Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Spirit and politics

Christmas and Politics.

I am not good at either, so combining them is bound to be a disaster.
But I could not resist to combine a few nice topics found at Asda and on the Internet. Here goes.

Of course you have all already generously given to your favorite charity.

And by now (writing 24th Dec) you should have all items from your shopping lists done, wrapped and ready.

And you may have had your starting-tipple (or ten or twelve, most readers will be Brits, hence it takes a few liters pints of alcohol ...)

So here is my simple, but well meant message:

Just a  nice, neutral Xmas Card...
Merry Christmas everyone !

You are still reading.... ?

Good, then you might be sufficiently sober to take in the rest of my rant. With all this commotion about proposed new prostitution laws in the UK, the boards have been buzzing with indignation.

Trouncer wrote a good reply Here

Even our most civilized of liberals, our own Livvy of Yorkshire, has chipped into this political debate, and with some very sensible arguments to boot (proper Wellington Boots, thank you).

And with Livvy, I share the sentiment of "them today, us tomorrow".

In my personal opinion, the Gov has more important things on their hands then regulating a nicely contributing Companionship-industry. As for street-scenes and the dodgy-variety of parlours, I agree that trafficking and pimping, as well as drug-abuse, should be clamped down. But criminalizing customers will not work.

Combatting Evil (such as trafficking, exploitation and laundering) is fine and good, but not at the expense of disturbing a properly functioning market with consenting-participants who act out of free choice.

I would love to have a discreet chat with some of the politicians and decision makers (not always the same group) up there. I know some of them have had their fair taste of the services they pretend to decide on. but alas, due to either misguided information, selective blindness or plain laziness, they seem to opt for the simple blanket-solution of criminalizing all customers.

And to draw a comparison, seafood-addicts will not be criminalized, despite this grim incident involving trafficking and Exploitation

Now, We all know that writing letters to politicians doesn't help, they need more convincing arGBPuments... Sex, Money and even votes speak louder then emails.

So to stay true to the Xmas spirit, rather then writing an angry letter to Mrs Harman or to your local MP, why not send them a nice Christmas Present?

How about This Happy and Entertaining Item (notice the suitably red colors)..

Also for sale at your local Asda (slightly different packaging, but same festive color).

And who knows what goes on in the mind of a politician or decision maker when they contemplate this fine, classic Work of Art while they are stuffed with 10-months-old pudding and under the influence of some proper English "spirits"....

Merry Christmas everyone !

(and please don't send me texts on my mobile - use Email instead, thx.)


Anonymous said...

Peter, you can be sure at some point that,if this debate heats up,it will be only a small step from 'paying for sex' to 'perverts took Maddy'. There are 'votes' in it and almost no political downside. Meanwhile kids are knifing each other left right and centre...priorities eh? Anyway, Happy New Year and Happy Punting!
Peter B
(ps my resolution is less but better!)

Ptr_leeds said...

Thanks Peter,
I had not thought that far yet, but yes, a witch hunt -at little political expense- is another possibility.
Priorities Indeed.
Go tell your MP what the Real Problems of the country are! Security and Traffic-congestion and public transport are high on my list. Stuff some thinking and some resources into those please.
Happy Punting to you too!

PCPro said...

One flaw is the feasibility of the "discrete chat" you mention - the fact that we are not in a position to discuss this openly works against us big time. It's no good standing on moral low ground pleading "priorities!"
I remain in hope that this is so much political bluster and fishing for policy touchpoints. Maybe no publicity is good news?

Ptr_leeds said...


Indeed, a "discrete chat" will be difficult, hence me wishing it was possible.

Alternatively, we can only, innocently, stress to Harmon that there are other more pressing issues to persue.

Good point: Silence, complete stonewall to Harmon, would be a good idea. Maybe a smokescreen-campaign to point to some other petty-problems, litter-on-streets or the rampant yobbo-problems would deflect attention...

(dissapointed with any and all politics)

The English Courtesan said...

I knew it Ptr - a boy from your part of the world couldn't help but appreciate my nice sheep!

I'm still waiting for a politician to step up and support us. Perhaps it's the fact that some of them are concerned that their support might be followed predictably enough by a News Of The World headline 'Vice MP caught in honey trap!'. might be safer if they just supported us on the QT... ;-)

Livvy xxx

Ptr_leeds said...

Re-hi Livvy.

Lovely sheep they were.

As for politicians, I dont know what to say on that anymore. Maybe some of them will realize there Are more important things out there. And your moving post on christmas-messages may alo help them realize there are "courtesanes" out there as well as victims of trafficking.

And of course I have no Doubt you have the silent support of lots of (male) decisionmakers.