Friday, 7 September 2007

Food for the Bedroom

Some good drinks and light nibbles can really start a date off Properly.

"the load"
I'll honestly admit it:
This item has been lurking in the corridor for a while. It was originally prompted on a board somewhere (lost the link), and I'm posting it now because I'm too busy to research and hone my other topics such as:

"Regulars" and "TRL" (Chevalier has some nice angles on those),

"The Ideal Date" (done by Joanne, who refers to MG - no I don't write scripts).

Or that pervy Singapore-thingy that Livvy mentioned.

Given my real-world workload, expect a low-ish frequency in the next 6 weeks or so.

Cheese, Wine, preparations....My favorite hotels all offer a cheese platter, and I generally order that (with Extra Crackers) when I invite a Lady. Also, I ask the Lady what drinks she prefers.
Some hotels are good enough to deliver a bottle of whine without opening it for you. This allows you to demonstrate that the drink is untampered.

If the Lady appreciates it: I also get Olives (green for me), as those are great to play with on skin, or to practice snowballing. Although snowballing is not at all my thing (and never will be), swapping tasty olives can be nice. And it brings your faces, lips, together. Exciting!

Recently, while shopping for a "present", I found a nice item in this chocolate-boutique: chocolate-aspargus (have not yet found good link or image). With The Right Lady, that can be very Kinky food.

And sometimes we play with the wine (red for me, but white if the Lady prefers), possibly drink it from each others mouth.
Why ? just Because it brings your faces and lips together, it feels kinky. And it is more appropriate (and erotic!) then the original snowballing. The other snowballing would just spoil all my appetites.

If the hotel or appartment has an ice-machine: crushed-ice with the OWO can be Great. The cold water runs (and tickles) everywhere, so make sure you have towels nearby. And altough I know of the tricks with bubbly, champagne was never quite my thing. I think it is overrated and I much more enjoy the real taste of a good wine.

Anyway, I'm sure you Ladies clients can come up with plenty more foody-ideas. Lets hear them.


Joanne said...

This is very kind of you to mention me in this thread Ptr, but I have to say, that I do not like food play at all. It's not my thing.

I was brought up with very little and to play with food is a waste, so deep down in my psyche there is a mental block. For this my mother can wholly take the blame !

Ptr_leeds said...

Thanks Joanne,

That struck a cord.

I was also brougt up with proper respect for food as my parents have been in some precarious situations. They often remind us of that, and I cannot blame them for it.

I have also seen real poverty in various countries. All rather sobering.

Hence I feel oblidged to Always finish my plate and my Mrs often accuses me of being the bin-at-the-table. I tend to insist on emtying all plates (including those of the Mrs and the kids) to prevent food going to compost.

On the food-play: I still think it can be very Sexy. Feeding one-another in various positions...
But rest assured that all the cheese, and every olive gets eaten. That plate also serves as my dinner for the evening.

nb: Sex much is better before a meal!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, now I think a terrine or pate can be very nice - feeding it to each other with that delectable red favorite however is to sit in his lap and share one glass of wine, kissing each other and tasting the wine in him, on him...

Olives with pits...luscious, sexy, sensuous. If we are in a dwelling instead of hotel, the kitchen...oh God how sensuous is that...preparing food, tasting it on each other...long, slow!


Ptr_leeds said...

Ooh Alexa, you cheek.

Olives, Wine, Lips, Eyes...

E non avete accennato la panna montata.

Non posso attendere per provare ancora questo ...

Anonymous said...

Ah ha!!! Ma tu parli l'Italiano!!!! Si, la panna montata - troppo divertente!!

Ciao bello

Ptr_leeds said...

Simply Smiling @ Alexa,

I can stumble along in Espagnol, Portugues and Italiano (eh.. no capito, scuzi, no parlo italiano bene...)

But most of you will catch on quickly that I dont really speak Italian. My prolonged exposure to the French (tiresome, but love em to bits) and my highschool Latin helps a lot in listening to the locals, interpreting newspapers and to correct babelfish-output ;-).

In fact,
Ho bisogno di più esposizione di imparare l'italiano.
Sarò in Italia del Nord alla conclusione di Settembre.
Ma devo lavorare, tempo pochissimo per panna montata.

Oh, and I hate every latin country for upsetting the typewriter-keyboards in different ways. Azerty - What were they thinking!


Anonymous said...

Well now Mr. Leeds, you just punted to me and now, I think I shall have fun and attempt to return. ;-))

Bene, now we know the truth about your talents. :-)) How wickedly disappointing that we will not be in Italy at the same time! I would offer up my Italian skills in exchange for a coffee and a dash of panna montata...(now don't go shy on me, I'm retired so, I'm harmless. ;-)))
(But still loads of fun)

Yes that keyboard thing is a real pisser, threw my typewriter away when I was there and hauled my laptop over.

So...contemplating writing about have sparked a fire in this here filly...

Ti auguro una bella serata!

Ptr_leeds said...

Posso appena attendere.

E non si preoccupi, io ritornerà in Italia del Nord di tanto in tanto.

Anonymous said...

Bene, sono contenta che torni in Italia. Spero di essere li!

Ciao, ciao

(you do very well with your Italian!!!)