Saturday, 25 August 2007

Agencies and Indies revisited.

Today's first image is borrowed from a recommended UK newspaper and serves as intro to the topic. Online Edition: HomeMany thanks to Livvy for a Brilliant post on the topic of Indie versus Agency.

May I invite you all to pop over to Her for a good read and possibly offer your contributions to the discussion ?

Of course, with me being lazy, I've given my opinion on this topic earlier on Here (blog) with an elaborate list of pros/cons from my perspective posted on NEE.

Where I tended to look at the question from a business/market perspective, Livvy did a good job of elaborating on the question of "custumer choice", and suitability. E.g. when would a customer choose an Indie or an Agency. I agree with most of her arguments but am pondering a few semi-critical comments.

On here, I would add just a few personal items and the inevitable pedantic advice.

I would say (admit) that recently I have booked both Indies and Agency-Ladies at 50-50, and that is purely by coincidence.
My main criteria is to find "The Right Lady", the right personality, for me. And I found several TRLs both in the Indie group and with agencies. I feel a post coming on "TRL".

With my current preference developing towards "part timers", Ladies who remain solidly rooted in "civilian life", I may actually lean towards a preference for Agency-Ladies in the future. I find the full-time, professional, for-a-living Escorts are Good, but the part-time for-fun Ladies are generally a even better. At least for the type of dates I prefer to book. My current regulars are all Part-Time Escorts (hm, more material for a post..).

Now if I may add some pedantic advice for Ladies who want to embark into this Industry. Escorting is the new Temp-Job after all.

Disclaimer: I am by no means a legal expert, so don't take this just from me. Go Verify!

Note: In the UK, Escorting can be done "above board" (e.g. your income is taxable) and when done correctly, it is a perfectly legal way of earning money. It is just a form of self-employment. There are certain restrictions around advertising and offering of services (Please Do Research!), but basically you are just another business. [add good link to legal stuff]

- Start with research on the Internet, notably at (see my banners-page).

- Before going furhter, check the blogs of Compartments and CollegeCallgirl, notably this post, to get an idea of what Can happen to you. Don't tell me I didn't warn you! (I am notably interested in opinions from Ladies on this one - is CC correct? Is Thais correct? Do you recognize anything? And what can I, the customer do to prevent the "rat" to creep in?).

- Always start as an Agency-Lady.

- Interview with a few agents, find one that feels comfortable, one that is able and willing to "coach" you a bit. Possibly talk to some other Ladies, and start as an Agy Lady.

- You are a free person. And in any business, including this one, it is
simply illegal for an agent to claim exclusivity or to try and bully you.

- Be up front with your agent about your goals (temporarily? Money-fix?
Adventure-Seeking? Long-term Career? Considering to go indie later on?).
A good Agent will (should) listen and offer some guidance. A good agent will understand and accept your goals, even if it means going indie or considering your own agency later on (this happens a lot, it is part of the nature of the business).

- It is similar to any job application or hiring/fireing of staff: Any Doubt = Out.

- Try not to deal with dodgy, over-demanding or othewise shady agents.
You have free choice. You are not bound to your agent, and your agent cannot bind you.

Good Luck - We might meet on a Date...

Oh, and for today's last image: When I put "Agency" into google-images, This Surprise came up...

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Broke my Heart

She was Lovely.

It was our third meeting and she was one of my almost-regulars.

She broke my heart. Unintentionally, I'm sure.

On the third meeting, she came in with her laptop-bag and a bit of a worried frown on her face. She asked me for help with her laptop (everybody seems to assume I know these things, because I use a laptop for email and writing).
And my reply was along the lines: I dont really know that stuff, but it is rather complex. I suggest you outsource that to someone who knows what he is doing and who can afford to spend some time on it. Can you not ask some boyfriend to do that for you?

Background: I'm still scarred by many experiences where I got myself foolishly in trouble for helping out nice (looking) Girls with math / physics-lab / car / wordprocessing / spreadsheets / powerpoints.
I remember each and every name, the beautiful eyes, the lovely smiles...

The girls, of course, never let me near them, and always dropped me the moment their problem was fixed. And I kept making that mistake until I was well over 25yo. I still make it...

Anyway, there was me suggesting she should get it fixed by some innocent sucker, preferably a fellow student who could afford the time to get lost in the crypts of her harddisk.

