Saturday, 20 December 2008

Hot Activity in Recession

Something, or rather someone, is HOT allright.

This Lady, who used to work for a merchant bank a long time ago, picked up 247 men in one month. Her friend even managed 295 in a week!

When I read that column (catching up on my paper-work), my first reaction was: Damn, I missed one Great Opportunity (mind you, I wouldnt use anything like Illicit Encounters, for reasons explained below).

The Lady in question, on whom I have always had this secret crush, spent a sabattical month online collecting boyfriends under the pseudoniem of Sophie Scribe. The resulting column (read it here) contains some wonderful observations on the shady world of no-strings-attached meetings.

Another favorite column of hersIt seems that since September, the number of London-based males in the financial sector registering with this site has risen by 300 percent.

One of the possible conclusions is that the Credit Crunch (as we nowadays call the recession) seems to increase the demand for Hugs or intimacy.

I disagree with one statement though. John Quelch, professor of marketing at Harvard Business School, states that the bankers go in search for online fun because they are addicted to Risk-Taking.

This may be true for the Bankers, but I actually chose to go the "Working Lady" route to avoid the risk of an affair.
But then, I may not know myself well enough.
I'll discuss with my Favorite Regular on the next meeting.

Meanwhile, are any of the blog-visitors regulars of Lucy (of her column, I mean) ?

Sunday, 14 December 2008


Yes, I do have a good frollick from time to time, and will submit a few reviews at PN and TER. But very little time free time otherwise.

I've heard of the demise of Betty Paige, and am very sorry.

Lots of other things happening on blogs and board, but no time to get involved.


Wednesday, 19 November 2008


The title, part of the text in the top of your browser-window: it is (was) moving...
got this from a friend, a real tweaker.

Nice ?
Keep it or remove it ?
Anyone want a copy of the trick ?

Sunday, 9 November 2008

large Tree and flowering cherries.

Rampant Gardener... For obvious reason, this picture is Not taken anywhere near my houseLivvy seems to be on a (pervy?) autumn topic of quirrels and underwear. And Burlesque "lovin is her business" Honey is also in a most charming Rant Mode concerning autumn holidays.

It is the season. And I dont want to remain behind. So here is my autumnal-seasonal topic. And this topic is not pervy at all, despite the inevitable allusions that can be made with regards to large trees and cherries... (queue remarks from Livvy....)

Now I happen to have This tree in front of my house, a Fagus Sylvatica Purpurea (european beech), and it is Greatly Appreciated. I'll try to include a picture to illustrate how nice these specimen can be. When they built the house, they made the effort to conserve the tree. And with brilliant result. The tree gives a magnificent Cachet to the whole home-garden-driveway combination. It is also located south of the main part of the house and thus Ideal for shade in the summer. The previous owner(s) also had it cut so that you can park cars on the gravel-driveway underneath it, but I try to discourage that.

Displaying its grandeur and its obvious seniority over all of us (the house, its inhabitants and the ugly-parked cars, despite my NO Parking policy), the Tree in winter will graciously let the rays of sunshine reach through into the living and dining area. Thus providing us the illusion of warmth (helped by a nice woodfire for which I have to chop the blocks - good excercise, but often a lot of work, different story).

So my Rant ?

leaves and nuts of this species are all over my guttering and gravel-driveway, and they turn into muddy-humus, excellent compost, but not nice to slush through in winter.Eternal leaves! Every autumn the leaves and nuts of His Majesty, who is considerably taller then the highest guttering, must be removed before they clog up the drainpipes. This is risky business, as some of the walls require a 3-piece ladder.

You may think: fine, so he has to climb a ladder four times per year. Getting high-up is a speciality of Ptr, and a few trips up a ladder are a small price to pay for such a magnificent Tree? But the leaves (and nuts) of His Beechness, and those of the japanese flowering cherry always seem to fall at times when I'm not around. I have to find time to clean out the guttering and rake the driveway before it turns all mucky. Extending that ladder can be fun and a bit adventurous in a way, but rakeing up all the leaves is just tedious work. Anyway... more on the leaves and the rakeing later. Due to all that cleanup-work I still have to go out and chop some firewood for the evening.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Fun and Links

The picture clicks through to another Autumn-topicHigh time for some lighter topics to forget the autumn-gloom from my last post.

My follow-up on regulars will have to wait a bit, but it is still lingering in the corridor.

Livvy did a nice seasonal topic on squirrels. Very appropriate for the time of year, but who is Livvy accusing of being pervy ? I guess size doesnt matter anymore eh?

Slightly more serious: I want to send my Thank You to Rhia Charles from down south for a nice link to my blog. This lady deserves a Salute for keeping a very nice blog with a large range of topics. Her items range from historic courtesans to Farming/DJ jokes and anoraky-pervy-topics on the ideal bum size.
Looks like Rhia will not run out of things to write soon.

And on a related light note, Dollymopp pointed out this topic on blogging and prostitution.

Admittedly, I have this twinge of jealousy for all you talented and creative Ladies out there. You have time to surf the internet in search of amusing topics to blog about. Thanks for sharing your findings. Keep going Ladies. I'll catch up later.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Need some Tender Love and Care

This may be my most pathetic post yet.

