Monday, 31 March 2008

Six Words and a five tags.

Blimey. Or should I say “Darn”.
Chain letters.

Indy has narrowly escaped, but then finds himself in a plane with a snake at his feetAt the Frantic start of Busy week, I find myself holding a chain-letter...
"Snakes! I hate ‘m Jock, I hate ‘m!"
"Oh come on, show a little backbone, will ya."

With Indy IV just round the corner, any Lady to volunteer to come and see it when it hits the screens in UK?

Oh well
swallow this and quickly find 5 victims, before the whole net is plastered.

The Roolz (as I've inherited them from Chevalier):

  • Write your own six word memoir (check)

  • Post it on your blog (check) and include a visual illustration if you’d like (still looking for good visuals)

  • Link to the person that tagged you in your post. (link to Chevalier, chev or "Jeffe" goes here)

  • Tag five more blogs with links (links under the names below)

  • And don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

(* Ptr off to click his blogroll - Fast *)

So here are my six words:
Preparation - Respect - Connection - Tenderness - Longwinding - Soporific

Note to self: link each word to dictionary definition....
(the last word is a quote from a well known board-posting Lady, unfortunately she doenst have a blog.

And here come the tags.
Six, as I've decided to include Sue - Bless Her - at the last minute:

more work...Darn 'n Darn 'n DARN again.
I forgot some of them dont allow comments.
Resort to Email... (need graph of envelope)

So there!
Back to real work for me. (some graph of real work - spade? mud ?)

The graphics will have to wait till later tonight,
or L8ter tout court.


Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Sitemap of my escorting blog

As with so may real sites, and on the advice of a trusted operator,
I've decicded to create this index page, a sitemap, if you want.

Here are the introductionary pages,
they are the ones that say most about me and my preferences:

  • The very first intro - still very much at the start of my blogging era

  • Consenting Adults - the main topic, with some reserves

  • Outcalls, just my thing

  • My preparations - The Reference.

  • Waiting for Her

  • The Mind... it really is a mind game.

  • Seduction - mind and body

  • Broke my heart - sentimental ?

  • Just for Her - when it was all I could do...

  • Advice

    Allthough as a customer, I am on "the other side of the fence", here are my Pedantic Tips for Ladies, Agents and others:
  • The Right Lady (TRL) - Well? Are You ?

  • Agency or Indie ? - I'm neutral

  • Agents and Indies Revisited

  • The list of Links.....
  • Before the knock on the door

  • Writing blogs and reports

  • The script for a date

  • Discretion

  • Recommendations - Risks and Rewards

  • Phone Etiquette

  • Outcall Advice

  • The links to IUSW and SAAFE

  • More Tips

  • The pictures dont do her justice...

  • Racks, of the female kind

  • (insert another favorite graphic of Lovely Deep Cleavage here?)

    I am a bit of a foody .....
  • Chocolate - Yummie!

  • Food and Frollicking

  • Nice boost of morale

  • General fun stuff
  • Punters - complete Morons

  • How old are you?

  • Lobster

  • Trains

  • Art

  • The knock on the door

  • Blocked sites ?

  • My Favorite Balls

  • Quicky

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  • Halloween with Olivia

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  • Positions

  • Racks - some of my favorites

  • This movie was a good View

  • Links to other bloggers or sites:
    I will admit: I'm as obsessed by BOOBS as the next bloke.....
  • Got a Banners ?

  • Whatever you see...

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  • Keep up to date....

  • Beverly is Cool!

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  • Media stuff:

  • Radio Interview with an agent

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  • $pread

  • My rant on boards and stabbings.
  • Message boards

  • Politics - not my strongest point
    There is a saying in a different language: Even if you dont pay attnt to politics, Politics will pay attention to you.
    That is what may be happening if the UK lawmakers get their way with this Industry.
  • Parlours

  • Christmas and Legislation

  • Oranized labour

  • Freedom of Frollicks

  • Various topics, hard to classify stuff:
  • Manners?

