Friday, 5 October 2007

Trains and Flirts

Trains. Just my Luck.

There were some memorable train journeys on both GNER [link dead?], Virgin and on several Eurostar and TGV lines (not published yet). And last week, doing way too much train-time, I was lucky again (no, not what you perverts think).

This train was slightly delayed due to weather, and the carriage was rather full. But I still had a 4 person table for myself (I can look really Nasty, Foreign and garlic-Smelly). [image of SDF?]

Then, at a particular small university town, at approx 17:00, a large crowd was waiting. Funny enough, half or more of the crowd were Real Beauties. Hence my hope for some eye-candy, maybe a chance to put my accent to some good conversational use, pick up a bit of youth-slang ....

But no ... all the beauty passed me by, none even deigning to look. Until, that is, a rolling 20+, size-16-38c with unkept hair and bad-fitting garments slowed her effortful paces even more, looked at me in utter contempt, breathed heavily once more, and used her equally large handbag to take possession of the seats opposite me.

And while the big but not-very-bb young woman huffed and squeezed herself into the seat opposite me, I saw the mocking, sparkling blue eyes of the Perfect GND[link to abbrev] diagonally opposite me where She gracefully sat herself down. Two unsurmountable seats too early.

The image of perfection fixed my gaze for a brief moment before I looked away and tried to say something polite to the girl (trying not to talk to her handbag) who had just taken possession of the both seats opposite me.

Luckily, the owner of the handbag was able to hold a reasonable conversation, and we got to chat a little before she occupied herself with her mobile. She was able to play/text/tweak her phone for the full two hours of the trip.

Now for the good part:
Throughout the journey, the lovely blue-eyed blonde made eye-contact many times. She never read the book she elegantly held in her lap, she did not thumb her her phone,
nor did she play with her long, naturally (or very well done) curly hair. She never inspected her nails and if she had used any makeup, it was done very skillful and discrete.
She just sat there, staring dreamily ahead. She just moved her head slightly every now and then. Looking up, looking sideways, looking ... At ME ????
I desperately tried to do something sensible on my laptop (ended up making these notes), but every time I looked Her way, she immediately sensed it and looked back. No expression, just looking.

We kept locked-eyes longer on each occasion. I tried very hard not to smile, and she had admirable control over her own facial expression. Apart from her eyes, she hardly moved, but I'm sure she was making silent fun of me. She could out-stare me at each occasion. At one point, I counted to 49 (seconds?) before she blinked, and I looked away. The people around us must have sensed the tension, but everybody
kept perfect innocent postures. Were they blind ? embarrassed ? or just british-reserved-polite ?

This Blonde was not "blonde" at all, and she really was a Natural Beauty. Very very lovely. With a Sweet innocent face, beautiful chin, tender, vulnerable neckline, but no visible cleavage. Approximately a size-8-32b, with perfect posture and attitude.
Her gestures were minimal, distinguished and controlled (rubbing a lotion on her hands?) and she had a neutral (or just slightly mocking) expression on her face.
With stares that soft and long, She probably knew her own powers all too well.
She must have had a great time teasing that raunchy foreigner with the laptop.

Punline: No Pun Really. She had to get out one stop before me.

Whoever you were: Thanks You! You made my Day.


Anonymous said...

That was fun! Gosh, that would make my day two to play gaze-lock with a man across the aisle...nicely recounted, yes, very nicely told. ;-))

Here is to chance fun as they are!

ciao, ciao

Ptr_leeds said...

Thanks Alexa,

Chance encounters...

I actually had one again this evening in the train to the airport. Blazing hot female who sat down opposite me in a nearly empty carriage and chatted away for 30 min. she poured her heart out (not to mention her permanent display of some 34DD assets with Deep Cleavage).

She was on her way to a blind date and was seeking re-assurance she looked good. Was so nervous she took the wrong exit of the trainstation and started walking along towards the airport-connection. I gently turned her back. Hope she has done OK.

That Guy was so Lucky.