Monday, 29 January 2007


Journeys from and to "home" can be rather boring. I generally make some work-social phone calls. Read some files, doodle, doze, dream...
Some of my best ideas started on a train.

Never count on getting any real work done on a train, as the journey may turn out to be a non-workable train or you might happen to sit down with some interesting people.

And I remember this Lady who was an ad-space sales-manager for a mainstream-celeb-stories magazine, She was a lovely looker and a great chat...

I also started using the trainrides to write my Punternet-reports. It is non-mission-critical activity (sort of) and it is a relaxing and entertaining way to pass the time (go ahead, call me a pervert). And by writing them at least 24 hrs after the date, you can be slightly more objective compared to the Absolute Bliss some Ladies leave you in.

At one time, this writing activity got me into a funny situation, on a Virgin train, which is described HERE. Nobody ever came forward to say: "it was us", or even: it was my company-do.

Goes to show that all is not lost for public transport, and you can meet some
real-interesting people on trains.

Note: I am not sponsored (yet) by GNER or Virgin-Trains.
Actually, I'm not sponsored by anyone - Which leaves me open to say what I think.

Saturday, 27 January 2007

A Proud Lady said

"It would be nice to go with a bit of a BANG."

And she wasnt speaking of just the bedroom-bang.

Nov-2007. Long-overdue-update...

As the blog still gets regular searches for Nikki36HH, I owe this to the readers, and to Nikki.
Nikki Came back in the spring of 2007, and in no-time she got herself a Mint Reputation as "THE Sheffield Indie". Then she left again... Off to pastures new.

Some background posted by Herself here.

No worries about this Lady. She will do well!

I think I know approximately what she does now, and I wish her All the Best. She is still a Sterling Lady, and she will always be one of my Very Good Memories.

Nb: Her website now links through to a recently started Agency in the Hull-Sheffield area.

Cheers Babe!

23 April 2007 - Update: Nikki is Back!

She had her Bang when leaving ... And now she is Back with a Bang.

Her own announcement of her return can be found Here. And Here. She has her reasons and it is not for us to probe into that.

The selfish part of me says: Yipeee! And I hope to see her soon.

The caring part of me sincerely hopes this Girl is doing OK. But as I know her, she will be fine. Always was. Always will be.

I will leave the original post, including all my own weasily disclaimers below. I stand by every line in the original text: Nikki is a great person. And I'll be happy to meet up with her as soon as the occasion presents itself.

Let me just wish her All the Best!

Disclaimer1: Removal on request.
I hesitated about publishing this again, but the Lady repeatedly assured me she has no problems with posting her story. Just once more then to the Lady: If You just so much as wink at me, I'll remove the post. Alternatively, you can contact the board-operator and have it removed.
Remember, Despite your obvous Pride and Confidence, it is also your life!

Disclaimer2: And that sucker believed it...
This could of course just be a good ploy to generate publicity for the next Hot Indie in Yorkshire - and it is a HOT area, almost as hot as the NE. In that case, I was just the next sucker, and I will remove this post as well. Allthough I would probably also make a booking straight away.

Disclaimer3: no glamourizing.
This is not an attempt to glamorize the Industry. And it should not be taken as an incentive or recommendation for anyone to make career choices of whatever kind.

Ok. Enough. This is not some corporate-email-footer.

This is the story of a Courageous, Determined and Talented Lady. This is "call me Elizabeth" for real (need some research, maybe a link here). With the exception that this Lady seems to succeed. This Lady saw her chances, tempted her luck, and succeeded brilliantly.

She blossomed. She was clearly talented, and took great pleasure in doing the job. From our very first meeting, it was clear that this Lady had "Success" written in her personality. We had worked in similar environments, and had some background in common, although we both didnt explore that too deep: Our other lives had to stay confidential after all, Enigmas, if you like.

She has now mapped out the next move in her life, and has carefully chosen a new career in an area where her personality will fit in beautifully, and in a market with great potential for the future.

This is one Clever Girl and I am quite sure she will succeed at whatever she tries. She is now well on her way in her new endeavours. And well on her way to success once more. How and Where exactly: that too will remain an Enigma.

Nikki, You are a wonderful person, and You were a delight to be with.
I am honoured to have known you.

I sincerely Wish you All The Best!

Oh, and here(pnr), and here(x-n) is the rest of your BANG.
And seriously: if you want any of this removed, just wink.

FootNote: there seems to be something about the letter N and the name Nikki in particular. More on that later.

Sunday, 21 January 2007

whatever you see

...Your mind is playing tricks on you!

There used to be a link here to a visual joke, but the distination went dead.
I'll see if I can restore that.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of a classic Escort

Now, this has also turned into my discreet list of shortcuts.
So if your site gets hit by links from on here, that is generally me, using my shortcuts.

Hi There!

Quick forum links:




Notorious forum


Sheffield Sc.

Punternet Forum

(this is by no means a finite list, if you want on it, just drop me a mail...)

A or D








Northern Belles

Quick voting stuff:

When I travelled around a lot, I sometimes visted 5 or more different sites/day. And as the voting on NEE got counted per-day-per-locatoin, I was able to give myself and my favorites 5 votes per day.
I did fuss it up to Paul at the time, but he didnt mind.
nowadays, March 2008, my voting-habits have slowed down a bit.

ptrleeds @ NEE...


Elix @ NEE...

Mark, Ella...

VG @ NEE...

Paul, Hailey, Siobhan ...

Dollies @ NEE...

Saturday, 20 January 2007


Here is an Excellent Comment by a well known Lady on what is probably the most-discussed-act between an Artist and a maecenas.

To blow your brains out, This Lady doesn't need a weapon. It is quite clear who is the Artist here.
Many Ladies do a good Lobster, but it takes Talent to do it Exceptionally.

Personally, I think a Lobster should be foreplay, not main course, and it should Not be done to completion. Humans were designed to be together and to make love, not just to lick, suck and swallow.

There is also the joke about the similarity between a Lobster and a BlowJob, (No? Google it...) and I often wondered if that resemblance doesn't add to the pleasure taken by both the performing Artist and the maecenas.
A good "Lobster" is a thing of magic, Witchcraft if you like. It will give the Artist additional power, additional "spell" over the victim. Most victims don't mind though.

Wednesday, 17 January 2007


There is this thing Ladies have with chocolate.

Well, here (nice picture!) and here are some (scientific?) explanations for it.

On the lighter side, there is this chocolate-joke, although I'm still figuring out if it is written by a guy or a Lady.

And This entry, that links Chocolate to Sex (Phenylethylamine and dopamine), but also explains why Women (what about men??) will have sex abroad, and it even seems to have a religious angle.

For those into Foreign movies, I can recommend Chocolat(2000) which even featurs Johnny Depp. Watch it in French, it is just better that way.

And some of the Ladies may like this Movie: Better then Chocolate.

Think about this next time you consume a truffe.