Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Virgin Working Girl

Don't Count on it.

This topic is not what you think.

Virgin refers to the Train.

Train time is "meditation time". Any work done is a bonus, but should not ever be counted on. Over time, I have collected a nice set of anecdotes from train-journeys, some of which are documented on here, and some are told elsewhere [link to NEE or X-N].

This time, I was lucky - in a twisted way. My presentation and story for the oncoming day was done. I just tried to view it once more. 23 slides, should be OK for a short hour introduction.

I had half-n-half planned to write a report (yep, if you'r reading...) but this train was a bit too busy for that. Too much "viewers". So I decided to write this instead.

It was going to be one of those journeys.

First leg of the journey. 3 of the four seats on our table were taken and my seat was window. To my Right was one of these Heffalumps... She was Massive. So massive as I thought only Americans could be.

It was a miracle I could still fit in between her and the window. and every time she moved, I got gently squeezed further up against the window.

I had the benefit of watching the movie on her (equally fat) laptop (no sound though, as I didnt have the balls to ask her for an earplug). She has now just left the train. Two more hours to go, and we are delayed by about 20 min.

But Why put this rant on Ptr in WL ?

Oh Irnoy: She was watching the movie "Working Girl".


Anonymous said...

You poor bastard!! :-)) Especially after salivating about the last woman you saw on a train....!!
Mind you, if you'd been Tongan (or is it Fijian?) you could have been in Heaven!!
Peter B

Anonymous said...

That was gross! I got stuck on a flight going over "the pond" with a huge guy...spilled over to my side and thank god, I had the aisle! God, I hate fat people and I hate being too poor to pay first class for the "real estate."

Ptr_leeds said...


Agree, but I have to take the bad with the good. The smelly ones are the worst. The smell gets into your clothes.

Now, I've had some really nice company on flights as well. There was this flight-attendant who was on a private trip but as she knew the crew she could get us some nice extra foodies. She was on her way to see "a friend" in Aspen, but her clothing showed so much legs and cleavage (and she was mockingly happy for me to look at it) that I had serious suspicions.

On another flight, I got along really well with the milf-Lady in the seat next to me. She was married to a rich-ish bloke, mother of three, and clearly enjoying herself in the good leasurely life she had. And Very Communicative. Told me the story of her Life, and quite a story it was. I thought WtH, and I asked her if she'd ever worked as,
you know, an Escort.
Her frank reply was that she had seriously considered it, and was still curious. But the need had not presented itself. In my opinion, she would have been Brilliant at it.


Like I stated before, I have to cherish the nice moments and views
and then try to forget the bad experiences.

I would not want to give up my mobile life though.

Anonymous said...

You certainly do have interesting travels my friend! :-))) Fun stories.

Ciao bello