Friday, 21 December 2007

Just Smarter

Nia, Part time Escort, and a blogger who is ever on the pulse of the news, pointed to an article about one very Cunning Lady.

Go see and determine for yourself how smart the girl in the article really was.

This article raises some questions, at least in my mind:

will men ever learn ?

Is it typical that she choose "heirs" rather then self-made Men ?
Is this a very good tip for other GDs ?

And is it not befitting that men who just follow their addendum are treated this way ?

My bonus question : So What? Did she do anything wrong ?

Did these guys not simply got what was coming to them, victims of the darwanian process that has formed mankind ? These men were clearly in charge of something that they could not manage, hence Kuddos to the girl for "taking care of that".

Check out lawyer jokes here...I have some respect for those divorce lawyers, they know how to seize an opportunity. But no more then respect. They must be one set of nasty vultures.

Needless to say, I silently admire the Girl. She must have a hell of a charisma, and must deliver a very convincing GFE. I hope this "Working Lady" is clever enough to hold on to some pocket money after her legal bills.

Cheers Mrs Crossley!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting story! I am pondering the same bonus question you stated: Really, what did she do that is wrong? If you look at the time line is seems she was with one for 15 years or so. Let's hope her last "fling" does not drain her pocket book. ;-))