Usually, I like my working life.
I'm often free like the wind, buzzing around the UK and the continent on trains and planes, with plenty of thinking time, eating well, staying in OK hotels.

This is what last week looked like...But the last two weeks, I have been stuck in commuter traffic by car nearly every day. I was (am) totally exhausted this weekend. At dinnertime (today is Sunday), I'll be taking off (by road) for a soso hotel without proper internet access. And most of next week too will be spent in unpredictable trafficjams on drab foreign roads in between unpolite foreign drivers. And it will Rain.

This was a Really Nice expedition to drive...Ten years ago, I used to love driving everywhere, and discover whole regions myself. Even non-glamourous areas were interesting to drive around in, I just enjoyed the roaming, and I often took pictures to amuse myself. But whether it is the increased traffic-density, the latest really-dire location, or just my age, I no longer take pleasure in motoring around. Give me a relaxed train any time.

Add to that the gloomy season, and the fact that I have not had a good cuddle for quite a while now, and a slight depression hits me like the cold weather.

And I really miss my All Time Favorite.
I Miss the cuddles, the cosy comfort, the familiar gestures, those delicious endless kisses, her facial expressions, the romantic dinners discussing down-home items while admiring her every move, even the hardly noticable gentle smell of her lotion or fragrance... The Special times we had together.
I really miss Her.

Anyway, This one is for You. For all the good memories.
(I have just discovered that youtube is disabling a lot of my favorite videos, will try to fix....)

This was the music, not the same video...(youtube keeps removing the (c) material)
meanwhile, here is an alternative link. And here are the lyrics.

And this music: Everything I do...

And here is to Hope! It may be Sooner or Later, but I Will return.

Until we meet again, Take Care!

Monday, 20 October 2008


Rush jobby blog.

Seriously, I need to Relax.

After a hectic last week (dont ask), I caught a very sore throat, or "a lurgy" as they say up north. The Painful flying tells me my nose will also play up soon. But I cant just cancel trips because I have a sore throat.

And I'm now facing the rest of the week in commuter-traffic-jams and low-class hotels. And all that driving leaves me No time to seriously work on my backlog of reviews and blog-topic. Or even to follow my blogosphere buddies, courtesans and Artists.

I soo need one of these:

Anyways, I'm prolly off the net for a bit (catch my clicks when you can). Yall take care now, and see you around. Laterz

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Regulars - An affair without the downsides.

lovely picture, need to find worthy target to link it to...For those who doubted it from my previous post: I am solidly in the Pro-Regular camp.

I Adore my regulars, and I am in the illusion that they like me. I hope they don't find me hard work. If they simply like me because I am easy-money, then that is fine with me too. As long as they make the meeting enjoyable to both of us.

I have stated this in earlier writings: Good Courtesanship and Good Acting are forms of Art that I can appreciate. And with a select few, I have the near certainty that the sympathy is mutual.

A "Regular" in a play4pay relationship is something you need to develop together. Both parties must be willing and able to enter into something Special. Something that will grow into more then just the first-sight-sympathy and the bedroom mechanics. It is possibly dangerous, but if you "let it happen" it can be very rewarding.

When you get to know a person a little better, good meetings can turn into Fantastic Meetings. There is the additional comfort of knowing the likes and dislikes of the other. ParadiseGirl22 provided the ultimate statements on the "regular" right here.

A good regular really does come very close to what a passionate affair must be like. And meeting a lovely and talented person make me feel all young and giddy again (yeah, I know, midlife crises etc...). A good regular Lady is indeed almost an Affair, but if both of you play the game correctly, it is an affair without the downsides and with much less risk.

A regular, especially one who does the GirlFriendExperience, is a "relation in a box". I have actually once seen a Lady described as "an affair on Legs", and I though that was rather appropriate: She was indeed Very Good! I could see why men would fall for her. I probably fell for her.

couldnt resist linking to this movie....Now, admittedly, most clients (and some Ladies) are in this bizz to avoid all the downsides that come with a real-world "relationship" or an affair. There is a lot of truth in the saying "you pay the Lady to go away afterward" (find source, link). And some of the more adventurous Ladies in this business may also tell you that they prefer this over proper Boyfriends to avoid stalking after the affair is over.

The reader may have noticed that I have not yet elaborated the downside and the risk of regulars. I'll give that a good thought, and continue on the topic later.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Recommended reading : Listen to Sex Workers.

A Quicky: Whatever your motivation for clicking/entering here,
click over to this letter in the Independent (a serious UK newspaper) by Catherine Stephens from the IUSW.

She clearly cites serious, government sponsored, research that shows that the industry is NOT saturated with underage and trafficed peopole. She then argues why it should not be pushed underground or criminialized.

Interesting Quote:

As part of the Government's review, Vernon Coaker met with a group of 21 sex workers, who between them had over 250 years' experience of selling sex. All described how the law endangers them and had broadly positive experience of clients. It is time campaigning organisations and the Government itself prioritised sex workers' safety over ideology and moral judgement, and listened to the voice of people from the industry.

Recommended reading in these days when a "moral-majority" (I doubt that marjority-claim) in the UK tries to impose restrictive legislation on sex work.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Escorts and Regulars: blessing or curse ?

