Monday, 3 March 2008

Coolest Escort this side of the Rockies

A while ago, I came across Beverly "kiss me I'm Irish" Fisher.

She does a very nice blog on her own site and a more frequent one on as well.

Beverly also occasionally writes for $pread magazine and has this Adoreble collection of slut rants (if Livvy will forgive me my language).

But now the Beautiful Beverly is over the Moooon: She is quoted in a book, a Real Book. By a "Cool New York Writer". (I mean, any writer from, say, the west-coast or from the mid-west could write a book and quote you, but a book by a "Cool New York Writer", that is someting else - That is truly and decidedly Hip).

Although I would firstly associate Beverly with "HOT" rather then with "cool", this luscious red-headed Lady had just found "a heretofore unexplored degree of personal hipness."

Go see her blog entry of 23 March for details (and for the naked truth about this book). And dont you just love Beverly being sooo Happy!
(ptr gives Beverly a tender Hug - You Are Something darling!)

Now Y'all come and wonder over to Her site here, and join in the "Coolness." Because once you get there via "the Book" it is too late: you are no longer Hip.

OK, just because I have to do a pedantic remark:

Dear Beverly,

No matter how cool that book is, and even it were written by, say, someone from northern Siberia (now there is a COOL place - record-low temperatures, I'm tellin ya.)

No matter how cool that book, in My Humple Opinion, Dear Beverly, you are at least as Hip (or cool, or groovy) as any bigger-city-pen-pushing journalist.

I have read all of your rants, and I loved the read.
So get on the phone and find yourself that publicist.
I want my next book-reference to point to a volume written by You!

(a reader)

I beat the all-reading-all-book-linking Nia to this book-scoop!
Doesnt that make me one cool intellectual dude ?
(ptr grabs duffle coat and flat cap - it can get really cold here up north, you know)


niadarkandlovely said...


ROFLMAO! My dear Peter, I have not read a book in ages, whatever gave you the idea I was all reading???

Ptr_leeds said...

Hey Nia,
(and welcome back)

Me too ROFL, but holding onto MA lest it falls Off. Apologies if I misinterpreted your blog. But you are an invalueable source of news, opinions, and books related to "the Industry"

From your blog I gleaned that you have read various books and magazines and academic papers (I remember you mentioned Robert Sapolosky and Teela Sanders).

And didnt you hava a reference to World book Day ?.
Please dont tell me it was just a click-advert-pulling move... (you did mention how "the job" involves excellent marketing training once though...).

Still Smiling at You! (oh go on then, one more link too)
Hope you have a good trip, careful with them heels!