Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Interesting Discussion

The next post was supposed to be about the Hilarious things that can happen when the Lady enters your room (I'll put in the link as soon as the post goes out).

But it will have to wait a bit.

And later on, I wanted to do some research on "Reviews". I know Nia (link here) and Joanne (link here) have written on the subject. I mildly disagree with some of their views. And there is much more out there. But I needed more (search) time to form a balanced opinion (indeed, I do).

That too will have to wait.

As you know, postings, blogs or any public statement have the potential to stir some controversy.

Not to say, a good discussion or worse.

Well, A loose remark from me caused a bit of a stir on the NEE board.

After This "incident"I'm not so sure if I should still even mention the topic of posts/reviews/blogs anymore. It can be a sticky subject.

Maybe we should all just stick to discussing lobster, the qualities of chocolate and post the odd Joke from time to time.

Friday, 23 March 2007

Before the Knock on the door

After a good preparation and a loooong wait, there is that magical Knock on the door.

Most Ladies are surprisingly punctual and arrive within 5 minutes of the agreed time. I really appreciate reliability and puctuality. Too early can be embarassing (see the shaving-incident from previous post). Too late can be a bit ennerving. But after a few of those extra-long waits, I'm now rather more relaxed on that.

Most agents and Indies will let you know if they are late. They seem to have some experience in reading the state-of-mind of an anxious client. I do appreciate these phonecalls, but there is no need for a minute by minute series of update-calls or texts:

22:04 "getting in the car before my eyes"
(I'm sure you are having one more good look then),

22:06 "crossing the bridge now"
(on the phone while driving, I hope she gets here in once piece ... ?)

22:08 "just searching for a parking"
(a woman can multitask, but to park & phone ... ) and finally

22:12 "She is walking into reception Right Now"
(ah, so you are the guy with the phone sitting at the window in the club across from the hotel? c'mon, look up and wave back at me ...)

A simple new ETA will generally suffice. I'm not about to hedge my bets with a double date you know. And as long as she doesnt run away before the agreed timeslot is over, I'm fairly relaxed, even if she is a bit late. The Lady and I are about to have a Date, an intimate moment together, a brief period of dedication, tenderness, relaxation, sheer Bliss. So like, get off me phone - you can always call/txt when the time is up - thx.

And then, finally ... the Magic Knock.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Waiting for a Date

In an earlier entry I described the "Preparation phase". After such frantic activity, and only if you complete it all well and timely, there is the wait, that psychologically loooong WAIT.

Once you have completed the preparatory checklist, the art is to not disturb the peace of the venue anymore. Peace-of-room is achieved by simply "stopping" the preparation once every item is "ticked". Stop Fidging, and stop re-arranging the items.
Peace of mind is achieved (with difficulty) by not doing anything anymore. Trying to achieve complete calm (yeah, when you know this hot-babe is going to knock in 20 min... try sitting still... ).

It may be (if you have it well planned), a 20 minute wait in which you can get thoroughly relaxed. You could try yoga breathing.) The Wait may also only be a miserable 2 min (you were late!), just enough to bring your heartbeat down to, say 120. Or it may turn into an interminable 29 min if She is 9 minutes late (my heartbeat used to go up to an unhealthy 160 or so, but I'm more experienced now - I think).

Drivers pay attention: If the Lady is late, it is always your fault, or so the Ladies tell me. Maybe some drivers should be told the appointment is at 21:30, so
the can make it in time for the actual agreed time of 22:00...

There was one occasion where I was not ready myself due to a slow taxi ride to the hotel (see, always the driver!). And in all fairness, she was 3 min early. A discreet but persistent "Knock" sounded while I was still busy shaving with only a towel around my waist. The Lady took it very well. She turned out to be an old friend on a surprise-revisit, having done an agency-hop and a name change after a long stay abroad. A nice surprise Indeed. I turned all Scarlet with embarrassment.
We had a Right Good Giggle and she discreetly set herself in a very sexy meditation-pose on the bed, immovably, calmly letting me get ready.
Bless her - Some Very Good Memories there.

NB: Another Lady suggested I take up meditation, practice that 3 weeks out of 4, save up the budget, and on every 4th week, invite her for an Overnighter. As she is a True Quality Lady, I still have it under consideration. LOL.

Back on Topic: "the Wait".
Because normally it is me who needs to do the waiting, and I'm not good at meditation yet, I am more of a fidget.
So ... I wait....

