Wednesday, 10 October 2007

The Basics on a Date

After listing the 5 factors, and the fluffy words to describe the most important (and hardest to define) "attitude factors", I will now bother you with my opinion on the remaining factors: PSE, Background and "Looks",

3 - Bedroom mechanics, techniques, initiative.

Some will (correctly) call this the PSE aspect of the date.

Timing: Generally established during first meeting.

To put it bluntly: Ladies with a high "score" on this item are generally Excellent Shags. They know how to heat up the atmosphere and how to keep the meeting going. It is here that the practical experience, technique and fitness of the girl come into play.

Note: I've had a few ladies (all "experienced professionals") who scored Top-Marks in this dept, but because items 1 and 2 were only average, they didn't make it into the return-visit-list (not yet anyway). Personally, I am not looking solely for what some dub as the "PSE", the Porn Star Experience. However, the bedroom action is an important part of the date, to me as well as to others. And I imagine there is a huge punter-community out there that is looking for exactly this and only this.

4 - Background: Job, Education and Manners.

Timing: Generally established on first meeting, but the impression can develop over time. Depends on how much time we can devote to "Chat". Some of the Really Good ones do not devote too much time to talk on the first meeting, eager to get down to business. But Manners and general behavior generally show.

ProfessionalThis aspect is less Important than I first thought it would be, but there are a few remarks I want to make. And please note that I don't want to be disrespectful, just stating my impressions.

Behavior, Respect and manners are more important then GPA, degree or accent.

My top-dates all have a regular job (or believably claim to). They are a mixture of (supposedly) Uni-graduates and slightly less educated Ladies but they all have a regular job. The distinguishing factor is not Education or Grades, but rather having experience in a regular (non-escorting) occupation seems to be an important factor.

Full-time professional escorts, especially those who climbed up via the greasy parlour-scene and those who "'aave seen it all luv - that's 13 years I'm shaggin fellas for a livin" can be a bit over-confident. That routine reflects on the manners and gives a "conveyor belt" image. (But I've seen some good exceptions too).

The actual "level" of any job she holds is less important than the fact that the Lady is holding on to one. She keeps a grounding in real life.

Admittedly, a Truly Hot meeting with someone of whom you suspect that she really is (or could be) in charge of a large department can be a bit of a turn-on. Convincing signs of international experience are also exciting. In one case, The Lady and myself had worked in the same US city for a period. Nice memories.

If anything, Ladies with a background in a "caring profession" (nurses!) tend to be really good Dates. "Office ladettes" can be surprisingly horny, but some are also professional cheery-mannerism-actors. Ladies with either a Sales/Marketing or a (fashion?) Retail background generally score high as well, but those are most prone to "professional acting".
Since salespersons tend to employ Every Trick in the Book (and sometimes every ounce in the Bra) they generally provide Very Good, enjoyable Acting.

I also cannot resist to chop in this link to Nia about Marketing and Prostitution.

Admittedly, my day-job does give me a certain negative view of suppliers, vendors and salespeople. If you think agency-sites contain distorted truths and tweaked pictures, wait until you have to deal with real-world suppliers who market themselves as "partners".

The one "profession" I hesitate about is "full time student". The younger, well educated and well-mannered students tend to be a bit awkward on the job. Possibly because the age-difference with me, a 42 year old geezer, is too
large to bridge, possibly because they lack the raw-life experience that office-ladettes and other girls have gone through.

5 - looks and physique.

Timing: Established from pictures (unreliable!) and during first meeting.

This is the least important factor.

However, basic, essential personal care and hygiene are high on the list.
Too-messy, unkempt hairdos are a turnoff, at least to me.
Badly applied or over-done makeup is a nono (lipstick!).
Big Hair and earrings are not practical. And earrings get lost (...)

If I smell Body Odor it can take a real effort of will to approach the Lady, but funny enough, some of the less penetrating odors are a turn-on.... Biology?

Too much PERFUME is a BIG NO. It leaves a smell afterwards, and most of these fragrances have a horrible taste (so Please Don't apply on Cleavage or other areas where a guy is likely to put his tongue).

As for shapes and sizes, I'm fairly liberal. I like a certain comfortable curvyness, but I've successfully seen Ladies varied from 4'6" to about 6'2", and dress-sizes ranging from a small 8 to a listed 16 (possibly even a bit bigger LOL - but Great Attitude). A certain physical fitness is appreciated, and can actually help the Lady (and me) to enjoy the date better.

Well, There you have it. My "Factors that Make a Date".

Sometimes you meet someone who has Top-Marks in each category, and with some of my regulars, I think I have come close to "The Ultimate Experience" (hm, later...).

Lovemaking (apologies for the word) with someone who Matches well can becomes something of a Spiritual, Religious Experience. And the resulting Afterglow is first unbelievable, and then, when it ebbs away, creates this Craving, this renewed Desire... (where is my Calendar, where is my mobile)

Next I want to examine why "Regulars" are Brilliant (I am trending toward seeing fewer Ladies, more repeat bookings) but why there is also the need for "Fresh Dates" from time to time. (this is where the male in me shows his bad, unfaithful character...)


Anonymous said...

Well, I have been thinking about this one (dangerous, I know I can hear you mumbling there)…by the way, I loved your animation, and I think you are right about people in caring professions.

It is nice to know the bedroom mechanics are not all that is in play for you to put a lady on your return list.;-)) I really have to agree with the behavior, respect and manners vs degree. Speaking another language fluently (well my grammar has its faults at times) I know you can show respect not just by using the formal form. In fact, I tend to introduce myself as the Americana when in Italy and bypass the formal form opting for the “tu” because you know us Americans…casual by nature but I always show more respect by the words I choose and how I address someone in the casual form than if I were using the "lei." Therefore, I agree with you on this; respect is vital to how a person addresses you and I believe very important.

Women who have a life outside of the profession also have more depth and more to share with the client and also a lot more pizazz and class without pretenses. My one last comment is regarding perfume…if you can call what people use today that. In fact, real perfume is used sparingly and a lady who has any sense would shed all her department store bought “odors” for a true French fragrance parfum a dab in two spots and viola. There are plenty of places where one can have a fragrance developed for you. Of course, you are right, if she does wear some…it is a tell tale sign and most of the men do not want to go home with a calling card on board!


Anonymous said...

oops...can't seem to spell these days!!!!!! Cheers

Serizy said...

Hmmm, that was a good tip about not applying perfume to the cleavage. I'm an erotic masseuse (former call girl, though), and my clients don't get to put their tongues anywhere near my cleavage, but, still, it's good to know for future reference. Cheers!

Ptr_leeds said...

Benvenuti Alexa Bella,

Always nice to see you stop by. As ever, we are in agreement. And from reading your blog, I Glean that you have a lot more to offer then Pizazz, but that you also speak at least one more language: The Language of the bedroom.

I thought the animation was a bit crude, but went well with "item 3".

(of is that McSerizy?)
Thanks for stopping by.
You do an interesting type-up, you do. Aye.

Anonymous said...

Mamma mia! Ma e proprio possibile che tu tiri fuori these themes? ;-)) The Language of the, I think that would be a nice post...from you!!!

Crude animation yes, but it conveyed the PSE ;-)

The English Courtesan said...

Wahahahah, Ptrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr you shocker - where oh where oh where did you get that scandalous little animation (or did you make it yourself)?

Livvy xxx