  • The Eternal Mystery

  • And finally, my ramblings on "the Quality-date"
    (as some cynics will say: my specifications)

  • Nature...

  • text

  • text

  • And the basics

  • an oldie on the GFE

  • Did you ever fall ?

  • would you really want...

  • And I also nicked found this nice looking set of clickable buttons, they lead to various Industry-related sites...

    Punterlink 69D escort directory UK Escorts

    Select an escort Captain69Open Adult Directory

    escortsList adult contacts direct 69Design

    Oh, and this video was a Good Laugh
    (nothing to do with the main topic, but still.

    Friday, 21 March 2008

    Escorting - Freedom of Companionship

    Knights Templar, protecting the innocent on their way to the Holy land...The Picture is of a Knight Templar, and refers to "Crusade". The emblem of the knights Templar also reminds me of that most English of symbols, the St George's Cross.

    I'm on a bit of a Historic trip for this post.

    With all the political skirmishes around the subject going on in England, I have been tempted for months to write about the (out)law-making efforts around Companionship, Prostitution and trafficking. But I am no good at political pamphlets so I'll poke some semi-serious fun at the end of the epistel.

    The current UK government (possibly in its final term) seems on a Crusade against those who seek "companionship and whatever else occurs between consenting Adults." One way the UK might try to stop Pay-for-Play (P4P) is to try and penalize those who pay.
    The lastest from the solicitor general to be found here and the resulting disucssion on Punternet

    Firstly, I am not really qualified to comment as I have never been "on the street" nor have I visited parlours. That just is not my kind of scene, and I would not be comfortable meeting a girl in those circumstances. However, I will not condemn those who work there.

    But let me make no bones about it (bones? pun? nah): Forced or coerced providers should be avoided, and trafficked or otherwise forced girls need help. Preventing girls to go on the "street scene", helping those with a drug-problem, and clamping down on dodgy parlours/providers are all laudable missions. I will not dispute that.
    But there is existing legislation in place for that already.

    I am also of the opinion that Human trafficking is despicable, and any attempt to eradicate it is a good idea. In that I agree.

    Where I disagree is that paid-for time-and-companionship is the major cause of trafficking.

    I recall two high-profile and dramatic news-events related to human trafficking in Britain: The illegal immigrants that suffocated in a truck while trying to get into Britain, and the cockle fishers who died on a beach.
    In both cases the people involved were very much tangible victims of human trafficking, but in none of these cases did the reports mention a clear link to prostitution, forced or otherwise. The victims of those trafficking incidents were far removed from the kind of persons I tend to meet for companionship.

    My main point would be: Prostitution, and even the worst kind of 'parlour exploitation' (I'm sure it does happen, but on what scale?) does not seem to be a major cause of human trafficking. A renewed (criminal) focus on Prostitution with the excuse of preventing human trafficking does not make sense to me.

    And the battle against human trafficking, in my opinion does not need to be fought at the expense of those who provide a clean an honest (above board!) service. The Ladies in this business, or at least the ones I meet, are all self-employed and tax-paying members of the community. They seem to have normal lives, normal personalities, and I have never seen signs of the stereotypical drug problems. The Ladies I meet all see Escorting as a convenient way to earn (extra) money, and some are at least partly in it for the thrill.

    In earlier posts, I have expressed my preference for a certain type of Lady, TRL. But it is clear from the various websites, notably in the cash-rich London area, that there are many foreign girls in Britain who are "on the game". The tend to be aspiring models, students, translators, hairdressers, some are even college-educated but prefer to try their luck this way.
    And some of those might even be illigal aliens. But even for those, I would question how many are here out of free-will, and how many are "forced".
    And even the ones that are possibly here against their will do not need additional legislation. An increased law-enforment effort would probably be sufficient to discourage most of them.