Several pointers prompted this topic to re-surface. There was This Thread on Punternet where several writers questioned the advantages of regulars. It was mentioned that a regulars can easily turn into hard-work-dates. Possibly because a regular is tempted to abuse his loyal-client status. And an infatuated or disillusioned regular can become a stalker.

and Jenny pointed out something similar, whereby active board-posters or internet-players (that could be me) become too friendly and try to abuse their position.

And there was Belle/Billie who stated that Regulars, depicted with flowers, a bottle and a happy smile, are "The ones that make this job really worthwhile.." (boy did I feel flattered when I heard that...)

There has also been some bickering over what constitutes a "regular". Some clients have met someone 10 or more times and start to consider themselves "regular", whereas others think you can be regular after the 2nd meeting.

Myself, I once stated: after 3rd meeting, and if the experience consistently improves on each subsequent meeting, I'd consider a Lady to be a "regular".

But there is much more to a regular then just Frequency or bedroom-mechanics. Personally, I now consider someone a regular if we have met repeatedly and if we get along really well on various levels. There has to be a genuine sympathy, a connection, a deepening of the relationship, and a clear and honest appreciation from both sides.

This Rose is for YouFor example, I have had extensive email-exchanges with some Ladies and I would gladly, with their permission, brand them as "regular" after one or two promising meetings.

Question to the Lady Readers: I am quite curious to hear the Ladies define "regular". And what are your opinions on a "good" regular are (if such a thing exists at all).

Meanwhile: Cheers to my All-time Favorite. You know who you are, and I hope you are doing Well!

Monday, 1 September 2008

flattering picture

ok, since the PN MB does not support embedded picures,
and a direct link from on there didnt seem to work.

Here is the picture in question:

The Governateress - doesnt she look Cute?

nb: No, I'm not a republican.
I'm Independent!

And I disagree with just a bout all of her Views.
But you got to hand it to her: she appeals to home-town USA.
And I would probably like her if we ever met.
And she looks Nice!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Romantic Kiss

This picture clicks through to the wikipedia-entry on Kissing...Chevalier pointed to a topic on Kissing recently, but in my opinion the original was a little over the top. Literary.

On reading it, I Wondered about the Godelian kiss though. Should it take you into another dimension? That is exactly what a good date does...

To balance the seriousness of Chev's original post, I would like to propose more attention for the Romantic kiss.

Forget all the literature and science.
I think a kiss is supposed to bring two people together. To bond them, to make them melt, fuse.

A romantic kiss follows from good chemistry and enhances the intimacy.

A romantic kiss transmits desire as well as Respect.

A romantic kiss shows affection, appreciation.

A romantic kiss celebrates the meeting of minds as well as bodies.

A romantic kiss is savored, relished. It is a Delicacy.

A romantic kiss can be a prelude to bliss or a desperate last goodbye - with hope for later...

A romantic kiss will Always be remembered.

She knows who she is!

Monday, 18 August 2008


Over the last 22 months, I grew attached to a certain playlist on my laptop. Here are some Very Good Memories.

The first soundtrack was particularly hard to find in acceptable quality. Be patient, the messy intro is rather befitting....

This is how it feels:

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

tags and blog games

That time of the year again: I got tagged by Chevalier.

NB: Apologies is this one is a bit of rush job, I'll try to beautify it later this week.

The tag-games between bloggers, are like chain-letters.

If you want to play, it goes like this:
- Some fellow blogger tags you.
- you go read his blog: there will be an explanation like this, and "the mission"
- you do "the mission" : generally write up a list and tag 1 or more others.
- you post your writing on you own blog, while linking back to your tagger.
- you go and put comment on the bloggers you tagged (Targeted!)
- you wait for the links and comments to come back.

- you get comments and links, sometimes from unexpected corners
- a good "mission" good forces you to think before you write.
- if you are lucky, bloggers and readers with similar interests discover you, and you discover others that make you think.

- it eats into your time (I have a lot going on, and it Is holiday time).
- you need to search victims, and the exploding numerals mean a lot of your blog-friends may be tagged already.

So here is my list of FIVE things I'm GRATEFUL for:

- Trains. They get me around, and allow time to think and write.

- Laptops. Ideal for communication and allow me to work almost anywhere.

- Internet. Ditto. Changed my life.

- My Wife and Kids. I have a very nice family with very little trouble at the domestic front.

- My Favorite Regular. She knows who she is. Long may we meet.

Now for the tags. I need to go and find 5 untagged victims in the blogosphere. And some of my latest blog-roll additions do not allow comments, hence I have to mail them and I hope they want to play.

- DollyMopp. Hope she comes back to life after posting "I'm Alive" on her blog.

- Burlesque Honey. Another blogger who seems to be on summer-break.

- Josephine. Strumpet and Sensual.

- Lara. Rambling on in the nicest possible way, Currently doing London from Fulham.

- Penny. See what else she can be passionate about.

There you are!

With apologies for those I have not (yet) tagged. You may be victims on the next episode.

And if any of you dont like blog-tag-chain-letters: no offence. I understand, and I have declined a few of those tags myself in the past.

Friday, 25 July 2008

so many topics, so little time.

