Sunday, 21 October 2007

Stop Press

Breaking News Indeed.

Olivia, our multi-lingual, multi-talented English Courtesan (from Yorkshire) got Interviewed. And Printed!

Go and have a look a the results Here in Good Magazine.

Also note the Context, the type of magazine...

The Actual Lady can be found via Her own blog where she gives "her version" of the interview.

I can see her dancing around the table, whoooooping and EEEE-ing right now.

Go and pay your respects, and join in the discussion at her Blog.


Anonymous said...

oh lord, she'll be insufferable for weeks....:-))
Peter B

The English Courtesan said...

Moi, insufferable? Well maybe just a teeny bit and that's She with a capital S to you, young Peter B... :-)

With a big 'Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!' and a giant hug to you Ptrrrrr My Dear (oh all right and one to you too Peter B),

Livvy xxx

Ptr_leeds said...

Insufferablye indeed. she (oops: She) is really going for he total GFE isnt she (oops: She) ?

Insupportable comme vous êtes, on pourrait néanmoins pas se passer de vous (eh : Vous) quand mêmes.
Merci pour le calin, j'en avais grand besoin.

nb: Livvy, you sure you dont have some Geordie roots. You tend to spill out more EEEs then a Geordie hen night.