    A more rigorous clampdown on the business of Companionship, notably making it illegal to "purchase" services, will only drive the bad apples, those with truly criminal intent, further underground where they will probably cause even more harm.

    History seems to teach us there will always be a degree of "cash for company" in any society. There is a reason why it is The Oldest Profession. And it will exist in the 21st Century, as this article from the US clearly shows.

    The uphill Battle

    Uphill? Exactly where is this train going anyway ? well, to some brave ppl who Do stand up for their cause!For those who want to point out the disadvantages of the proposed legislation, it will be difficult to "speak up" for the discreet business of "Escorting".
    Not everybody involved in this activity will want to stand up and "be counted". I for one, value my own anonymity and getting "outed" could seriously damage my job-prospects. And many of the Ladies I've seen, although they operate their business in full view of HMCR, they would not want to be "outed at the school gates". Some actually are moms and schoolteachers.

    This means the counter-crusade to keep the business of "companionship" fully legal, is an uphill battle, fought from the "moral low ground". Not Easy.

    Therefore, it is all the more important that the society we live in remains one of "respect" for other points of view. Freedom of Speech and the ability to criticizer the government remain of foremost importance. Our society can only progress through criticism and Freedom of Expression is one of the fundamental prerogatives to that.

    This is not the only threat to a peaceful society... Whether we like what we hear or not:
    Feminists, moral crusaders, cartoonists, metric-martyrs, religious zealots and left wing extremists, all of those Must (sometimes unfortunately?) be allowed to have their say, and they must be allowed to dress in any (un-)revealing way they like.

    It is not a coincidence that some defense of free speech came from adult-oriented circles, like Larry Flint vs Jerry Fallwell. It is ironic but significant that someone like Flint, out to make a hard buck from horny males and defenseless girls, and out to cause offense with great deal of conservatives, actually stood up to defend one of the most Basic Human Rights: Free Speech.

    I will not go all dramatic with references to Magna Carta (1215), The bill of Rights (1689) and that other Declaration in a break-away colony (1776).
    I would argue that Nations who were once capable of Great Feats like those should not show small-mindedness in preventing one person to pay the bills for another in an agreement of mutual consent.

    However, these events in France (1789) are too nice to pass up, if only becasue to the nice graphic images. It seems the defense of some of the basic Freedoms, may well be the other role of the Adult Industry in society.

    Classic Painting by Delacroix.
    (Footnote: Oh hell, I am an Engineer, an Anorak. I suck at political pamphlets).

    Free Speech CoalitionI will now try to leave the politics to others, and I'll just concentrate on my frollicks.

    But To conclude on a light, colorful and slightly artistic note: Via a link at Beverly's I found this site dedicated to free-speech (with, admittedly, a distinct adult take on it). And it holds some of the coolest banners I've seen on the topic.

    I am now off to nick some (all) of their banners and splash them all over my blog. I can appreciate some primary colors and some good old patriotism. Here is a sample with a nice historic ring on it:

    Free Speech Coalition - The sweet Irony to have The Adult Industry defend Basic Human Rights!

    Friday, 14 March 2008

    Two Very Nice Links

    The Image to the left is a female Troll. I could not find an appetizing-enough image of a male troll. Hence this workaround. The meaning, if not sussed already, will soon be clear.

    After comments or mail from a blogger or webmaster, I tend to go visit their place on the web. This is how blogging seems to work: you discover, you read, you learn, and you comment on writings that you find interesting. And sometimes you write your own.

    And when I like a site or a person and their content is relevant to my topic I will add them to my banner-page or to the blog-roll on the right.

    Hopefully my comments are not too "trolly." It is not as if I'm commenting just to receive more links or traffic.
    Oh No no no, I'm after much more then just a comment or a link-exchange.

    Now, I did hesitate about the next two additions (I was a bit intimidated):
    Eleanor Aston and Dollymopp (yep, double-P, for a good reason too, go read why). Those two are clearly out of my league (for the moment, at least. I have not abandoned hope for my career yet).