There are a number of topics waiting for a write-up on, but I don't seem to have enough train-time these days.
Item like like "The Bliss of Regulars",
the fact that "Escorting is the new Temp-Job",
or why I still think "Part-Time Yummi-Mummies - PTYMs" are the most delicious Escorts I've met.

But as I look at another week of car-traffic-mahem, I'll just opt for the lazy solution: Links!

On the topic of "The Right Lady", alllow me to point to this good discussion on Punternet-forum

And although I probably wouldn't like the guy if I met him, I am glad Max won his battle with TNOTW, Interesting details here.

Now, in my real-world, I came across this cartoon, that I duly nicked to show on here: go on, (c)lick it...

See where this takes you....(no post is complete without a link to...)

Saturday, 12 July 2008


Either I dont travel by train enough,
or I am in a "writers block" period,
or I am too busy supporting my Favorite Regular (big smile - I wish!),
or I'm just too lazy to post.

But on an impulse to fill the void, I put a question out on Punternet-forum.

What is Intimacy ?
and can you experience intimacy with a professional companion ?

Have a look at the results, or better: contribute!

PS: While looking for a suitable image, I came across a few additional keywords: "Reach out" and "Sensitivity". from this sobering image here.

PPS: And even the call-centre industry had a statement on intimacy (if I dis-recommend it, you will all read it anyway)..

Friday, 13 June 2008


Ok, as promised, here is the new intro. It is not up-to-standards as set by some of the blog-artists I'm reading, but here goes...

Keywords still are:
Fun, Respect, Opinions, Therapy, and (self)Advertising.

There is something Very Erotic about trains and tunnels, Hitchcock knew that, judging from N by NW...The statements of the original intro still hold, I write this blog in the hope that it contributes to my pleasure, my Fun, and partly to impress some of the Ladies I meet. Some posts will simply be jokes or links to other items, fun or serious,
on the internet. And because I write most of the topics while on the road, this blog also serves to amuse me while sitting in trains, planes, and waiting rooms. It makes the trips more fun.

that very Erotic Dance....However, I realize full well that it takes two to perform a tango. I have the utmost Respect for the Ladies in this game.

Sometimes there are messages for Ladies in the posts, and I've hidden a few names in posts. Or simply a romantic video or a boquet of roses for my Regular.

And if I ever write something that seems disrespectful or harmful to a Lady, please let me know and I will re-consider it.

Over time, I found the blog to develop into a bit of a manifest. Many of the posts on here serve to show my ideas on how civilized Escorting should work and what type of Lady I think is best suited for the job. I tend to describe the type of Ladies with whom I seem to have the best meetings, but of course YMMV. See notably the series on The Right Lady, and my views on Quality. I still stand by those opinions.

I do not pretend to be knowledgeable and I dont want to impose my opinions forcefully. But if a one person picks up on an idea that work for them, then I have alreay done some good to this world.

The additional advantage of a blog over just board-postings is that these pages are censored by me and only me. Not by some moderator who often has his own agenda for running a local advertising monopoly-fiefdom. There will generally be one or more regional forums covering your area, but the risk of jealousy, bullying and local quarrels is higher on the regional boards as the participants tend to be a small group of close competitors.

Serious discussions should IMHO take place on discussion boards with a wide-reach and many frequent and credible participants. For good discussions (and some good laughs) on this "industry" in the UK I would currently (june '08) recommend to visit the Punterlink and Punternet forums.

This blog is my addition to some of the discussions as it sometimes helps or simply saves me typing, if I can link straight to a blog-entry that contains my opinion on the subject. For example, when "scripting" or "Quality" is discussed, I have ready-formulated pieces on those topics, and I can just post the link, often with a summary for those who dont want to click.

google can help ... ?Then there is the potential Therapy angle.

I'm only partly jokeing here.

By keeping a diary of sorts, I might actually learn a little about myself, my motivations and my path in life. I am just as self obsessed and narcistic as the next blogger. I hope the image is appropriate...

Finally the advertising angle needs clarification. I am not after freebies. That would never work. The infallible grapevine of working-women-only boards and jealous others would quickly put an end to my fun. And this is not a motoring-supplement of a local newsrag where "journos" and others in charge of "opinions" get to drive whatever they fancy (and possibly more) as long as they write up a free advert (I missed a job-opportunity there: car critic for a national newspaper, maby some paper is looking for a "personal services" critic...).

Click to see the whole chart. I do hope no one takes this graphic serious, but there are at least two messages in it...I see this blog more as a lonely-hearts advert. Some of the Ladies have indeed read a number of posts, and they sometimes read my ramblings on message boards too. It gives them an idea of the persona I am, and it displays my personal preferences. The blog shows my search for a meeting of minds as well as a meeting of bodies, and my dislike of what I consider un-natural or extreme acts.

This advertising-angle works!
I have met a number of VIPs (Very Intersing Persons) via this hobby who are active bloggers or board-posters themselves. On a number of occasions, notably with well established and confident indie-Ladies, our mutual internet-knowledge of the other has greatly helped the "click" and has increased the depth of our connection in the small window of time that is given to us (read: that I can afford). I want to notably pay tribute here to Xenia, an outstanding professional Lady, if ever I met one.
A Great Mind wrapped in a Delicious body.

