Friday, 30 November 2007

Sexcapades of Kimberley

Lame excuse: Little time to write, so just point to other interesting stuff...

Here is a recommeded Blog by Kimberley. She conveniently "hosts" this blog on an industry-related board. At least, Kimberley doesnt try to exploit the clicks on her blog by throwing pop-ups at the casual reader.

Allow me a playful dig at another Lovely Lady. Do keep writing dear, you are doing Great, but I hope you dont mind I block the popups.

On publications by Escorts in general...

I must admit that I have not read any of the currently in-vogue books by (supposedly) Escorts.

I have occasionally read Belle from 2004 onwards, but didnt really get hooked on reading that. Too much out of my league I suppose.

But the Belle-UK blog did help to re-create awareness of this particular Industry. Belle and other writers show the public out there that this industry is not just about parlours, pimps and exploited foreign girls (most of those girls are cunning gold-diggers, Survivors. I'd be the last to deny them a chance at happyness via the wallet of some rich bloke).

If you like your cinema-classics, the original Belle-movie was a good watch too. The featured picture is taken from it, in true Livvy-style.

Most of the other blogs and books who followed Belle-UK now seem like me-too attempts. Including my very own blog, as some will argue (mental note: re-clarify the purpose of this blog).But let me point out that this genre was already invented way back by Henriette Wilson (19th century!) and refined by another, more discreet and distinctly Happy Hooker some 30 years ago.
L'Histoire se répète.

As for reading and discussing the books, click over to Nia, who is an avid reader. She has a long list of links to books and some good discussions on them.

For me, a complicationg factor is: I dont want to carry a compromising book around. Hence I'm limited to internet-browsing so only the telco's and the guys (and gals) at Djee See Aitsh Kjuu can see what I read.

My readings of the SAS-series would qualify as naughty. If you like the covers, go read the contents. Steamier then most Field Reports. I have occasionally read and (deliberately) forgot one of those on a UK train to see what people would do. Never got a reaction. I suppose some pervert took it as soon as nobody was looking.

Business-wise, I have a reluctance for seeing escorts with too much of a writing ambtion: you never know what kind of publicity stunt they might pull later in their career. Or some "investigative" NotW journo might tap her phonelines. Or worse, the fake-sheik might book a fake-appoinment with hidden microphones and all. I would like my own Sexcapades to stay discreet for a long long time. Probably forever.

Kimberley doesn't seem to be one of those wannabee-glamour-babes trying to get into an ITV show. That show is mainly good for generating a lot of cleavage pictures in certain UK newspapers, I guess those D/E/F-listers do get their effort's worth of publicity - Personally, I would consider it an argument to flee the country, and, no, I will not link to it... Rant over.

As I've stated earlier, coutesanship is also a form of art and the Ladies are Artists. That may explain why Kimberley is another Escort with a desire to pen down (eh: post up) her experiences. She is a witty writer and I found her postings quite un-pretentious. A Very Good read.

So click over and have a Read of Kimberley.

Recommended to Ladies and Customers alike.

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The English Courtesan said...

A fascinating post Young Peter and hmmm, yes, Livvy style in more ways than one in fact...smirks mysteriously... ;-)

Livvy xxx