Wednesday, 16 January 2008

More positions, $pread the news...

There I was, lost, looking for bearings, pondering my previous blog on positions (the serious positions-part, the part I'm not good at) and debating how to say something sensible about politics and proposed new prostitution laws in the UK.

And along came the lovely
always well connected and clued-in. And she pointed me to this US based $pread Magazine.

Rather then me rant about politics or list the pros and cons of legalizing the Industry, I recommend you to go and enlighten yourself over at $pread.

Their motto is, fittingly, "Illuminating the sex industry". Their Mission Statement makes sense, and their FAQ is instructive as well. They seem a legit business enterprise, staffed by volunteers, most of which have "hands on" experience of the industry.

They actively seek involvement from their readers and the internet community. You can donate, subscribe or even submit an article or letter. I would not be surprised if Livvy would occur as an author at some point (can she resist?).

As modern media people, the $pread team also keep a weblog, so Go say Hi!

Considering the $pread motto: "Illuminating the sex industry", I think a picture of The best known Illuminating Lady is quite appropriate. It complements the the compass while I am looking for bearings and determine my position...

This Lady also nicely signifies the Liberating and Empowering effect that the sex industry had on many Ladies that I have met on the job.

Something for the UK lawmakers to keep in mind?

I'm off to add a link to my bloglist and a $pread-logo to my banner page.


The English Courtesan said...

Wahahaha, ooooh Ptrrrrrrrrrrrr, you mean you're spreading 'em as well? And there was me thinking you were a virtuous and pious little creature... :-)

Beaming at you and extending a long spread leg in your direction,

Livvy xxx

Ptr_leeds said...

Oh Luscious but Lewd Livvy,

You and your badges and your remarks and your (perfectly formed?) legs. You make me stray!

I wanted to get organized and post something sensible on this new UK legislation and the buzxz around it. Now look at me browsing and posting dodgy stuff...

Spreading and all, first I found this commercial.. But then I started to feel distinctly warm under the collar when I found this impressive spread.

I'll have to do some stern talking to myself to prevent this blog from turning into a notoriously pervy hangout. Seems I attract the wrong visitors!

(ptr off to Banbury to make some tea and cucumber sandwiches).