Her timid reply was:
I cannot really have a boyfriend anymore you know.

Me, carefully threading:
well, you are a very nice, clever, likeable person, and you know how to deal with men.

Boyfriends want to have sex all the time. And when I'm not studying or escorting, I just want to chill.

Brief Awkward silence followed, which she broke by quickly turning on her bubbly alter-ego. I'd have sworn she gave me that genuine, hot kiss to get us both back into play. Somewhat to my surprise, she could rapidly switch back to her usual relaxed but Intense Personality that I so admired. And she took me with her: We had the same Mind-BlOwing Sex as ever. I still am 99% sure she enjoyed it. Her body certainly seemed to respond well. She left as usual, partly exhausted, partly bouncy-cheery, (pretending ??) she too had drawn engergy from the encounter. I can only hope she really enjoyed it ...

But I never forgot those remarks. I still feel heartbroken. I doubled her Tip (and gave her all the choccies), and I sincerely hope she got sorted quickly - it seemed she really needed that laptop to work properly.

It is almost a year ago now.
I did not have the courage to see her again. And she is now off the scene as far as I know.
I hope she is Okay.

Is this another example of the loneliness of a Working Lady ?
Did I make a mistake by asking about the BF ?

Or was I just nearly or wholely duped again ?

Saturday, 4 August 2007


Today's picture came up by entering "quickie" in Google (as I do for most of my images), and I could not resist this one.

Google always seems to "know" what I'm looking for, as it can again confirm at the bottom of this post.

So, Just a quicky this week. With various lame excuses.

I've been too busy workwise, had too many trains and hotels without Internet Connections (let alone time for a good Connect to a local Lady...). And when I did have Net-connectivity I was too busy reading all the impressively good stuff out there.

For those of you in search of a good read, follow my blog-links, and Enjoy.

Chevalier: go see him. We seem to think alike - despite our differences in Age and Nationality. Dont let the fact that he is from Texas stop you. Over the years I have spent many weeks working in Texas and the folks down there are OK, and Very Friendly. Yes, Everything is Big in Texas, and so are their hearts.
Just don't mention that other state with regards to size ;-).

English Courtesan Livvy (from Yorkshire!), who is developing into a true writer, Misstery and all.

Joanne (from Leeds, the Posh city in Yorkshire) and Nia (from London) who both recently had very good Provocative-Thinking topics.

And I suspect Sue (the opinionated Angel from Manchester) will produce a few sparkling mind-bullets on her diary in the next days as well. Never can stay quiet, can you Darling? Keep Going Girl!

And if you search, there is much more of interesting "waffle" out there on the Net.

Mental Note: for Diversity, I need to find some writers from Asia/Pacific, and some from Old- and Eastern Europe.

For future topics, I'm in doubt, but have ideas for the following items:

1. Escorting-careers: a bit pedantic, as I have no hands-on experience. It seems Escorting is replacing call-centre-operator as the new temp-job for girls. Do we really want relatively innocent girls to just jump into this industry as casual as taking a job at the local burger-joint ?
Is this the Future ?
And at the same time I seem to develop a preference for part-time-fun-loving-yummi-mummies myself. To me, those late-entrants seem to be the most suitable personalities to enter the industry. Their combination of Experience, Confidence and Positive Attitude is second to none. As one regular put it to me: "This may come as a shock to you, but some of us positively enjoy going on an Escort Date, you know." Well, I had noticed...
Update on this item: Nia has a good discussion related to this Here. Escorting seems to become quite a regular, accepted job.

2. The Singapore-trick and other bedroom mechanics: a bit explicit?

3. Why we have sex at all; and the Economics that come into play. Too "Deep"?

4. Virgins, newbies and introductions into the "industry": must be loads of newbie-advice out there already.

5. The Bliss of Regulars: Wanted to do this a long time...
By retracting to a small number of regulars, I got to know them even better. And the resulting Quality-Dates have been mind blowing. But also Dangerously Addicitive, and possibly at risk of crossing boundaries. Some are just so ... Nice, so good at providing warmth, comfort, Companionship. All the "Human Contact" that I so sadly miss is right there, delivered to my hotelroom.
Desperate Divorcees or very just Cunning Businesswomen ?

If anyone has a preference, let me know which of the topics above would have your interest.

Oh, and google, well, It just Knows...