Sunday, 27 April 2008

Floozies in Film

This was a nice Discovery : A Filmography of Floozies in Film.

Eleanor Herself! (With my Repectful Gratitude for permission to use the image)Many Thanks to Eleanor for composing that page. Her list is a goldmine of interesting movies that touch on the subject of Courtesanship, Escorting, or just plain working.

And Eleanor is well documented, she has really gone into the historic days of cinema, going back as far as 1913.

There are the obvious titles, like Belle de jour and Pretty Woman. An unexpected mention (for me, but in hindsight evident) goes to Porkies...

And there was this title that really peaked my curiosity: Hookers in Revolt, according to IMBD it was inspired by the work of George Orwell....

It is a bit of a downer that one of my now-favorite movies on the topic, the foreign production Special Escort (2007) will probably not qualify for the list. Why not? Go see it!
I only stumbled across this "special" movie two months ago because it was shown on a Lufthansa long-haul (air-travel, another link with Eleanor)

However, I hope Eleanor will allow me to suggest a few additions:

[1936] Victory Hopper as Molly Gordon in The Lonely Road.

[1984] Kathleen turner as china blue in Crimes of Passion.

[1998] Rae Baker as Julia in Shadow Run.

The book by Nevil Shute.The original book of Lonely Road is a good read too. Actually, that same, very civilized author, Nevil Shute, has touched the subject of "Escorting" a number of times. His main character of earlier novels, Philip Stenning, tells of a wild night in the company of "a flossie" that lands him 3 months in Jail (Marazan, written in 1926, no movie). And in his next novel, "Ruined City" (1938, no movie) the protagonist enrolls the help of a mixed crowd at a nightclub to pull off a business venture abroad. It makes you think how the author did business himself when he started his own company in the early days commercial air transport.

The last mention, Shadow Run, is a very English movie. And Ravishing Rae Baker is cast as the most Stunning redhead. A Delight to look at. Her Julie character is a very realistic Escort (I wonder, what research did she do...?). And the dialog between her and Haskell (Michal Caine) over dinner is Sublime! It reminded me of a very similar chat I had with a very similar Lady in the bar of a hotel, autumn of 2006...)

Anyway, I'm sure the readers can come up with many more... Just put them in a comment, or better: send them straight to Eleanor.

I will be off to HMV, Amazon and torrentseek with a list shortly...


Dollymopp said...

I did books onsite, and my lovely gal-pal did films! We do swaps too. I added 'Butterfield 8' to hers, and bought her the book.

Ptr_leeds said...

Hey Dollymopp,

Thanks for stopping by, I'm honoured by your artistic presence. (and funny, but in a roundabout way I found the link from Lewis Croft to yourself too - you are well connected!)

I have an entry on "Lewd Ladies of Literature" waiting in the corridors of the memorystick and I was planning to start it with some links to Nevil Shute (pre-empted on this blog).

Bestseller Tom Clancy never was strong at Sex-scenes, but I think his London Flossie characters might have been inspired by someone like Yourself or your your gal-pal.
I'm not asking for kiss-n-tell, but might TomC have met some of you before writing the Teeth of the Tiger? I seem to remember a disctinct appearance of an Aston Martin car...

Holiday coming up, and I'm off to re-read Mazaran (by Shute), Lonely Road (ditto, one of my favorites, cant explain why, althoug Molly Gordon rings a bell), and than Teeth of the Tiger maybe. All good Research.

BTW: I've left several foreign-language book on British trains, deliberately. Nice anecdotes there too, but more Later.


Dollymopp said...

Lewis found me! We have had some email chat, and if I ever go to Belgium..well, the man needs a beer!
As for leaving books around the way..try this, a very cool thing..

Release a book into the wild..

Methinks a PtrLeeds naughty book/film list should be on here? Have a great holiday..and think of your new pages as above! x

Eleanor Aston said...

Thank you for the mention dear chap!
Will endevour to add more films and floosies as they pop up.
Dollymopp went and beat me to the list of books but then she does have more than I do,leaving mine at airports and pet shops doesnt exactly add to my shelves...

Sorry Dolly still trying to plow through 'Butterfield 8' but will get there..not that its not my cuppa..but a rather eratic story.
Keep up the blog, Eleanor x

Ptr_leeds said...

Exquisite and Astonishing Lady Eleanor, You are most welcome.
And thank you for stopping by on your travels, underground, overseas and on the net.

As for bimbos-in-books, I'll see if I cannot so some anoraky-whacky post on that myself too.
And for Butterfield 8: Can someone tell me if the movie is close to the actual book ? I have tried to locate a bittorrent to get the movie downloaded. Some fragments of it are on youtube. And for those in a hurry, there is also a fairly long synopsis on IMDB (plotspoilers!).

Enjoy the reads and the views.
You two Keep UP the writing, the Frollicking, the shopping, the Swashbuckling, and the Rest.

With Regards,