Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Spirit and politics

Christmas and Politics.

I am not good at either, so combining them is bound to be a disaster.
But I could not resist to combine a few nice topics found at Asda and on the Internet. Here goes.

Of course you have all already generously given to your favorite charity.

And by now (writing 24th Dec) you should have all items from your shopping lists done, wrapped and ready.

And you may have had your starting-tipple (or ten or twelve, most readers will be Brits, hence it takes a few liters pints of alcohol ...)

So here is my simple, but well meant message:

Just a  nice, neutral Xmas Card...
Merry Christmas everyone !

You are still reading.... ?

Good, then you might be sufficiently sober to take in the rest of my rant. With all this commotion about proposed new prostitution laws in the UK, the boards have been buzzing with indignation.

Trouncer wrote a good reply Here

Even our most civilized of liberals, our own Livvy of Yorkshire, has chipped into this political debate, and with some very sensible arguments to boot (proper Wellington Boots, thank you).

And with Livvy, I share the sentiment of "them today, us tomorrow".

In my personal opinion, the Gov has more important things on their hands then regulating a nicely contributing Companionship-industry. As for street-scenes and the dodgy-variety of parlours, I agree that trafficking and pimping, as well as drug-abuse, should be clamped down. But criminalizing customers will not work.

Combatting Evil (such as trafficking, exploitation and laundering) is fine and good, but not at the expense of disturbing a properly functioning market with consenting-participants who act out of free choice.

I would love to have a discreet chat with some of the politicians and decision makers (not always the same group) up there. I know some of them have had their fair taste of the services they pretend to decide on. but alas, due to either misguided information, selective blindness or plain laziness, they seem to opt for the simple blanket-solution of criminalizing all customers.

And to draw a comparison, seafood-addicts will not be criminalized, despite this grim incident involving trafficking and Exploitation

Now, We all know that writing letters to politicians doesn't help, they need more convincing arGBPuments... Sex, Money and even votes speak louder then emails.

So to stay true to the Xmas spirit, rather then writing an angry letter to Mrs Harman or to your local MP, why not send them a nice Christmas Present?

How about This Happy and Entertaining Item (notice the suitably red colors)..

Also for sale at your local Asda (slightly different packaging, but same festive color).

And who knows what goes on in the mind of a politician or decision maker when they contemplate this fine, classic Work of Art while they are stuffed with 10-months-old pudding and under the influence of some proper English "spirits"....

Merry Christmas everyone !

(and please don't send me texts on my mobile - use Email instead, thx.)

Friday, 21 December 2007

Just Smarter

Nia, Part time Escort, and a blogger who is ever on the pulse of the news, pointed to an article about one very Cunning Lady.

Go see and determine for yourself how smart the girl in the article really was.

This article raises some questions, at least in my mind:

will men ever learn ?

Is it typical that she choose "heirs" rather then self-made Men ?
Is this a very good tip for other GDs ?

And is it not befitting that men who just follow their addendum are treated this way ?

My bonus question : So What? Did she do anything wrong ?

Did these guys not simply got what was coming to them, victims of the darwanian process that has formed mankind ? These men were clearly in charge of something that they could not manage, hence Kuddos to the girl for "taking care of that".

Check out lawyer jokes here...I have some respect for those divorce lawyers, they know how to seize an opportunity. But no more then respect. They must be one set of nasty vultures.

Needless to say, I silently admire the Girl. She must have a hell of a charisma, and must deliver a very convincing GFE. I hope this "Working Lady" is clever enough to hold on to some pocket money after her legal bills.

Cheers Mrs Crossley!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Her Pictures do Not do her Justice

There are numerous cliche-phrases that re-surface time and again in reviews or field reports, both on Punternet and on other review-sites.

The most used one is probably HPDNDHJ: "Her Pictures Do Not Do Her Justice."

By stating this, the reporting client wants to express his sentiment that the Lady he visited is much more pretty then her pictures lead you to believe. This remark may seem a gratuitous compliment towards the Lady, or a bout of criticism towards the over-greedy agent who makes do with cheap pics, or even a sign of infatuation or after-glow enthusiasm for the Lady.

But it is often true: I have met many Ladies who are much nicer in real life then their pictures convey. I have written that phrase many times, and I always meant it.

So why can the pictures not correctly convey that lovely impression of "The Real Lady" (TRL)?
The reason for this goes further then simple penny-foolishness of the agent.

If you have ever tried to take proper pictures of friends and family, you will appreciate the difficulty of "catching" a person "just-right" in a picture. Many good amateur-shots are just a matter of someone who "got lucky". A coincidental "really nice" image is often caught at an unsuspecting moment. And often with some "imperfection" mixed in, such as an un-fitting background, a few dark corners or some part missing.

For pictures destined for an Escort-site, it is even more difficult to catch just-that-pose or exactly-her, especially if the face can not be visible (a different discussion, later). A good set of pictures takes hours of work, hundreds of shots. And ruthless selection.

And there is an additional complication: the unassuming charm of an almost-innocent Girl-Next-Door, is much more difficult to catch then it is to get some glam-pics from a trained, sophisticated, and plastically enhanced uber-babe who studied the latest magazine-trends and poses.

Hence, I have learned to be weary of too-posed and too-glamorous pictures. The routinely posing model-turned-escort and the overly-experienced
cool-beautiful babes we see on many escort sites are good. And I'm sure they float many boats.

But for me, the un-assuming, slightly awkward girl-next-door is often the better date. Paired with other items of research (profile, part-time-availability, Field-reports), I found that selecting Ladies with slightly-imperfect pictures can lead to dates where the personal connect, the communication, and the "action" are all of superior quality.

Most, if not all, of my repeat dates are with Ladies who do not have over-glamorous pictures.

This doesn't mean that amateur-shots are better then studio-work. Most (nearly all) of my Favorites have "professional" pictures taken in a studio, by an experienced photographer. And "professional pictures" also show that the Agent or the Lady, or both, are willing to "go the distance". But pictures of Genuine Persons often have a natural air of hesitation over them. Their pictures are not advert-quality or magazine-like studied-poses. You can see that the girl in the pictures is not quite used to "posing". And that makes them all the more Real People. Persons I can relate to.

The actual "action" on meeting such a not-too-perfect, but very Real Lady is often much more satisfying. These not-quite-professional Ladies often have much more to give, and are more ready to take enjoyment from the meeting themselves.

Whereas a lot of the ex- or wannabee-models are just plainly out for your wallet and will keep a trained eye on the clock, those Escorts whose pictures "don't quite do them justice", are the Real Persons. And once you have made a connection to that person, when she is put at ease, she will often be thrilled to meet you. She will enjoy the meeting, and thus offers a much better service.