    But I would like to heartily recommend both Eleanor and Dollymopp as Very Good Examples of how an Escort-page can be done! Both are Indies and aim for the premium end of the Market. Eleanor even offers "exclusive" deals for an extended period (weeks, months, .. a whole year ... ?). If I was looking for a personal assistant, I would consider offering her a position. And if my career really takes off, when I finally can expense that private jet, I might give this experienced cabin-attendant a call. Until then, I'm afraid I'll have to make do with timesharing on NetJets. And maybe Commander Delamere will offer me a ride in her helicopter some day.

    I especially love the distinctive style of Dollymopp. And the classy modern layout and Excellent Pictures of Eleanor deserve a photography award. And I wonder if I've ever met her on long-haul ... ?

    Both Dollymopp and Eleanor have blogs with some personal history. These did awakens the pervy voyeur in me (Hi Livvy, I thought you'd be watching), and both have Interesting things to say about the business and life in general.

    Now stop loitering here, Click and Go See !

    Wednesday, 12 March 2008

    Racks Revisited

    Just when I wanted to discuss floozie-movies and throw in the odd book-review, just when I also have a few ramblings on unions and politics....,

    Exactly at that very moment, Sue the Superagent from Angels4You provokes me with a comment on Racks.

    Thank you Dear. For keeping me awake at night to do another blog-entry.

    Ok then, once more: No Lady needs a bOOb-job!

    It is not really my business, and any girl is free to do woteva she fancies. But I will dis-advise any Lady to have a boob-job, always.

    I have seen more "wrong" EEnhancements then Right ones. Most are just perky, or plain basketball-hard, and all are likely to cause problems sooner or later. Rember: they will require maintenance at some point...

    However, as some have pointed out: I am a hypocrite.

    Yes, I get turned on by Ladies with a womanly figure, curves are comfy! And yes, my all-time favorite (as in: my most seen Lady) has had a boob job. And she is Very Very happy with hers. She looks like a Million Pound Sterling (with the dollar falling...) and her surgeon probably makes that in a year - he did some celebs as well.

    Hers are Delicious. Not Hard at all, very well shaped and still sensitive. Naturals. And her slightly enhanced figures becomes her very Very well.

    She also has the moviestar-lookalike face, the yummi-mummy confidence that comes with experience and with a real-world Life (including being a parent, holding a proper job, and having normal hobbies besides being a part-time Escort - she is The Right Lady)

    And she combines her womanly, size10/12 curvy figure with the perfect posture that comes from being Fit and self-assured (her other hobby is also quite physical). But still, she realizes that her proud DD assets can turn into liabilities. She knows she cannot run and that she needs a good-quality corset to ride a horse. And she realizes she will have to worry about the implants when the time comes.

    So my final verdict would still remain: DONT!
    Implants are un-natural.

    However, I know that is easy for me to say. I am physically ok-ish, and dont get my self-esteem from the size of my pectorials (although I often wish I had broader shoulders), or from the length and width of my dick (mind you, I am exceptionally endowed - or so all my favorite Ladies tell me. LOL...)

    I realize very well that a better figure will boost the self-confidence of a woman and may well get her just that little bit more attention that lands her Mr Right$. Men are generally just following their instincts when they approach a woman (I know, I am a man - or at least a wannabee).

    Hence I will not stand in the way of a deliberate choice made by a Lady.

    A, B or DD, You can decide for yourself.

    Monday, 10 March 2008

    Join the Union

    Ladies and Customers alike: The IUSW needs your support!Union...??
    Me ???
    Bloody Communists they are!
    Perpe-traitors of chaos, and weapons of mass-disruption too...

    Ok. Now before I get accused of inappropriate fun in answer to a serious question, here is the more serious reply.