But there is also to my Best-Ever Regular, with whom I have developed something very Special (she knows who she is, and so does her agent - Hi there!).
She inspired the articles on "The Right Lady" and "Qualtiy" and She has read up on my blog from time to time. It increases the Fun for both of us.

With her, it is Different.
And I am sure we would have an equally Great time, even if I never touched the internet. She is just .... Unbelievable.

Have I fallen ? Possibly. It is one of the risks of this activity. But it is a delicious drop in her arms. And we have always managed to keep the "barrier" in place: we do not intrude in one-anothers lives.

Thinking of You, and I hope to be back Soon Darling!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Have we been introduced ?

Hopelessly Romantic... (and I take that as a compliment)Someone remarked that the intro to this blog is getting out of date. This was correct. I have learned a lot and moved on a bit in the year and a half since I started these scribbles.

So here comes the June-2008 update.

I will leave the old intro in place just in the interest of history.

I could also refer to my six words post. It was done in a hurry, but to my own surprise, it was remarkebly on Target.

But What should a proper intro be?
And how can I write about myself without sounding too braggish and without giving away too much of my identity ? I often wish I had the talent that some of you Ladies seem to have. I do get the impression some of you are online-marketing consultants
doing a bit of fun on the side. It is amazing how much effort and talent is displayed at some sites/blogs.

Take a look at Dollymopp. A Great Site and a well done blog, showing lots of personality.

Or go and visit Olivia, who displays the most charming, educated elegance (with a distinctly pervy side too). To avoid rewriting my own intro, I was very tempted to just refer the readers to Livvy, who once summed me up quite flattering as deliciously pervy.

Check Aneris, who is Refreshingly fank in her goals and intentions. And she does write a Lot.

And Eleanor, who does a superb job of projecting her
image and her personality with a series of topical blog-entries that also serve to subtly educate her "chaps" on her likes and dislikes. Some of her entries are even short Poems and her text is always accompanied by well chosen (and watermarked) graphics.
Those Ladies are Artist in my book.

Time to renew my own feeble attempt at the "why" and the "what".

I know what the keywords are:
Fun, Respect, Opinions, Therapy, and (self)Advertizing.

Now I just have to put some meat on those bones (nononono, no pun intended - looks misprovingly at Livvy lewdly licking her lips...).

To Be Continued...

Monday, 9 June 2008

Hot and Sweet

Backlog of real-world work and blog-ideas. Patience.

click to see how I got the idea of Hot and Sweet... However, as I was finishing off and decided to make a cuppa (this hotel has an OK cooker, decent cups and even Earl Grey tea). And suddenly the Tea reminded me of a Special moment some weeks ago.

A rapid google for "tea" found this image of a tea-timer (didnt even know they existed) and I included it to keep my pervy-image up (hi Livvy.)

A good cuppa takes a bit of time, and it seems the further north you go, the stronger they prefer their tea.

But to do a very dear memory justice, a 2nd search for a proper "romantic tea for two", found the Video below. It only has one fault: There are not enough roses in it.

Now before I go all soddy like the biscuit, I'm off to hug my pillow. Long day tomorrow.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

To Be Continued.

Sorry Everybody... (there is even a website by that name...)Please accept my apologies, as my blog is a bit erratic these days, time, life, real world etc... But I do try to keep up reading my bloglist (Hi there Alexa, Aneris, Livvy, Sue, no worries, you are never far from my mind - x !). I am after all just a little curious.

Doesnt she look Lovely! (although I do think she looks older then the average schoolgirl, but hey: I'm not into schoolgirl fantasies)In clicking about, I came across the Cartoon-preview from Dollymopp.That rang a bell! And after my hommage, I am on a bit of an Art-Trip. Remember that I have sometimes called "Personal Services" a form of Art?

As for the Artist we know as Dollymopp, I already thought Dollymopp resembled Kelly, the head-girl of St Trinians (2007). I disagree with the critics, it was an OK movie to watch, and I dont say that because I am a pervert. It was a funny, comical, feelgood movie! Fun to Watch and with some nice examples of female Empowerment at that. Soundbites like "It is no use relying on the grown ups, we need to sort this ourselves" tend to stay with you. And the tune stayed in my head for days.

I found this quite an Erotic Pose..., something about getting your gun off...Then there was the striking resemblance to the bad-girl in Indiana Jones IV.
Again, I disagree with the critics, the movie is Fine. Truly Indiana Jones, including the end.
I willl be an Indie Fan even when they decide to do a pre-quell after indie-XIII flops, if only because Karen Allen was an early crush of mine!

But cartoons..., that opens up a whole new set of possibilities ....
Can we expect a TBC series with Her Dollymoppness ? I'll be (c)licking from time2time.

In the mean time, her teaser-cartoon has awakened my ancient hobby: Cartoons, or in frech: BDs (no, not what you perverts think). Although this was a nice trouvaille...

To Be Continued....

Saturday, 17 May 2008

How to write a Homage

Literature is full of references to Working Ladies. And many Working Ladies are avid readers themselves. Dollymopp, Nia, and Various other Ladies have lists of books on their sites and often they refer to Lewd Ladies in Literature or Harlots in History. Recently there is also the class of Babes with a Blog that have ventured into books and sometimes even into TV series.

