Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The Right Lady

Well, Are You ?

Between myself and a few other Bloggers (Olivia, Chevalier, Nia) we seemed to have coined a new TLA (Three Letter Acronym): TRL - The Right Lady.

Originally, I thought I'd use the term "The Righ Lady" to describe my ideal Companion, my preferred type of P4P Provider, my DreamDate.
My selfish intention was to describe The Right Lady - for me. I wanted to advertise my own preferences, and hope some future date would play along and provide exactly that illusion.
NB: I'm no saint, I will publish my specification for TRL - but later.
However, Before embarking on my trip of self-indulgence, I want to give some thought to the Ladies...

The Right Lady - for the job

This was sparked mainly by snippets and posts from Nia (here) who got an inquiry from a hestitating would-be Escort, Chevalier (here) who seems to share my preferences, Joanne (here) who pointedly listed what a proper Working Girl should be capable of, and Livvy (here).
The topic was furter helped by discussions with Sue (diary here), and two other Very Special Ladies, whom I suspect have indeed all the hands-on experience they claim to have (including some proper experience in normal, civilian, life as well). The final push to write this all down then came from this blog by CollegeCallGirl.

Whether the account of CCG is true or fiction, it is good reading and contains some interesting clues. Please Go read it.

So to open the discussion, my statement would be:

Yes, Escorting is the new Temp job

But not for everybody!

Many girls and women seem to want to "give it a try" or "go on the game". Some agencies advertize for students: "Leave Uni Debt Free".

I will immediately state that I am quite reluctant myself to see Student-Escorts. Some of them that I met were too "cold" and too "tense". Possibly from lack of experience, possibly impressed by someone 20 years older. So my first instinct is to disadvise this job for Students. My very best Escort Dates were mostly with slightly more experienced (mature) women who were fully confident and grounded in life and in a regular job. But that is based on my own experience.

I do not feel qualified to tell anyone if it is a good idea Yes or No.

I can only point out some things I see, and hope everyone will then make their own choice and then gain happiness through that.

Please note that I dont want to be seen to glamourize the job in any way. I know many women come to it in despair, some thrive, and some suffer (hey, almost like office life).
It is the suffering I want to prevent.

Also, I do not want to even comment on "the street scene" or on the sleezier side of the parlour-trade or even on the fact that some agencies are "controlled" or simply are bullies. Too much nastiness there, and I would just tell everyone to avoid it if they come across it. Try not to waste your talent and try not to spend your good money on bad providers. Don't encourage bad-business.

Some Good Pointers HereNow for those who still consider a career as an Escort, I would suggest to go and do research.

In earlier posts I've mentioned and Go read those, follow their links, and digest the information. You can use the logos on the right to find them.

IUSW supporterI recommend you read This post by CollegeCallGirl, and ask yourself:
Would you run the same risks ?
Would you do it differently ?
Can you do it differently ?

I also want to share the thoughts of two relatively mature working Ladies whom I have seen multiple times. The are approximately my age and both have teenage kids. In response to my question: "Would you condone your kids to do it?", they both hestitated and their final replies tended to be "No", or at least not out of necessity and preferably not at a Uni-age.
Main reasons were the risk to health, both physically ("Not all customers are nice") but especially mentally. As one said: "This job can really do your head in."

This activity is not for the faint-hearted, but you already knew that. If you think you are one of those suitable Personalities and you are determined to give it a go, I would advise you to seek a few more things:

Find a confidante who can act as a coach and a shoulder. Preferably a Lady who has been there and done that. Someone you can run to after a bad date. Someone who will not judge you, or lecture you.

Note: one now-experienced Lady started in the job by calling a few local "indies" just to sound them out, talk to them. She was very grateful for their advice (Ladies who get flooded with calls: please dont blame me).
If, when making those calls, you get bitched at for wasting the womans time, or for adding more competition in a full field: Welcome to the world of Escorting. Don't worry and don't give up. There are other, more confident Ladies out there who are willing and able to help you.

Note: Good agents will provide someone like this. Often the owner-operator is an ex WL, sometimes they have a few experienced ladies whom you can call on. There are disadvantages of having your confidante too closely linked to (dependent on?) your agent, but it is a good start.

Get acquainted with the legal side and the Tax implications. Both IUSW and SAAFE provide useful links, and it is actually more simple then you think. To stay within the (UK) law (and taxes...) you must become self-employed for this part of your earnings. It may well be your first "venture", and can be an interesting (business-) learning experience as well. It may seem like a bit of a hassle, but you are much safer when you operate above-board. If only because you cannot get "busted" by the taxman. One less thing to worry about.
Note: some agents will request you explicitly to go "above board". They will request you sign a statement whereby you acknowledge your self-employed status. If an agent has his own paperwork in order, that might just be a sign they are Serious.

Right. Time to stop my paternalizing.
If you still consider this line of work, re-read from the start, follow the links, and think one more time.

If you decide to take the step: Good Luck!
And we might meet on a date sometime.

Addition on 17 Oct 2007:

The "Belle-de-Jour and Billy Piper" show did generate quite some interest in this very topic.

Could you go Escorting?

Some interesting discussions popped up Here on Punternet and here on the Sheffield Scene.

If you think you are "The Right Lady" and considering a career in this business: Go check them.

Footnote: My main motivation for writing this post (actually: for the entire blog) is rather selfish: I prefer to meet Ladies who are happy with their choices, comfortable in their job, and who are capable of providing a few hours of Truly Nice company, including possibly something very beautiful that may happen,
and which only can happen between truly Consenting, Confident and Comfortable adults.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Food for the Bedroom

Some good drinks and light nibbles can really start a date off Properly.

"the load"
I'll honestly admit it:
This item has been lurking in the corridor for a while. It was originally prompted on a board somewhere (lost the link), and I'm posting it now because I'm too busy to research and hone my other topics such as:

"Regulars" and "TRL" (Chevalier has some nice angles on those),

"The Ideal Date" (done by Joanne, who refers to MG - no I don't write scripts).

Or that pervy Singapore-thingy that Livvy mentioned.

Given my real-world workload, expect a low-ish frequency in the next 6 weeks or so.

Cheese, Wine, preparations....My favorite hotels all offer a cheese platter, and I generally order that (with Extra Crackers) when I invite a Lady. Also, I ask the Lady what drinks she prefers.
Some hotels are good enough to deliver a bottle of whine without opening it for you. This allows you to demonstrate that the drink is untampered.

If the Lady appreciates it: I also get Olives (green for me), as those are great to play with on skin, or to practice snowballing. Although snowballing is not at all my thing (and never will be), swapping tasty olives can be nice. And it brings your faces, lips, together. Exciting!

Recently, while shopping for a "present", I found a nice item in this chocolate-boutique: chocolate-aspargus (have not yet found good link or image). With The Right Lady, that can be very Kinky food.

And sometimes we play with the wine (red for me, but white if the Lady prefers), possibly drink it from each others mouth.
Why ? just Because it brings your faces and lips together, it feels kinky. And it is more appropriate (and erotic!) then the original snowballing. The other snowballing would just spoil all my appetites.

If the hotel or appartment has an ice-machine: crushed-ice with the OWO can be Great. The cold water runs (and tickles) everywhere, so make sure you have towels nearby. And altough I know of the tricks with bubbly, champagne was never quite my thing. I think it is overrated and I much more enjoy the real taste of a good wine.

Anyway, I'm sure you Ladies clients can come up with plenty more foody-ideas. Lets hear them.