Monday, 18 February 2008

Changing position - a special escort movie

Yep, another Movie on Escorting.

The 1995 movie, one of several with this title.  This one is nice if you like soft pornAs I have only seen half an episode of the series with La Belle Billie (LBB, get it?), I do not yet have the same frame of reference that most of the UK readers have. I have seen an earlier movie, "Call Girl" and I found that to be rather good soft-porn, but not realistic.

However, by coincidence I came across another, more recent movie that treats the Escorting life and career more realistically: "Special Escort." The original title is "Changing Position", which also gives away some of the plot.

The narrative starts a bit slow but is full of small humorous items and references to other movies. Over time, the speed picks up and the movie becomes hilarious, all while remaining reasonably realistic.
The ending is not at all moralizing, but has a few obligatory "hopeful" twists to it for the feel good factor. It also invites to reflexion. The scenario was probably written by people with some good advice (or experience...?) from "the Industry".

Rather then glamorizing the job, as much of the chick-lit seems to do, this story remains neutral, but touches on a surprisingly large number of topics that a "professional companion" will likely come across on entering the business.

By depicting five workers simultaneously, this story is able to treat, among others:

  • The problems of (un)employment, either with a PhD, a failing business or a menial job, and the mounting bills.
  • The accidental solicitation by a client, revealing the tantalizing earning-potential.
  • There is the agony on entering the business, followed by the improvised briefings, primitive research and some hilarious attempt at training.
  • The recruitment process of a starting agency, looking for suitable escorts (yep, at the jobcentre), including a bloody nose.
  • An escort is shamelessly "entrapped" (on the very first gig!), and even makes the mistake of a hesitant brag about not-yet-existent earnings to the undercover revenue-agent.
    Lesson: Never discuss your hours or earnings with a client.
  • There is the first, primitive, horrible, home made web-site by the enthusiastic agent, including a picture of an escort who did Never condone to showing a recognizable face.
  • The inevitable, painful outing (and the sweet, funny revenge), including the "breaking news" on the cover of a local newspaper. Guess what: that news-item leads to a barrage of both timewasters and real clients!
  • There is a virgin-escort who, after much hesitation, happens to meet a virgin-client.

And much more (watch the boss who fires one of the main characters at the start!)

As a bonus, the movie contains a number of cinematic references. And at least four of those clearly refer to particularly well known Iconic British movie. I'll leave the readers to find out which movie (hey presto Livvy: here is an enigma for you).

You can probably see that I enjoyed the movie, twice now, and I can warmly (hotly!) recommend it. Notably to anyone who is familiar with the industry. Comedy and tragedy go together nicely, and it invites to reflexion, thus making this a nice work of Art. (another idea for N-P...?) The hilarious waxing scene from the movie will convince anyone that it can be a particularly painful treatment.

And there is one particular plot-item, a major one, that I have not even touched upon (remember that the original title is "Change of View"). I could have chosen the title: "mirror".

Do yourself a favour, and Do Not read the critics or the IMDB entry: Rent or download this movie straight away and have a good laugh as well as some insight in this world of "The Funny Business".

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