I sometimes play cheeky games on the laptop. But I find it impolite to show indecent screen-images to Her. Or worse: the embarrassment to be aroused when the Lady arrives. Experienced Ladies will see the humor, and jump right on (a particular, notoriously energetic northern Lady Shparingz to mind), but some girls might be intimidated, turned-off, or even offended.

Just in case: Be prepared to close the laptop rapidly if "the Knock" sounds. For the curious, here is one of those games I tend to play during the wait. The original mammary.swf (by zooass.com) is also in circulation still, but I couldn't find a link anymore.
And I also love to practice on this fairly innocent game here. My score is mostly between 16 and 19. I don't practice enough and have never attained 20. Might be easier for Ladies.

Another nice way to pass the time: Iron the shirts for the next days. It shows your homely, caring side and has worked well on a few occasions - LOL. But it does mess up the room a bit,and a Hot Iron is a health and safety risk once you start rolling about the room.

Health + Safety Intermezzo

Contrary to some rumours, I do not twirl Ladies around the hotel-bedroom. But for those with more athletic ambitions, I can recommend a physical warm-up and a few stretch-exercises before the "action". It gets the blood going and releases endorphins, that helps the excitement (as if the prospect of a "date" is not exciting enough already). Certain dates have indeed been hard work(out).

The twirling-rumour was "invented" by a most MissChievous Lady (?) on a Forum. But if I deny that rumour too strongly, it will only re-enforce itself. Those who have met me know I'm just a wee little fellow, and not all that physically fit either.

Back to the topic of "the Wait", the looong wait.
Another way to pass the wait is to read boards, read blogs, or even read the PNRs of the Lady you are about to receive.

Oops, I hear a knock on the door
[ptr closes files, switches of laptop and ... is off to something more important]

Note from the editor: enough ramblings for today. "The Knock" is something for another topic.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Prepare for that Knock on the door.

As outlined in the previous blog, I prefer outcalls . And to maximize my pleasure, I tend to prepare as much as I can for "the visit" to become a relaxed and enjoyable experience for both of us.

It is important (to me) to have a pre-date checklist because I sometimes only have 30 min or less to prepare (bored-co-worker-dinner-obligations). The Limited time, and my desire for "The Perfect Date" have grown my obsession with the checklist. And despite all that, I still tend to forget one or two items in the heat-of-the-moment.
It can be slightly embarrassing if you have forgotten, say, to fill up the envelope.

My obsession with preparation has grown into the following list:

- Not too much food.
But rather a Really Good coffee, preferably 2 or 3 hours before the date. Coffee is an excellent stimulus and strong brew can make you feel super alert. Even if the effect is 95% placebo, it is still good preparation.

- Brush teeth (after the coffee - smell!).
Brush softly and do it well in advance. Any wounds in your mouth must be able to heal before the actual date (need link to good info here). If you have less then two hours to prepare; chew gum or suck a mint.

- Try to have some mild exercise in the hours before.
I prefer to swim if possible, but even just walking (uphill) will help. If all else fails, find an excuse to climb the stairs of the hotel, multiple times, with full laptop-backpack. It removes the cobwebs and gets your blood flowing.
Note: Not always possible on a busy schedule, and possibly just psychological, but it is part of a good prep.

- Order/verify the drinks and nibbles
Roomservice can be sloooow, so do this early. And once the plate is delivered: Do Not Disturb it.

- Try not to touch a well-made bed.
It looks so much nicer if it is totally untouched, and Ladies tend to notice these things.

- Room and Items.
Make sure room is on temperature and all items are in the right place (drinks, towels, bathrobe for her - she likes to cover herself afterward).

- Prepare the Enve$ope.
I tend to hand the envelope over myself, but some Ladies prefer to "find" it in the bathroom. I'm not offended if she verifies the amount. But please don't try any tricks like "I thought it was a two hour booking, this in only for one hour..." or "There is twenty quid missing".

- Set a phone alarm to the end-time.
That way you know it if you run over time. If the Lady is not a clockwatcher, you must make sure the driver will not come knocking...

- Take a thorough shower - and clean up.
This combines nicely with the swim or the exercise. And don't forget to clean up the bathroom afterward. Allow a few traces to indicate you did use the shower, but make it look Pristine. Ladies will notice.

