Sunday, 20 January 2008

Racks and more

How could I resist this set-up?
Initially I wanted to elaborate on hotels, and my pedantic opinion on some UK chains. I've already
stated some of my thoughts on various posts and blogs and blog-commennts. Old news.

Then Of course, being called Pervy by such an expert as Livvy is a perfect badge of honour (the serious stuff will have to wait a bit still..)

Speaking of Pervy: "Pervert wear Purple"
This was just sent in by my Fave Lady from the North East...

Back to Racks.
I have never claimed to be an expert on Racks, but the picture will give you a clue. As an opinionated person, IMHO a Rack shoul be natural, and firm enough to be carried "free range" on occasions.

Some of my favorite Racks can be found Here - not just on Friday.

Although the all-aware Google will also turn up This Rack.


The English Courtesan said...

It is indeed a badge of honour, oh pervy yet perfect Ptr, and it was intended as such!

However, I'm surprised to discover that you're not an expert on racks. What have you been doing all this time then?

No, on reflection, probably best not to answer that... ;-)

Livvy xxx

SimplyAlexa said...

Hum...racks and racks...I particularly like the bit about how they should be firm enough to be carried "free range." My favorite!!



Ptr_leeds said...

Thank you Livvy,

I'll wear the badge with pride.
Of course you couldnt resist a tasty rack of ribs, foreign or not. And my pervy immagination can just see your perfectly formed attributes heaving up and down at the sight of those edible Ribs.

A trip to TGIF imposes itself (there is one in walking distance of the Crowne Plaza in Leeds).
Imagine nibbling that mouth-watering meat off the bone and lewdly licking the Jack Daniels sauce off those succulent but solid sticks. All the while keeping an eye on your dinner partner over the table who, of course, is involuntarily concentrating on that other Perfectly formed Rack.
The serious licking has yet to begin.

Firm and Free range indeed (please forgive me, but Livvy has that bad influence on me..)
You betray the Country Girl in you, Or should that be la ragazza rurale! I truly envy you when you describe your time in paradise.

SimplyAlexa said... ragazza di campagna...well lets just say I'm a little like sophia loren's ragazza di campagna characters...;-))

There is truly nothing better than a free range rack under silk...especially when it is a nice perky and natural rack...

che ti pensi?

Ptr_leeds said...

completamente accosento:
niente è più interessante allora libertà sotto seta. I would not be able to look at anything else anymore...

And I'll chase a picture of Sophia for one of my next items...

SimplyAlexa said...

:-)) Sophia...her films were something else, eh? So...instead of caffe and panna, I know what to do with you when you float into Tuscany. ;-))

webmaster said...
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Ptr_leeds said...

Deep Sigh.

Have we been introduced ?

Anyway, Platinum-Escorts (of Leeds), Thanks for visiting. And you can have your link on the banners page (because you asked so boldly ... ).

And yes, your site looks nice.
But please, no spamming here. Hence, I'm removing your comment for the moment.

Comments "on Topic" like your remark "I like the JD ribs" are fine, but Puh-leees, No Spam.

Tjees, I feel like James@X doing this.