Tuesday, 15 January 2008


 I actually nicked this picture off Alexa. Go See...The clip-art to the left is a "Position". A Lighthearted pre-amble to serious stuff.

With all the talk in the UK about new swedish-style laws around prostitution, I am again tempted to lay out lists of arguments. Help readers choose a position, so to speak.

A nice starting point is this article here. Do read the comments, as there are some intersting reactions.

Before christmas, I have already pointed out a post by the Luscious Livvy.

Lurking in the corridors was my link to this paper that explains the various arguments that feminists have had over prostitution. As is mostly the case, I tend to find myself in the rows of the liberals here. Not the US-style leftie-liberals, but the old-style Laissez-Faire school. The True Liberals.

However, after writing down my notes, arguments and questions in an email for discussion with a few online-friends, I also came across this "Position Page" and decided to put that up first...
Let me know what your opinion is (maybe we should have a poll).

While the readers browse-on and form their own opinions (or just have a laff), I will have my own ponder about this "Prossies and Politics" topic. I might put up a Posting if and only if I think I have something sensible to add. Otherswise, je vous laisse faire. You are all grown ups who can form their own opinion after all. But do not hestiate to share it.


The English Courtesan said...

Are we meant to do all 33 of those at once Ptr and if so can you suggest a mantra? Your advice would be much appreciated,

Respectfully confused,

Livvy xxx

Ptr_leeds said...

Wowee at Livveee,

All at once... You do have an appetite!
I conclude that you are in Mint Physical Condition, possibly due to all those
hospitality baskets, the fruit-platters and the swimming. But I would prefer to take a full weekend to to all 33. Enjoy it more thoroughly, deeply.

The advice to the confused would be the Mantra: "Don't give up - Keep Up."

SimplyAlexa said...

I see Ptr, we have the same taste in "position photos." :-) I thought that one was very sexy...of course, no more fruit platters...or wine for this female and the male portion would have to be working out just a tad to support the starving (cheese deprived) female. ;-))

It's not the position that counts...but what is truly inside and the connection, right? Of course, I know you agree with that one. ;-)


Ptr_leeds said...

Good to see you Back, I was beginning to miss you.
I did nick the picture off your blog. Indeed, move the mouse over it...

As for the cheese and fruit, I wouldnt worry. This male has lifted various objects in his days, and I have been known to twirl ladies around the room and, LOL, got told off for it.

SimplyAlexa said...

hum...twirl ladies around...now this is getting better and better by the minute. ;-) It is nice to be missed and by such a great admirer. (honored you borrowed the photo! ;-))

Waiting breathlessly for your post on sohia...