- Shave. And rinse.
Remove the shaving-ash from the wash-basin (I still use a philipshave). Ladies hate a messy sink.

- Give her some space.
Prepare an intuitive place for the lady to deposit her items and clothes. I've had Ladies forget shoes, pendants, a bracelet, and once even "the envelope". All very embarrassing. On more then one occasion, the Lady and myself have searched the room for lingerie or other items. Can be good fun if the Lady has time and humour, but it can be rather disturbing if time is at a pinch (looming Driver!).

- Know your items.
Determine where you will put your clothes, and notably your wallet and your mobile phones. Try not loose sight of those items during the meeting (paranoid, but then...).

- Non-trivial: determine where you will put your spectacles. It can be very embarrassing if you can not find them afterward.

Now who is the control-freak here ?
Well, from this post by Avatar, I deduce that I'm not the only one who likes to prepare thoroughly.

Go figure. But If you do it right, you should be ready some 20 minutes before "the knock".

And then you wait ...

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Why I prefer Outcalls

Joanne recently had a rambling on incall versus outcall. As a Working Lady (and one with a recently discovered Control-Fetish - go read it, LOL), she prefers to receive the gentle men in her own apartment. The so-called incall date.
I fully understand and respect her reasons for that. It makes good sense form her point of view.

From my punter-perspective, I'll outline my arguments to prefer outcalls and I'll briefly touch on the downsides of outcall as well.

First of all, Control and privacy.
Like Joanne, I like to have control of the venue. In my hotelroom, there is no partner, bodyguard or chaperone in the room next door. No unshaven-tattooed bloke saying "Hello mate, c'mon in, its one-twenty up-front excluding tips, and she'll be ready for ye in 4 (-tyfive) minutes". Nor is there a smoking lady with bad make-up saying: "Hi lurv - Ready for yer Shag...". No matter how well-meant the served-while-you-wait "cuppa" is (did I just see you rinse that mug?), the presence of a third person in the next room is a little off-setting.
A date should be about two people getting on together. And to me, the privacy and the good mental connect are just as much part of the experience as the technical act of "getting my gun off".

Jo's remark about "production-line" is partly correct: on an incall you can not go over time, as there might be the next punter knocking (pun intended ?).

I can see how this would be an advantage for the Lady/agent who is interested in maximizing the number of meetings. I've heard (not from Jo, and I can not imagine her working this way) that a well managed in-call apartment can run one 60-minute "punt" every 1.25 hrs or two 30-minute punts every 1.5 hrs. Per lady. Multiply this by nr of bedrooms for larger apartments, and Note that this can be a Top-Notch-profitable enterprise. Not my thingy though.
It is probably on the verge of legality too.

Secondly, Perfect Preparations.
Like Joanne, I tend to prepare extensively for a date. In a hotelroom, I can order the drink chosen by the Lady (unopened bottle if possible) and some nibbles, all nicely prepared (mostly better then I can do it myself. I've once spent a fortune on Cheese, Wine and Juices, just to offer a reasonable choice to a Lady visiting me in my furnished apartment, only to find that I was not apt enough to prepare it as nicely as a good hotel can).
I can also prepare the room-environment "exactly-so" as to have minimal
distractions and maximum comfort: Lights, discreet towels/wipes to clean up,
bathrobe to make her feel comfy afterward. Make sure bathroom is equipped with sufficient soap, shampoo etc. And when in doubt: ask for more towels or toiletries.
Preparation-wise, A good hotel room or decent apartment just offers me the most relaxed experience.

Sidetrack: I have once invited a (regular and very nice) Indie Lady for a swim in the slightly posh hotel "pool and spa". After the date, on Her own time - Unprofessional for the both of us maybe, but Great Fun. And a great ego-boost for me: this Gorgeous GlamourBabe accepted my invite! No funny business, just two guests enjoying the facilities.

Thirdly, the After-glow-experience.
I prefer evening dates and after a Really Good meeting I want to clean up and blissfully doze asleep to let the memory of Heaven sink in. An incall always means I have to walk or even travel back to my hotel or apartment, and that sort-of disturbs the after-math of a good Date.
Note: if the Lady is driving, I will gladly offer to walk her to the car, and if possible, I will try to stay at a distance so as not to ID her car. As I tend to do late-dates, some Ladies have shown real appreciation for this.