    Firstly, I do still value my privacy. Hence I will not join any body openly. And for the same reason, I refuse to pay for sites like C69, or for Private-access to, say TER, no matter how much some Ladies recommend the site.

    Yeah, I know, the driver sits at window of the club across the road, and therefore, some Ladies will peek through the curtains, or even just open them. One young and wild girl even did that dressed like Godiva (the Lady, not the chocolate), but her thick black hair was long enough to cover most of the sensitive parts. Nah that folklore of the window-routine is generally not a big problem, as long as we are still dressed: Ptr + Lady Wave to say Hi! Driver doesnt bat an eyelid.)

    And just for the driver, this week I didnt just bring choccies, I also nicked a copy of Race-Tech international (Feb2008) from the airport lounge.

    But secondly, let me draw an analogy as to why I will not join the union:

    As a rail and air passenger, I have Great sympathy for the people that run those transportation systems. These ppl work really hard, probably at dire conditions. And they have to endure the abuse of my fellow passengers whenever the wrong leaves fall, or whatever the wrong excuse of the day is (... due to the slow network ahead of us. X-N appologized for any inconveniences caused by this delay ...).
    They have my Sympathy!
    But would I join their union ?

    Their representation is a private matter for them. They need it, and I will not stop them from organizing. But that union will probalby create some friction between them and their employers - and any industrial action will affect my travel!
    In some countries, the regular transport strike is just part of the local folklore. The French even thought they could win the olympic bid for 2012 by stageing a strike... Luckily the Italians hardly ever work to and their trains and planes are irregular at best, so nobody notices.

    Need better image for picket-lineNow imaging a booking, where, instead of having a discreet Lady turn up, there appears a delegation of the IUSW, handing over a leaflet stating "We apologize for the inconvenience... "

    Or a picket line at the local sauna club? Imagine what it would look like (and the management would bus in strike-breakes from eastern europe...)

    So, I heartily recommend you have a read or even fill in the form, but I will respectfully stay out. If I ever come across a picket line of ASPs, I will be properly Cross. But also silently happy that the Adult Industry has Grown Up.

    Monday, 3 March 2008

    Coolest Escort this side of the Rockies

    A while ago, I came across Beverly "kiss me I'm Irish" Fisher.

    She does a very nice blog on her own site and a more frequent one on as well.

    Beverly also occasionally writes for $pread magazine and has this Adoreble collection of slut rants (if Livvy will forgive me my language).

    But now the Beautiful Beverly is over the Moooon: She is quoted in a book, a Real Book. By a "Cool New York Writer". (I mean, any writer from, say, the west-coast or from the mid-west could write a book and quote you, but a book by a "Cool New York Writer", that is someting else - That is truly and decidedly Hip).

    Although I would firstly associate Beverly with "HOT" rather then with "cool", this luscious red-headed Lady had just found "a heretofore unexplored degree of personal hipness."

    Go see her blog entry of 23 March for details (and for the naked truth about this book). And dont you just love Beverly being sooo Happy!
    (ptr gives Beverly a tender Hug - You Are Something darling!)

    Now Y'all come and wonder over to Her site here, and join in the "Coolness." Because once you get there via "the Book" it is too late: you are no longer Hip.

    OK, just because I have to do a pedantic remark:

    Dear Beverly,

    No matter how cool that book is, and even it were written by, say, someone from northern Siberia (now there is a COOL place - record-low temperatures, I'm tellin ya.)

    No matter how cool that book, in My Humple Opinion, Dear Beverly, you are at least as Hip (or cool, or groovy) as any bigger-city-pen-pushing journalist.

    I have read all of your rants, and I loved the read.
    So get on the phone and find yourself that publicist.
    I want my next book-reference to point to a volume written by You!

    (a reader)

    I beat the all-reading-all-book-linking Nia to this book-scoop!
    Doesnt that make me one cool intellectual dude ?
    (ptr grabs duffle coat and flat cap - it can get really cold here up north, you know)