Friday, 4 January 2008

A Great Boost.

Before I forget, and before it is too late:

Happy New Year to Everyone.

Today, at the end of a very slow working week, I got a Great Boost, But...

I seem to have made a (small-ish) customer extremely happy with just a 2 hr phone conference. The analogy with phone-services applies. These people called me. I told them my opinions on the subject at hand, and it was more or less what they wanted to hear.

And I wonder if it helped that I had prepared various cheeses on crackers to eat (but orange juice to drink) during the conference call.

All while sitting in front of my fireplace with a laptop and a speaker-phone that was on long mutes half of the time.

A Dream job. Not to mention some happy managers: no cost incurred, so no hassle over which department pays my expenses (those FF-ing Beancounters; scrutinizing hotel-bills)...

Yes, a good start of the Year.

I happen to be addicted not just to cheese and crackers, but also to travel and its perks.

And I feel the need to say "Happy New Year" in person to a few Ladies. That will be the real Boost for the new year.


The English Courtesan said...

You can't just leave us dangling like that Ptr! We the foodies need to know the following:

1) What type of cheese?
2) What type of cracker?
3) What type of interaction twixt cheese and cracker?

My own preference is for strong cheeses like Pouligny-St-Pierre or Montgomery's on a plain oatcake like Nairn's or possibly on something malted, but milder cheeses like Cornish Yarg and Sage Derby need to be on something with a little zest like Fudge's cheese and black pepper or sesame and pumpkin flatbreads. Runny cheeses such as Penyston or Capricorn arguably require toast or something tough and chewy like olive bread or the end of a baguette.

What say you, Young Ptr?

Livvy xxx

pcpro said...

Sadly cheese is off the menu as the fabled pcpro 6-pack turned into a well-rounded keg over the past few months ... personally, I don't think you can beat a mature cheddar on a Fudge's Marmite cracker, however, a crunchy Granny Smith will have to do ... getting your teeth into Mrs Smith might be even better! LOL!

Ptr_leeds said...

Welcome Back Livvy, you couldnt stay away from the lewd links eh?

Well, I could jolly this up and put some really sophisticated Fromages (AOC), but it was actually just "whatever I found in the cheese dept of the fridge". If I remember well, there was some Brie, and a lovely but smelly Chaume. There definitely was Mozarella as I remember I fancied that and opened the pack. You will notice, all are soft cheeses.

Btw: if you are into smelly cheese, try Fromage de Herve. A Belgian colleage made me taste it and told me it went back to the 13th century... (It certainly smelled that way) [link? nah too lazy today].

The mozeralla was cut in fairly large pieces (tastier that way) but the other cheese were cut in very small part so each would be easy and quickly to consume (phone etiquette!).

The crackers were fairly vanilla, small round things, with some garlicky spice on it (not done, as it interferes with the taste of the cheese)

Interaction was simple:
The Cheese has been on the crackers for no more then 120 minuts, as I prepared it all just before the phonecall, and ate it withing the 120 minutes of the call (and drank half of a liter of orange juice).

btw: all this food talk reminds me, I must do a blog on the delicious role of the doddington-dairy ice-cream on some of my recent dates in the NE. Go google : doddington dairy... Higly recommended!

Sorry to hear of your sixpack.
Your wasteline and your food choice betrays you as most efinitely British. We both know Mrs Smith is an exotic delight (Which I havent tasted yet, but tempted...). However, I would hesitate to bite off a piece of the Lovely Lady. I'd rather snap a piece off an apple, and do something cuddly with Mrs Smith instead.

The English Courtesan said...

Ah PCPro, I concur with Ptr as both Granny Smiths and Marmite are peculiarly British tastes. As a fellow Marmite fan I can only marvel at your impeccable taste. Incidentally, from a lady's point of view, there is a lot to be said for a well-rounded keg - might I suggest it's indicative of a well-rounded personality or would that be un-PC of me? ;-)

Ah Ptr, the joys of un p'tit morceau de Chaume with orange juice! Why does cheese and orange juice work so well, I wonder? Like you, I find a lump of cheese gives me an instant orange urge. It should ideally be freshly squeezed with proper bits in it (what d'you mean 'are you Michael Winner in drag?'). That Innocent Detox smoothie goes well with cheese too. The purple one with goji berries is the English Courtesan's juice of choice for countering her vices.

I Googled Doddington Dairy and was initially delighted to find an online shop but promptly disappointed to find it only stocks cow books and cow wellies. Cow books and cow wellies are all well and good but not when it's ice cream I want. What's more, I have a sneaking suspicion that you may well have some in your freezer. Do you deliver? ;-)

Livvy xxx