I never had the ambition to be an art critic. My taste is nowhere near that of the fashionable in-crowd, and I would not be good at rubbing shoulders with the self-important, narcistic egos that populate the art scene. They seem to be in permanent ecstacy towards the latest erratic oeuvre. I just read what suits my mood, and generally listen to upbeat music of 30 years old. I have nothing against drama-queens (male, female or whatever beer they are) but they are Not my cuppa.

An art critic....Nor was I any good at literature-classes in highschool. I always thought the "Search for Meaning" and the symbolism that some interpreters and reviewers attributed to books was grossly exagerrated. As I got my dose of high-rolling Art rammed down my throat I had some frank discussions with my teachers. I tended to make fun of what they called Art and I still cannot resist that urge to ridicule sometimes, hence this blog entry.

During later periods though, as I grew out of my "teenage rebellion" phase, some of that force-fed "knowledge" remained and there were a few books that stayed in my mind. One of those was "Lonely Road" by Nevil Shute and it came to my attention again when I did the item on "floozies in film" to point to Eleanor. The Author wrote this book, his 3rd published work, early on in his writing career. He was still only a part-time writer, and was focussed on his main profession: Engineering. Shute was working in the exciting new domain of aircraft construction, but possibly in a rather boring job of engineer/calculator.

Something in that particular book touched me way back then, and touches me still. I have recently re-read the early Shute novels and I still like them. But reading them with my newly aqcuired background of being a client gave me another slate on things. It is possibly that in his first book, "Mazaran", Shute projected his own desires onto his main character Philip Stenning. Stenning
is a bold character, a fighter pilot trained during WWI living a relaxed,
but rather wild life as a civilian pilot in the roaring twenties. We learn that Stenning regularly had wild nights in the company of "flossies" of whom he speaks very positively and with much respect. Shute may have tried some of that life but as an engineer, he would lack the audacity, the spending power, and the sheer raw attraction that a pilot and war hero could bring to the party. Shute sometimes sounds a bit envious of Stenning when he composes the narrative.

Enter Commander Stevenson, the main character of his third book, "Lonely Road". In Leeds (of all places!) Commander Stevenson meets a "professional dancing partner" by the name of Mollie Gordon. Mollie is a Delicious and Adorable Doddle. And despite their differences in background Stevenson and Mollie get along just Grand. At no moment is there any hint that Mollie ever did what "other girls who go out with gentlemen" seem to do. Stevenson and Mollie, despite a certain provider-client relationship, and in defiance of the espionage-intrigue around them, live a perfect pastoral romance. They fall hopelessly in Love. My theory is that Shute wrote this book as a homage, a tribute to a Lady with whom he had gotten a little too close. A hidden and hopeless romance? A Muse?

You can all think of this what you like: Projection? Fantasy? Joke ? But I suggest the romantic readers among you go see for yourself. I can go on about this for many more lines, with supporting clues and hints from the book, but why not go and read for yourself? It is a very moving story with several nice, unexpected twists to it. It will be particularly interesting to see what Ladies and Clients make of it. If any of you find the hidden and subtle references to "the bizz" and to a "relationship", make sure to report them. And you may even go on and read other books by Shute. Have fun in deciphering the puzzle!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Floozies in Film

This was a nice Discovery : A Filmography of Floozies in Film.

Eleanor Herself! (With my Repectful Gratitude for permission to use the image)Many Thanks to Eleanor for composing that page. Her list is a goldmine of interesting movies that touch on the subject of Courtesanship, Escorting, or just plain working.

And Eleanor is well documented, she has really gone into the historic days of cinema, going back as far as 1913.

There are the obvious titles, like Belle de jour and Pretty Woman. An unexpected mention (for me, but in hindsight evident) goes to Porkies...

And there was this title that really peaked my curiosity: Hookers in Revolt, according to IMBD it was inspired by the work of George Orwell....

It is a bit of a downer that one of my now-favorite movies on the topic, the foreign production Special Escort (2007) will probably not qualify for the list. Why not? Go see it!
I only stumbled across this "special" movie two months ago because it was shown on a Lufthansa long-haul (air-travel, another link with Eleanor)

However, I hope Eleanor will allow me to suggest a few additions:

[1936] Victory Hopper as Molly Gordon in The Lonely Road.

[1984] Kathleen turner as china blue in Crimes of Passion.

[1998] Rae Baker as Julia in Shadow Run.

The book by Nevil Shute.The original book of Lonely Road is a good read too. Actually, that same, very civilized author, Nevil Shute, has touched the subject of "Escorting" a number of times. His main character of earlier novels, Philip Stenning, tells of a wild night in the company of "a flossie" that lands him 3 months in Jail (Marazan, written in 1926, no movie). And in his next novel, "Ruined City" (1938, no movie) the protagonist enrolls the help of a mixed crowd at a nightclub to pull off a business venture abroad. It makes you think how the author did business himself when he started his own company in the early days commercial air transport.

The last mention, Shadow Run, is a very English movie. And Ravishing Rae Baker is cast as the most Stunning redhead. A Delight to look at. Her Julie character is a very realistic Escort (I wonder, what research did she do...?). And the dialog between her and Haskell (Michal Caine) over dinner is Sublime! It reminded me of a very similar chat I had with a very similar Lady in the bar of a hotel, autumn of 2006...)

