Saturday, 25 August 2007

Agencies and Indies revisited.

Today's first image is borrowed from a recommended UK newspaper and serves as intro to the topic. Online Edition: HomeMany thanks to Livvy for a Brilliant post on the topic of Indie versus Agency.

May I invite you all to pop over to Her for a good read and possibly offer your contributions to the discussion ?

Of course, with me being lazy, I've given my opinion on this topic earlier on Here (blog) with an elaborate list of pros/cons from my perspective posted on NEE.

Where I tended to look at the question from a business/market perspective, Livvy did a good job of elaborating on the question of "custumer choice", and suitability. E.g. when would a customer choose an Indie or an Agency. I agree with most of her arguments but am pondering a few semi-critical comments.

On here, I would add just a few personal items and the inevitable pedantic advice.

I would say (admit) that recently I have booked both Indies and Agency-Ladies at 50-50, and that is purely by coincidence.
My main criteria is to find "The Right Lady", the right personality, for me. And I found several TRLs both in the Indie group and with agencies. I feel a post coming on "TRL".

With my current preference developing towards "part timers", Ladies who remain solidly rooted in "civilian life", I may actually lean towards a preference for Agency-Ladies in the future. I find the full-time, professional, for-a-living Escorts are Good, but the part-time for-fun Ladies are generally a even better. At least for the type of dates I prefer to book. My current regulars are all Part-Time Escorts (hm, more material for a post..).

Now if I may add some pedantic advice for Ladies who want to embark into this Industry. Escorting is the new Temp-Job after all.

Disclaimer: I am by no means a legal expert, so don't take this just from me. Go Verify!

Note: In the UK, Escorting can be done "above board" (e.g. your income is taxable) and when done correctly, it is a perfectly legal way of earning money. It is just a form of self-employment. There are certain restrictions around advertising and offering of services (Please Do Research!), but basically you are just another business. [add good link to legal stuff]

- Start with research on the Internet, notably at (see my banners-page).

- Before going furhter, check the blogs of Compartments and CollegeCallgirl, notably this post, to get an idea of what Can happen to you. Don't tell me I didn't warn you! (I am notably interested in opinions from Ladies on this one - is CC correct? Is Thais correct? Do you recognize anything? And what can I, the customer do to prevent the "rat" to creep in?).

- Always start as an Agency-Lady.

- Interview with a few agents, find one that feels comfortable, one that is able and willing to "coach" you a bit. Possibly talk to some other Ladies, and start as an Agy Lady.

- You are a free person. And in any business, including this one, it is
simply illegal for an agent to claim exclusivity or to try and bully you.

- Be up front with your agent about your goals (temporarily? Money-fix?
Adventure-Seeking? Long-term Career? Considering to go indie later on?).
A good Agent will (should) listen and offer some guidance. A good agent will understand and accept your goals, even if it means going indie or considering your own agency later on (this happens a lot, it is part of the nature of the business).

- It is similar to any job application or hiring/fireing of staff: Any Doubt = Out.

- Try not to deal with dodgy, over-demanding or othewise shady agents.
You have free choice. You are not bound to your agent, and your agent cannot bind you.

Good Luck - We might meet on a Date...

Oh, and for today's last image: When I put "Agency" into google-images, This Surprise came up...


The English Courtesan said...

Thank you so much Ptr - I have gone quite pink at this! I'm not sure whether it's pinkness at your kind reference to Brilliance or pinkness at the capital H, but either way I'm glowing and beaming at you and flailing my pink bits wildly like an ecstatic squid! What d'you mean 'that's not a very sexy image'? :-)

Perhaps you're right that at the end of the day it's more about the right girl rather than the right 'type' of escort. Your advice for ladies starting out is excellent. I couldn't agree more on research and I often advise people to start out with an agency too. The downside of a blog or website is that there can be 'voids' when you start out. As an independent, how busy you'll be will depend on how well you market and/or write. With an agency the success factors come down to performance as the agency arguably does the rest for you.

The only thing I'm not entirely sure about is what you say on the importance of telling the agency about your career plans. I think there are some very good agencies out there, who do support their girls in what they do, but common sense says they won't put the same kind of work the way of girls who admit it's a quick cash fix and that they hope to get out in a couple of months.

Good agencies put a lot of work into matching the type of girl to the client. If an agency knows a particular girl has plans to go independent, I'm not sure they'd give them clients who they know are likely to be 'faithful'.

Similarly I'm not sure how most agencies would feel about girls setting up their own agency, in that it smacks of industrial espionage. I suppose it's a bit like if you hired a new employee, taught them all about your business and then they set up a rival company in the same sector that went after your clients. I should put my usual 'knoweth nuffink' disclaimer on this, but I do know of one escort who has been in this position and the agency was not well pleased and did what they could to tarnish her reputation.

At the end of the day, agency owners are only human, and like anyone else, they don't like feeling ripped off by people they've been good to. I'd like to think you're right, that agencies will support girls who are honest about their motivations, but I'm just not sure whether that's the reality in most cases.

In the meantime though, I can't wait to read your post on TRLs - keep 'em coming!

Ptr_leeds said...

Welcome back to the Loveable Livvy,
Thank you so much for your reaction (the H was intentional, despite my abysmall record on correct-spelling)

Yep, I'm gradually working towards a story on TRL. But still doing "Research" and "Experiments".

Of course I also have to put my "know nowt" disclaimer on all of the above (and below).

Don't let the Ladies (and clients) forget that I write all this mainly just for Fun. I am only the proverbial fence-sitter.

As for Openness with an agent, I know what you mean, but I will maintain that it is better to discuss as many issues as possibly up-front. That way you can early detect how the agent (often a Lady herself) will react. Better to have a few uncomfortable interviews, then to end up in real trouble months later (when your agent has more information and more power over you, and can threaten more harm).

But then, the discussion of Employee / Agent / Contractor is not limited to the Companionship-business, but is present in just about any expertise-based line of work.
I do know how difficult it is to find "Good" agents, both in this line of work and in others.

Now, you girls are the real Experienced-Experts out there, so lets hear it from you.