Saturday, 10 November 2007

Trains and Pulling. How often does it happen?

Regulars (readers, that is) know I travel by train a lot. And it must be my devious mind, or my deodorant (LOL), but I seem to be meeting more and more desireable creatures on the rails all the time.

I have only-just resisted one temptress recently (now some weeks ago).

To my surprise, I got to chat with this Beauty on a near emtpy train to the airport on a Sunday-afternoon. She sat down opposite me, asked some question about the
timetable (train was 15 min delayed, and not going full-speed for unclear reasons), and then started chatting away nervously. I closed down my laptop, and replied the favour.

She was on her way to a blind (internet) date, and said she had not seen a man in over a year.

She was Lovely. Lots of character, Engergizing, really good mental connect. A slim, fit and very sexy size-10, Lovely hips in tight jeans, 34DD bust and a top with ample view. (If it was a Boobjob, it was very well done, and she was ProuDD of it, she did like the attention).
She was a natural flirt with her active, energized eyes, subtly head and hair movements, leg movements, sometimes rubbing hands close to her lap, slow but heavy breathing, opening her lips slightly when not speaking....

Whether natural or intended, her whole being was in pull-mode. She was Tempting, Seducing. Near the end of the journey, in which she kept talking to me, I asked her if she was acting as a "honey trap" for my wife and we had a great giggle (she denied the honeypot, btw, but didnt seem surprised, she seemed rather flattered ??).

nb: in the paranoid punter department, This is what can happen to you. Or this other incident which actually happened in Newcastle (why am I not surprised?).

Take Care All!


Anonymous said...

Hum, Pondering and pouting here. Ptr has just posted a very hot little number not to mention the number herself. ;-))

Miseria, and I thought I was the only one who could tantalize and tease you while on a train ride. ;-)) (pouting)

Damn, I do marvel at your ability to peg the sizes of these creatures...damn, you're good...but then, we knew that already. :-))

Mandandoti baci ed abbracci da paradiso!

Ptr_leeds said...

Grazie Alexa.

Paradise becomes you, judging by you last post!

You are Doing Well.


(sitting by a woodstove myself)