Anyway, I'm sure the readers can come up with many more... Just put them in a comment, or better: send them straight to Eleanor.

I will be off to HMV, Amazon and torrentseek with a list shortly...

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Politics, Picures and Freedom of Frollicks

The meaning of the hat will become clear near the end of the text - but yeah, it is also an sublimal commercial message for the new Indiana Jones movieThere is a saying in a different language:
Even if you dont pay attention to politics,
Politics will come and pay attention to you.

There may be a British equivalent, but it does not spring to mind right now.
Would Miss Livvy be able to include such a proverb in next weeks lesson?

So politics have decided to pay attention to us. At least some of the UKs third-rate politicians in the desperate days of a disappearing parliamentary majority. And if these lawmakers get their way with the Industry of "Consenting Adults" things may get complicated. If we let them outlaw "pay for play" we may end up with no end of trouble - such as trying to prove/disprove that payment(*) was for, well, specific "acts".

Hence, like I wrote earlier, some of us will have to stand up for Freedom of Frollicks(**).

And I would not count on too much help from the average caught-out-MEP or exposed-hotshot. Those tend to dissapear silently. I know of none who turned around and stood up for the industry they had happily participated in.

There may be some help coming from an unexpected side: It was interesting to hear the moderate voice of these Ladies from the Women's Institute

Some credible participants in the industry will have to help to get the message across: Very Few Ladies in this line of work are forced, trafficked or exploited.

As the real world can easily verify, and as HMRC knows full well, many of the reputable indies and agents are proper "above-board" registered enterprises. As independents and businesses they benefit form the civil and legal infrastructure provided by the state. We should recognize that they contribute to the UK economy by providing an in-demand service, as well as an honest living or an interesting hobby for the participants. And as any decent and proper business they pay their taxes to keep the institutions of the state in proper functioning order.

No matter what a moral majority may think of these businesses: they are Legitimate! (I dont think those "Morals" are much of a "Majority", but it is hard counting things that people would rather keep private - myself included).

(*) Note that Payment is always only for "Time and Companionship", and such only to the point were both parties "agree" or "consent" to be together, stay together and possibly play together. Whatever happens is purely a matter for consenting adults who get along brilliantly.

(**) Make no mistake: I have nothing against a good, Credible, Crackdown on Crime. And I am in favour of combatting exploitation, violence or money laundering. But there are proper and existing laws to do that with. The recent wave of raids on parlours may be good proof of current legislation in action. So how many exploited and trafficked girls have been unearthed in those raids?
And what percentage of the total number of working Ladies or "escorts" in the UK is that?

What do pictures have to do with this?

IDs and discretion, one of my other favorite topics.We have seen the odd press piece and the documentary on Ch4,
some rare but refreshingly open articles every now and then. There were a number of more-or-less-credible Escort-authored books : Belle, Dawn - call me Elizabeth - Annadale, and the mother of all Happy Harlots: Xaviera.

And on this "trend" we are, gradually, seeing Agents and business owners becoming more and more "open" about what they do.

Several Agencies that I know now have the picture of the "owner operator" on the site somewhere. There already was the example of a well known, legendary NE agent/escort who had a (small) picture of herself up on her agency site.
And the other NE Escort who named the agency after herself and Proudly features herself as one of the girls.

And now recently an NE agency had a site-overhaul, and, low and behold: A charming and very recognizable picture of the owner features Proudly and somewhat provocatively on the front page.

I think it is quite brave of those Ladies to come out like that, given the possible repercussions and reactions of the community they live in. Would you want to be confronted with this job at the school gates? It has happened to some Ladies!

Being rather "private" myself,
I repectfully Tip my Hat to them! Well done Ladies.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Romantic, hopelessly Romantic.

But I did not Break it, I actually discoverd a few nice blogs and sites throught it - Thanks Chev!When doing the previous post, the silly chain-letter, I had to quickly come up with six (6, German: Sechs) words that characterize me. I didnt give it much thought. Did it while I was in a hurry, running on impulse.

I wrote the concept of that text while having a quick dinner in my favorite fast-food. Darn chain letters! I had Work to do, and I wanted to get ahead to make sure I would have an evening available for more important things.

I posted it without much thinking or editing a few hours later as I wanted to "tag" ppl before others would swoop them up.

Job Done.
Onwards I went onto Real Things - my planned Date was very important to me!

Fluffy - this towel, like me, will remain fluffy, no matter how often you wash it :-)But maybe I am a bit of a Fluffy...
Afterwards it surprised me that those words, chosen "randomly" over a fast-food meal, describe Exactly how I want a Date to go. Let me re-visit them one by one.

  • Preparations: Mine are legendary. And several posters have Commented on them.

  • Respect: I try to invite real personalities, and I have great Respect for any Lady who endeavours "on the game".

  • Connection: I want to really connect to the Lady. And I greatly appreciate it when she returns the favour, real or acting (as long as I dont notice that it is acting, there is no difference!).

  • Tenderness: Essential for good inter-personal mechanics and that Deep and Satisfying Pleasure.

  • Longwinding: I do like to frollick for the full duration of our meeting.
    I never tire of tender treatment. The real reason I date Ladies is to be Close. To touch and to be touched. To kiss and be kissed. To love an to be loved. Of course, the qualification "longwinding" was given to me for my endlessly long postings where ppl fall asleep reading.

