog very much.

À bientôt.

Avatar said...


Thank you for the link! I hope your readers aren't too disappointed by the fact that I am not involved with escorting. As a woman with a certain morally casual attitude and immense regard for sex workers and their patrons, however, I do appreciate your genuine interest in my writing.

Ptr_leeds said...


Thank you for stopping by.
It may interest you to learn that it was a visiting Lady who pointed me to your blog.

Keep Writing!

Avatar said...


You're absolutely right. That my blog is being advertised by word of mouth pleases me to no end.

Keep visiting! :-)

Gillette said...

Well, that wasn't so bad now, was it?

Great fun!