To balance the advantages, there are some downsides to outcalls as well:
1) Identity. A conscientious Lady/agent will ask for your booking and will want your last name. You can try to circumvent this by letting her call the roomnr to confirm you are well and truly in exactly that hotel and that room.
2) Neighbors. You must ensure that you do not have acquaintances, clients, vendors, or co-workers next door. They could overhear your activities or otherwise spot you (in the hotel-bar or even in the pool - LOL). Music or a loud-ish Telly will generally help.
NB: I once got really horny from the noises next door and decided to make a quick call myself: return the noises so to speak...
3) Limited choice. Not all Ladies will accept to do outcalls. You may miss out on some awesome experiences.
4) You must be able to trust the hotel staff to some extent (never a problem).
5) Price. Outcalls are generally more expensive due to the extra hassle to the Lady.
This is More then Fair, given she needs more time and must possibly book a driver/taxi.

I do realize that I'm lucky in that I mostly stay in a hotel during the week. That makes it easier for me to receive outcalls. The hotels are generally acceptable, and are certainly able to rival with some incall venues.

So for me: Outcalls.

Friday, 2 March 2007

Would you want that ?

First the classic

The topic of he-fell-for-her has been discussed in many places, boards and blogs. see for example this on NEE and this blog-entry by Joanne

At least two ladies I know have broken off "business" relationships with regulars after the guy fell for them. Several others have had stalker-problems from clients who had developed "feelings", and I'm sure most of you must have seen or heard similar stories.

I think such a clean break is rather responsible behavior, and is the right thing to do for both parties. Respect to the Ladies for that.

Other ladies have been known to first "exploit" the fellow before dropping him anyway. After Having seen/heard this, I do have a bit of a cynical view on (some) Escorts.
With Apologies to all you decent Ladies out there. But I always force myself to assume that for Her, it is Just Business. No matter how close we seem to get. So punters beware... Your feeling may be genuine, but She must be assumed to be a Good Actor (and Good Actors can still provide Exceptional Service and good VFM!). (insert link to various warnings... noto, punternet). For an extreme and classic case: Google for Harriette Wilson (Thx to MM for this pointer).

You would not want to get into trouble like that.

Now the other way round

Nia came up with a different variety: Lady-falls-for-client.
And some good discussion was sparked off there. This topic must have been run on some boards as well? More Pointers anyone ?

As a punter/client, It would first scare the bejeepers out of me if an Escort would appear to develop real "feelings" for me. Given that "normal" relationships are already complicated and often end with problems (my own incapability, I'm sure), the risk of a relationship with a Courtesan is huge.

Pretentious remark: "It really is a THIN LINE between LOVE and HATE".

And if things go pear-shaped, the Lady holds much more power over you then vice-versa, especially if you still have a normal working life, or should you want to take up a "conventional" relationship again (one should never give up Hope...).

But I am a vain person, after all. And I am often Lonely, hence Vulnerable.

And some of my regulars are true Personalities. Independent minds, Intelligent brains, Experienced (in Life, not just in bedroom mechanics), some are Very Determined, and most seem quite Balanced persons. All this gives them a strong Attraction-factor, hence the regular status. It would be a huge compliment if one of those really liked me for just-me, for my mind, my (fake and often misplaced) humor, rather then for this thing in my pocket (mine is not that bulging) or for the drinks (red, white or juice, the Lady can choose, and room-service delivers whatever is available).

Quality Ladies are Very Good Actors, Artists. They come very close to giving the impression. Only the fact they still take payment, and that overruns are not becoming extreme, tells me it still is business. Unspoken Mates-Rates, possibly, but still business.

So there you have it: I have the silent desire that I could, at some point in time, develop a true relationship with an Escort-Lady, or at least with a partner who has the same Experience and Personality.

After all, when you have tasted (no pun intended - well...) some truly Excellent Courtesans, you become spoiled. The real-world GFE, the one that requires lots of time, emotion dedication and hard work (not to mention even more money), those relationships can be a bit frustrating and cumbersome in comparison to the Quality Services that some Ladies provide.

Maybe Escorts should carry a warning sign: "This Lady is Dangerously Addictive".

Has this turned into a lonely-hearts Advert?

My conclusion (so far):
I still think Good Escorting (should we call it Courtesanhip, Companionship?) is an Art and the Ladies are Artists.

But this art can also be a Drug to the User.

You do not want to become too addicted - but for me, it may be too late already...