  • Soporific: The night sleep after a good meeting is Very Rewarding. (and yes, someone qualified my writings a soporific, but I dont blame her..)

Funny how my 6 words, impulsively jotted, were Spot On.

However, the Main Reason for this post is a Thank You!

This week I had one of those Very Memorable meetings with a Real Lady. And this is my way of saying :

"Thank You Darling - You are Mint!".

You know who you are, Take Well Care!

This one is Just for You! - And I hope we will meet again, Soon.

Monday, 31 March 2008

Six Words and a five tags.

Blimey. Or should I say “Darn”.
Chain letters.

Indy has narrowly escaped, but then finds himself in a plane with a snake at his feetAt the Frantic start of Busy week, I find myself holding a chain-letter...
"Snakes! I hate ‘m Jock, I hate ‘m!"
"Oh come on, show a little backbone, will ya."

With Indy IV just round the corner, any Lady to volunteer to come and see it when it hits the screens in UK?

Oh well
swallow this and quickly find 5 victims, before the whole net is plastered.

The Roolz (as I've inherited them from Chevalier):

  • Write your own six word memoir (check)

  • Post it on your blog (check) and include a visual illustration if you’d like (still looking for good visuals)

  • Link to the person that tagged you in your post. (link to Chevalier, chev or "Jeffe" goes here)

  • Tag five more blogs with links (links under the names below)

  • And don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

(* Ptr off to click his blogroll - Fast *)

So here are my six words:
Preparation - Respect - Connection - Tenderness - Longwinding - Soporific

Note to self: link each word to dictionary definition....
(the last word is a quote from a well known board-posting Lady, unfortunately she doenst have a blog.

And here come the tags.
Six, as I've decided to include Sue - Bless Her - at the last minute:

more work...Darn 'n Darn 'n DARN again.
I forgot some of them dont allow comments.
Resort to Email... (need graph of envelope)

So there!
Back to real work for me. (some graph of real work - spade? mud ?)

The graphics will have to wait till later tonight,
or L8ter tout court.


Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Sitemap of my escorting blog

As with so may real sites, and on the advice of a trusted operator,
I've decicded to create this index page, a sitemap, if you want.

Here are the introductionary pages,
they are the ones that say most about me and my preferences:

  • The very first intro - still very much at the start of my blogging era

  • Consenting Adults - the main topic, with some reserves

  • Outcalls, just my thing

  • My preparations - The Reference.

  • Waiting for Her

  • The Mind... it really is a mind game.

  • Seduction - mind and body

  • Broke my heart - sentimental ?

  • Just for Her - when it was all I could do...

  • Advice

    Allthough as a customer, I am on "the other side of the fence", here are my Pedantic Tips for Ladies, Agents and others:
  • The Right Lady (TRL) - Well? Are You ?

  • Agency or Indie ? - I'm neutral

  • Agents and Indies Revisited

  • The list of Links.....
  • Before the knock on the door

  • Writing blogs and reports

  • The script for a date

  • Discretion

  • Recommendations - Risks and Rewards

  • Phone Etiquette

  • Outcall Advice

  • The links to IUSW and SAAFE

  • More Tips

  • The pictures dont do her justice...

  • Racks, of the female kind

  • (insert another favorite graphic of Lovely Deep Cleavage here?)

    I am a bit of a foody .....
  • Chocolate - Yummie!

  • Food and Frollicking

  • Nice boost of morale

  • General fun stuff
  • Punters - complete Morons

  • How old are you?

  • Lobster

  • Trains

  • Art

  • The knock on the door

  • Blocked sites ?

  • My Favorite Balls

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  • Positions

  • Racks - some of my favorites

  • This movie was a good View

  • Links to other bloggers or sites:
    I will admit: I'm as obsessed by BOOBS as the next bloke.....
  • Got a Banners ?

  • Whatever you see...

  • Quite a personality

  • Nikki - Nicola - Nat

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  • Kimberley

  • Keep up to date....

  • Beverly is Cool!

  • Two nice new links

  • Media stuff:

  • Radio Interview with an agent

  • Olivia in press

  • One very Smart Girl

  • $pread

  • My rant on boards and stabbings.
  • Message boards

  • Politics - not my strongest point
    There is a saying in a different language: Even if you dont pay attnt to politics, Politics will pay attention to you.
    That is what may be happening if the UK lawmakers get their way with this Industry.
  • Parlours

  • Christmas and Legislation

  • Oranized labour

  • Freedom of Frollicks

  • Various topics, hard to classify stuff:
  • Manners?

  • The Eternal Mystery

  • And finally, my ramblings on "the Quality-date"
    (as some cynics will say: my specifications)

  • Nature...

  • text

  • text

  • And the basics

  • an oldie on the GFE

  • Did you ever fall ?

  • would you really want...

  • And I also nicked found this nice looking set of clickable buttons, they lead to various Industry-related sites...

    Punterlink 69D escort directory UK Escorts

    Select an escort Captain69Open Adult Directory

    escortsList adult contacts direct 69Design

    Oh, and this video was a Good Laugh
    (nothing to do with the main topic, but still.